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Debra Judge

Assoc/Prof Debra Judge

Associate Professor
Human Sciences, School of

Contact details
School of Human Sciences
The University of Western Australia (M309)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 3304
+61 8 6488 1051
MS PhD Calif.
Key research
Family well-being in rural Timor-Leste.
The socioecology of family living species (including humans).
Life history theory and comparative ecology. Comparative biodemography of lifespan. Intergenerational transfers,
Human behavioural ecology.
Spencer PR, KA Sanders, P Canisio Amaral & DS Judge 2016. Household resources and seasonal patterns of child growth in rural Timor-Leste. Am J Hum Biol. DOI 10.1002/ajhb.22916

Burns BL and DS Judge 2016. The varied path to adulthood: Plasticity in developmental timing of hylobatids. Am J Primatol 78:610-625.

Dooley HM, Judge DS 2014. Kloss gibbons (Hylobates klossii) behavior facilitates the avoidance of human predation in the Peleonan forest, Siberut Island, Indonesia. Amer J. Primatology online Oct 2014. DOI: 10.1002/ajp.22345

Sanders KA, Judge DS, Pauli N, Canisio-Amaral P, Schmitt LH. 2014. The Influence of sex, age and season on child growth in Ossu sub-district, Timor Leste, 2009-2012. In: Understanding Timor Leste 2013 Vol II. Loney, H, da Silva HB, Mendes NC, da Costa Ximenes A,and Fernandes C (Eds). Swinburne Press pp 190-198

Dooley, HM, DS Judge, L Schmitt (2013). Singing by male and female Kloss gibbons (Hylobates klossii)in the Peleonan Forest, Siberut Island, Indonesia. Primates 54(1): Online publication 2012 doi:10.1007/s10329-012-0326-2

Milne, FH and DS Judge 2012. A novel quantitative approach to women's reproductive strategies. PLoS One 7(10)e46760. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0046760.

Judge, DS, KA Sanders, N Reghupathy, PC Amaral, L Schmitt (2012). Family influences on long-term and short-term growth in Ossu area, Timor-Leste. In: Peskiza foun kona ba/ Novas investigações sobre / New research on/ Penelitian baru mengenai Timor-Leste. M. Leach, N. Canas Mendes, AB da Silva, B. Boughton and A. da Costa Ximenes, Eds. Hawthorn: Swinburne Press, 2012, 395pp.(Refereed proceedings of the Timor-Leste Studies Association's "Communicating New Research on Timor-Leste" Conf. (June 30- July 1 2011). pp 242-248.

Reghupathy, N, DS Judge, KA Sanders, PC Amaral, LH Schmitt 2012. Child size and household characteristics in rural Timor-Leste. American Journal of Human Biology 24(1):35-41. DOI 10.1002/ajhb.21232

Milne FH, Judge DS, Preen, DB, Weinstein, P. 2011. Early life environment, life history and risk of endometrial cancer. Medical Hypotheses 77:626-632. doi: 10.1016/j.mehy.2011.07.001.

Burns,B., HM Dooley and DS Judge 2011. Social dynamics modify behavioiural development in captive white-cheeked (Nomascus leucogenys) and silvery (Hylobates moloch) gibbons. Primates 52:271-277. doi: 10.1007/s10329-011-0247-5.

Weinstein, P., DS Judge and S Carver 2011. Biological and cultural coevolution and emerging infectious disease: Ross River virus in Australia. Medical Hypotheses 76:893-896. doi:10.1016/j.mehy.2011.03.001

Milne, F and DS Judge 2010. Brothers delay menarche and the onset of sexual activity in their sisters. Proc. Royal Soc. B 278:417-423. doi: 10.1098/rspb.2010.1377

Milne, F. and DS Judge 2009. Birth order influences reproductive measures in Australians. Human Nature 20(3):294-316.

Dooley, HM and DS Judge 2007. Vocal responses of captive gibbons to a mate change in a pair of
white-cheeked gibbons (Nomascus leucogenys). Folia Primatologica 78:228-239.

Burton, T., B. Knott, D. Judge, P. Vercoe, and A. Brearley, 2007. Embryonic and Juvenile Attachment Structures in Cherax cainii [Decapoda: Parastacidae]: Implications for Maternal Care. American Midland Naturalist 157:127-136.

Carey JR and DS Judge 2006. Life span extension in humans is self-reinforcing: A general theory of longevity. In: Jean-Marie Robine, Eileen Crimmins, Shiro Horiuchi and Zeng Yi, EDS Human Longevity, Individual Life Duration, and the Growth of the Oldest-Old Population. International Studies in Population Demography, Aging and Geriatrics/Gerontology Volume 4. Springer Netherlands pp: 57-81.

Judge, DS 2003. Primate Demography. In: Encyclopedia of Population. Demeny, Paul, and Geoffrey McNicoll, eDS New York: Macmillan References, USA.

Judge, DS 2001. Reply to Hawkes, O’Connell and Blurton Jones “Hunting and Nuclear Families.” Current Anthropology 42(5):699.

Carey, JR. and DS Judge, 2001. Life span extension in humans is self-reinforcing: A general theory of longevity. Population and Development Review 27(3):411-436.

Carey, JR. and DS Judge 2001. Principles of biodemography with special reference to human longevity. Population 13(1): 9-40.

Carey, JR. and DS Judge 2000. Longevity Records: Life spans of Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians and Fish. University Odense Press, Odense Denmark.

Judge, DS and Carey, JR. 2000. Postreproductive life predicted by primate patterns. J. Gerontology: Biological Sciences 55A(4):B201-209.

Carey, JR. and DS Judge 2000. Mortality dynamics of aging. Generations 24(1):19-24.

Judge, DS 1996. Inheritance. In: Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology, Vol 2. D. Levinson and M. Ember, eds Lakeville, CT: Henry Holt Publishers. Pp 348-352.

Judge, DS 1995. American Legacies and the Variable Life Histories of Women and Men. Human Nature 6(4):291-323.

Hrdy, S. Blaffer and DS Judge 1993. Darwin and the Puzzle of Primogeniture: An Essay on Biases in Parental Investment after Death. Human Nature 4(1):1-45.

Judge, DS and S. Blaffer Hrdy 1992. Allocation of accumulated resources among close kin: Inheritance in Sacramento, California 1890-1984. Ethology and Sociobiology 13(5-6):495-522. (Now Evolution and Human Behavior)
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Family dynamics and child growth in East Timor
Social dynamics in families & health effects
Socio-ecology of rural East Timorese families
Intergenerational relationships
Primate social behaviour
reproductive ecology of birds and mammals
Future research
Family well-being in rural Timor-Leste
Life history and health outcomes
Allocare & cooperative breeding in Timor-Leste
Roles of grandmothers and other helpers in Western Australia
Funding received
Australian Research Council
Univ. Western Australia
National Institutes of Health (USA)
Rockefeller Foundation
Sigma Xi Grants in Aid of Research

functional French, basic Spanish, basic Tetun
Sigma Xi (Scientific Research Society)
Human Behavior and Evolution Society
Australian Population Association
Australasian Society for Human Biology
Australian Primate Society
International Society for the Scientific Study of Population
Honours and awards
German American Academic Fellow 1997-98
Finalist AUTC "Team teaching in first year" 2004
Previous positions
Assistant Professor, UWA 2010-2014
Teaching and Research Fellow, UWA 2002-2010
Professional Research Ecologist, Univ California Davis
Coordinator ANHB 3315: Human Evolutionary Ecology
Coordinator ANHB 2215: Biological Anthropology: Human Variation
ANHB 3321: lecturer (demograph)
Primates & Human Evolution (in ANHB1101)
Human Behaviour (ANHB1102)
3310/3320: Applications
Population Growth, Evol of Menopause (ANHB 2216)
Current external positions
University of Western Australia Academic Staff Association (Executive)
Editorial Board Cogent Psychology
Consulting Editor, Human Nature
Current projects
Influences on family well-being in rural Timor-Leste.
Influences of intergenerational support on Western Australian women's reproductive timing and fertility.
Early life experience, reproductive careers, and women's health
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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