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Angus Cook

Professor Angus Cook

Associate Professor
Population and Public Health

Contact details
Population and Public Health
The University of Western Australia (M431)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 7805
+61 8 6488 1188
MB ChB Auck., MBiostats Monash, PhD Otago
Associate Professor Angus COOK is a researcher and lecturer in Environmental Epidemiology and Director of the Ecology and Health group at the School of Population Health, the University of Western Australia.
Key research
Regional Health issues
Environmental and Ecosystem Health
Global trends and Population Health
Refereed Journal articles (past 5 years)

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Roles, responsibilities and expertise
A/Prof Cook has close research and education links with the public health community in Western Australia. He has coordinated risk assessments/studies of major environmental health issues facing Western Australia (identified by CSIRO; FESA; Departments of Health and the Environment; Department of Water), including: recreational and drinking water quality in Perth (major partners include the Environmental Health Directorate, Department of Health; Department of the Environment; Department of Water; CSIRO,); air pollution modelling (major partners include the Environmental Health Directorate at the Departments of Health in WA and in NSW; and the Air Quality Division of the Department of the Environment); spatial analysis of disease with the Department of Health; and communicable disease risks from vector-borne diseases.
Funding received
Contributed to the attraction of over $4 million in external research funding in the past 10 years [including $230,000 CRC (Bushfire), $3,258,253 CRC (Asthma), $790 000 Premier’s Water Foundation].
Previous positions
A/Prof Cook is a medical graduate (MBChB, Auck 1992) and registered medical practitioner (ACT, 1994). He completed two years of medical officer duties at Woden Valley Hospital (now the Canberra Hospital). During the 1990s, he gained extensive health research experience concurrently with his ongoing practice at community medical clinics. In 1999, he commenced his PhD at the Department of Public Health, Wellington School of Medicine (University of Otago), Wellington, New Zealand. He was a co-investigator in the New Zealand branch of the INTERPHONE study, an IARC-coordinated case-control study of cellphone radiation exposure and cancer (2000-2003).
• Epidemiology & Control of Communicable Disease
•Health in Era of Environmental Change

•Disease Prevention and Control
•Plagues, Pox and Pandemics; A History of Death and Disease
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Research profile and publications

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