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Hiring a venue at UWA: terms and conditions

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Venues at UWA


Bookings and payment of account

  • A venue booking is not confirmed until you receive written confirmation from the UWA Venues Office.
  • The UWA academic timetable venue requirements take precedence over external customer booking requests.
  • New customers must pay for the venue hire in full before the booking will be confirmed.
  • Venue hire must be paid in full if a booking is cancelled less than two working days before the booking.
  • Ten per cent or $50 (whichever is highest) of the venue hire payment is considered a deposit and will be refunded to the hirer only if the Venues Office receives notification of a booking cancellation in writing more than two months before the date for which the venue is booked.
  • The hirer will pay the extra costs for any labour, equipment or services used in addition to those booked.
  • The hirer will pay the labour, materials and consultancy costs of cleaning, repairing and restoring the venue, its fittings, equipment, furniture, carpets or other property, necessary because of the hirer's breach of these terms.
  • The hirer will pay the costs of the insurance arrangements mentioned below.
  • The hirer will pay the interest on payments which are unpaid seven days after invoice at the rate of eight per cent per annum compounded.

To book submit a booking form to the Venues Office at least 14 days before your event:

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Insurance and liability

  • Hirers who book UWA venues must have a current public liability insurance policy to the value of not less than $20 million. A certificate of currency (or copy) for the policy will need to be presented to the venue officer before the event.
  • If the hirer does not have adequate public liability insurance, UWA insurance cover for the duration of the event can be obtained at a daily rate of $55 (incl. GST) from the UWA Venues Office. For further clarification of insurance issues, contact the UWA Insurance Officer.

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Parking and protocol

  • For UWA car park locations refer to the campus map.
  • For further information on parking areas, by-laws and permits contact the Parking Office.

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Audio visual equipment

  • The hourly rate for UWA venues includes the use of permanently installed audio visual equipment.  A comprehensive list of UWA venue resources is available.
  • Audio visual information or additional equipment may be requested directly through the Audio Visual Unit.
  • Where a booking is made in a UWA venue other than a central teaching facility for either academic or non-academic purposes, charges will apply for audio visual equipment required.
  • 24 hours notice is required for booking audio visual equipment.

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  • The University logo, name or photographs of the campus must not be used in any advertisement or promotional material for any event for which a venue is hired, other than to give the location of a function.
  • If you wish to advertise a function which is to be held in a University venue, with the approval of the University Theatres Manager the hirer may erect a banner of prescribed dimensions and material.
  • If you wish to erect directional signs for an event, stand-alone signs may be erected on the University campus but must be removed immediately after the event.
  • No posters or brochures may be attached to any infrastructure on the University grounds. A3 signage frames may be hired from University Theatres.

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Furniture, equipment and cleaning of venue

  • Furniture and equipment must not be moved without the permission of the Venues Office.
  • If permission to move furniture or equipment is given by the Venues Officer it will be on the understanding that the furniture and equipment will be returned to the same position as before the event. The hirer will bear any charges incurred if a venue needs to be reconfigured once the event has concluded. Additional charges will be $50 per hour (minimum two hours).
  • Furniture and equipment may not be moved outside the venue. The hirer will bear any repair or replacement costs if furniture or equipment is damaged during an event.
  • The venue will be left clean and tidy at the close of the event. The hirer will incur additional cleaning costs if a venue is not left cleaned and tidy at the end of an event.
  • Additional cleaning is chargeable.

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Security and damage to property

  • Where a large number of people are to attend an event and alcohol is to be consumed, additional security must be arranged by the hirer.
  • Hirers must maintain good order in the vicinity of a hired venue and ensure property in and around the venue is not damaged.
  • Where these conditions have been breached, the hirer will pay the cost of layout, materials, cleaning, repairs and restoration of the venue and its fittings, equipment, furniture, carpets and any other property which has been removed or damaged.

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Consumption of food, beverages, refreshments and liquor

  • Food, beverages and other refreshments may not be served or consumed inside a venue.
  • On-campus catering for functions can be arranged with Guild Catering.
  • Alcohol may only be served, sold or consumed on University grounds if a liquor permit has been approved by the UWA Manager of Security and hirers must abide by the conditions of this permit. A liquor permit application must be submitted to the Manager of Security at least 21 days before the event.
  • UWA policies on alcohol contain important information.
  • Written authority from the University to consume liquor must be carried with the hirer on the day of the function together with the UWA booking confirmation letter.

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Cancelling an event

The University may without liability for loss or damage to the hirer:

  • cancel or prohibit an event being held
  • close down a venue during an event if in the opinion of University staff the event is objectionable, dangerous unlawful, infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties or is potentially detrimental to the reputation of the University

The University is not liable for any interference or cancellation of an event in a venue which is caused by civil disruption, industrial action, terrorism, act of God, or any circumstances beyond the direct control of the University and will not be obliged to settle any dispute or control any disruption which has been caused.

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Indemnifying the University

The hirer indemnifies the University against claims, losses, actions, damages, costs and expenses, personal injury, death or damage to property arising from the use of the venue and any equipment used during the hiring caused directly or indirectly by any act or omission of the hirer, or their officers, agents or employees or any other person directly or indirectly associated with the hirer’s use of venue or by the hirer’s failure to comply with these terms and conditions of venue hire.

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Hirer must comply with:

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Hirers must give advance notice of visits by regal or vice-regal visitors, heads-of-state or people representing them so that security arrangements and protocol can be observed.

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