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Dr Amanda Ridley

Future Fellow
Evolutionary Biology, Centre for

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Centre for Evolutionary Biology
The University of Western Australia (M092)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 3740
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PhD Camb.
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Recent publications:

Thompson, A.M. & Ridley, A.R. (in press). Do fledglings choose wisely? An experimental investigation into social foraging behaviour. Behavioural Ecology & Sociobiology

Ridley, A.R. & van den Heuvel, I.M. 2012. Is there a difference in reproductive performance between cooperative and non-cooperative species? A southern African comparison. Behaviour 8, 821-848.

Child, M.F., Flower, T.P. & Ridley, A.R. (in press). Investigating a link between bill morphology, foraging ecology and kleptoparasitic behaviour in the fork-tailed drongo Dicrurus adsimilis. Animal Behaviour 84, 1013-1022.

Flower, T.P., Child, M.F. & Ridley, A.R. (in press). The ecological economics of kleptoparasitism: payoffs from self-foraging versus kleptoparasitism. Journal of Animal Ecology

du Plessis, K.L., Martin, R.O., Hockey, P.A.R., Cunningham, S.J.C. & Ridley, A.R. 2012. The costs of keeping cool in a warming world: implications of high temperatures for foraging, thermoregulation and body condition of an arid-zone bird. Global Change Biology 18, 3063-3070.

Nelson-Flower, M.J., Hockey, P.A.R., O’Ryan, C. & Ridley, A.R. 2012. Inbreeding avoidance mechanisms: dispersal dynamics in cooperatively breeding pied babblers. Journal of Animal Ecology 81, 875-882.

Mzumara, T.I., Hockey, P.A.R. & Ridley, A.R. 2012. Re-assessment of the conservation status of the endangered yellow-throated apalis, Apalis flavigularis, of Malawi. Bird Conservation International 22, 184-192.

Golabek, K.A., Ridley, A.R. & Radford, A.N. 2012. Food availability affects strength of seasonal territorial behaviour in a cooperatively breeding bird. Animal Behaviour 83, 613-619.

Ridley, A.R. & Thompson, A.M. 2012. The effect of Jacobin cuckoo parasitism on the body mass and survival of young in a new host species. Ibis 154, 195-199.

Ridley, A.R. 2012. Invading together: the benefits of coalition dispersal in a cooperative bird. Behavioral Ecology & Sociobiology 66, 77-83.

Hollén, L.I., Bell, M.B.V., Wade, H.M., Rose, R., Russell, A., Niven, F., Ridley, A.R. & Radford, A.N. 2011. Ecological conditions influence sentinel decisions. Animal Behaviour 82, 1435-1441.

Hollén, L.I., Bell, M.B.V., Russell, A., Niven, F., Ridley, A.R., Radford, A.N. 2011 Calling by concluding sentinels: coordinating cooperation or revealing risk? PLoS One 6(10):e25010 (doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0025010).

Nelson-Flower, M.J., Hockey, P., O’Ryan, C. Raihani, N., du Plessis, M. & Ridley,A.R. 2011. Monogamous dominant pairs monopolize reproduction in the cooperatively breeding pied babbler. Behavioral Ecology 22, 559-565.

Hockey, P.A.R., Sirami, C., Ridley, A.R., Midgley, G.F. & Babiker, H.A. 2011. Interrogating recent range changes in South African birds: confounding signals from land-use and climate change represent a challenge for attribution. Diversity & Distributions 17, 254-261.

Radford, A.N., Hollén, L.I., Bell, M.B.V. & Ridley, A.R. 2011 . Singing for your supper: sentinel calling by kleptoparasites can mitigate the costs to victims. Evolution 65, 900-906.

Ridley, A.R., Raihani, N.J. & Bell, M. B.V. 2010. Experimental evidence that sentinel behaviour is affected by risk. Biology Letters 6, 445-448.

Raihani, N.J., Nelson-Flower, M.J., Browning, L.E. & Ridley, A.R. 2010. Routes to breeding in cooperatively breeding pied babblers. Journal of Avian Biology 41, 681-686.

Bell, M.B.V., Radford, A.N., Smith, R.A., Thompson, A.M. & Ridley, A.R.2010. Bargaining babblers: vocal negotiation of cooperative behaviour in a social bird. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B – Biological Sciences 277, 3223-3228.

Raihani, N.J., Nelson-Flower, M.J., Browning, L.E., Moyes, K. & Ridley, A.R. 2010. Synchronous provisioning increases brood survival in cooperatively breeding pied babblers. Journal of Animal Ecology 79, 44-52.
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