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The Energy and Minerals Institute at UWA

The University of Western Australia works in collaboration with business and industry to deliver benefits for all Western Australians. 

At UWA we nurture and promote a culture of innovation, education and high ambitions, and we have the intellectual capacity to apply creative thinking to the technological challenges facing industries.

Our University accounts for the great majority of competitive research activity and the majority of scientific publications in Western Australia.

The University engages with business and industry in many areas. Key positions in these areas underpin the strength of collaborative partnerships.

Research initiatives

The University fosters research initiatives between business and industry and priority areas of the University, especially in strategic areas of research strength.

The initiative is led by Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research, W/Prof Peter Davies, and develops larger-scale collaborations between UWA and Commonwealth Government agencies, particularly the CSIRO and its Flagship program, and works with State Government departments and the private sector to build research links.

Research Development and Innovation

UWA's Research Development and Innovation office facilitates contacts and fosters relationships between industry and UWA researchers to explore collaborative research opportunities. The office also works closely with UWA researchers to maximise the impact of their research through technology transfer.

Energy and Minerals Institute

The Energy & Minerals Institute (EMI) is the gateway for participants across the energy and minerals supply chain to connect with UWA’s talent and capability.

EMI is dedicated to helping solve the challenges faced by companies operating in the high-risk high-reward energy and mining sectors.

By linking company challenges to UWA’s expertise, high-tech infrastructure, UWA research centres and collaborations across disciplines, EMI is able to create mutually beneficial partnerships and advance the frontiers of knowledge and technology. EMI’s significant long-term partnerships have generated more than $100 million in funds for research and technology development, including the development of new facilities and establishment of industry-funded professorial Chairs.

Under director Mark Stickells, EMI leads UWA’s involvement in key research collaborations and facilitates training courses and programs across four broad areas:

  • Energy – with a focus on natural gas as the global transition fuel
  • Mining – technology and innovation driving productivity
  • Leadership and safety – meeting the challenges of a safe and rewarding workplace
  • International and regional development – science and innovations supporting sustainable economic development
Professional development and services

Professional development offered by UWA includes courses, workshops and seminars for those in the mining and resources, legal, medical, education, business and public sectors.

Services include access to certain specialist, world-class facilities of the University and our extensive research expertise.


The UWA Careers Centre offers services to employers to assist them to recruit high quality UWA students and promote their organisations on campus.

Recognised as one of the best universities in the country, the University attracts high calibre undergraduate and postgraduate students from Australia and overseas. UWA graduates have consistently been the most successful in gaining full-time employment when compared to graduates from other WA universities and they have matched or exceeded national graduate employment rates.

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