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Memoranda of understanding

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A memorandum of understanding (or memorandum of agreement) is a broad, general agreement that indicates the desire by two institutions to enter into some form of relationship and provides a framework for future co-operation.

MOUs are usually signed to mark or formalise a visit to UWA, or by UWA to another institution.

As the agreement does not require either institution to oblige funds, if the standard MOU proforma is used, approval for the establishment of an MOU can usually be facilitated within a week. Unless otherwise agreed, an MOU is signed by the Vice-Chancellor or relevant delegated authority and his/her equivalent at the partner institution.

Establishment process

Step 1

Discussions with a potential partner institution are held and a decision made to proceed with collaboration.

Step 2

The proposer completes the required forms (non-standard agreements to be drafted by Risk and Legal Services):

Step 3

The completed documents are given to the faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean for endorsement of the proposed collaboration.

Step 4

The Office of Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean forwards the approved feasibility study, the final draft MOU document (plus memo from Risk and Legal Services if it is a non-standard MOU) to the Office of Pro Vice-Chancellor International.

Step 5

The Office of Pro Vice-Chancellor International prepares the MOU for signing.

Step 6

The proposer arranges the signing of MOU with the partner institution.

Step 7

The proposer gives the original signed MOU to the Office of Pro Vice-Chancellor International within two weeks of signing for recording on the agreements database and filing. The International Centre provides a copy of the document to Office of Pro Vice-Chancellor International, the relevant faculty/school and for the TRIM file.


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