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Gregory Acciaioli

Dr Gregory Acciaioli

Discipline Chair
Anthropology and Sociology

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Anthropology and Sociology
The University of Western Australia (M255)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 2861
+61 8 6488 1062
AB Chic., MA Stan., PhD ANU
Acciaioli G., (in press) Religious and Cultural Conversion by South Sulawesi Migrants: Hegemonizing Strategies in the Lowlands and Highlands of western Central Sulawesi, Journal of Southeast Asian Studies.

Acciaioli G. 2009, Kuasa dan Usaha di Masyarakat Sulawesi Selatan, eds. K. van Dijk, R. Tol & G.Acciaioli, Makassar, Inninawa.

Acciaioli G. & J. Bowen, 2009, Improving the success of "bottom-up" development work by acknowledging the dynamics among stakeholders: A case study from an Engineers Without Borders water supply project in Tenganan, Indonesia, Water Science and Technology 59(2): 279-287

Acciaioli G., 2009, Sulawesi (Celebes), in The Territories of Indonesia (Europa Territories of the World, ed. I. Brown, London, Routledge.

Acciaioli G. Conservation and Community in the Lore Lindu National Park: Customary Custodianship, Multi-Ethnic Participation, and Resource Entitlement, in Locating the Commonwealth: Community, Environment and Local Governance in Reform Era Indonesia, eds. C. Warren & J. McCarthy. Oxon, Routledge

Acciaioli G., Mobilizing against the 'Cruel Oil': Spreading Oil Palm Plantations and Organizing Resistance in Central Kalimantan, in The Heart of Borneo, eds. M. Ossewijer, G. A. Persoon & G. van den Top, Wageningen, Tropenbos International Series.

Acciaioli G., Distinguishing Hierarchy and Precedence: Comparing Status Distinctions in South Asia and the Austronesian World, with special reference to South Sulawesi, in Precedence: Status and Social Differentiation in the Austronesian World. eds. M.P. Vischer & J.J. Fox, Canberra, ANU ePress.

Acciaioli G. 2008, Biodiversity and human livelihoods in Protected Areas: Case Studies from the Malay Archipelago, eds. N. Sodhi, G. Acciaioli, M. Erb & A. Khee-Jin Tan, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Acciaioli G. 2008, Strategy and Subjectivity in Co-management of Lore Lindu National Park (Central Sulawesi, Indonesia), in Biodiversity and human livelihoods in Protected Areas: Case Studies from the Malay Archipelago, eds. N. Sodhi, G. Acciaioli, M. Erb & A. Khee-Jin Tan, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Acciaioli G. 2007, From customary law to indigenous sovereignty: reconceptualizing the scope and significance of masyarakat adat in contemporary Indonesia, in The Revival of Tradition in Indonesian Politics: The deployment of adat from colonialism to indigenism (Routledge Contemporary Southeast Asia Series), eds. J.S. Davidson & D. Henley, Oxon, Routledge.

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Acciaioli G. 2006, Environmentality Reconsidered: Indigenous to Lindu Conservation Strategies and the Reclaiming of the Commons in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, Digital Library of the Commons,

Acciaioli G. 2006, Indigenous to Lindu Conservation Strategies and the Reclaiming of Customary Land and Resources in Central Sulawesi, Masyarakat Indonesia 32(2): 1-29.

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Acciaioli G. & C. Warren, 2005, Constructing the Commonwealth through Participatory Community Mapping: Decentralisation and Local Resource Conflicts in Bali and Central Sulawesi, in Tanah Masih di Langit: Penyelesaian Masalah Penguasaan Tanah dan Kekayaan Alam di Indonesia yang Tak Kunjung Tuntas di Era Reformasi, Jakarta, Yayasan Kemala and the Ford Foundation.

Acciaioli, G. 2004, From Economic Actor to Moral Agent: Knowledge, Fate and Hierarchy among the Bugis of Sulawesi, Indonesia 78: 147-179.

Acciaioli G., 2004, The Consequences of Conation: Pedagogy and the Inductive Films of an Ethical Film-maker, in Timothy Asch and Ethnographic Film (Studies in Visual Culture), ed. E.D. Lewis, London, Routledge.


2008 The Politics of Islam in Outer Indonesia, 5th International Symposium of Jurnal Antropologi Indonesia ‘The Future of Indonesia: Sustainable Development and Local Initiatives in the Post-Capitalist Era’, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia, 23-26 July (Co-organiser and co-chair)

2008 The Negotiation of Indigenous Identities in Comparative Perspective, The 16th World Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences ‘Humanity, Development and Cultural Diversity’, Kunming, Yunna, China, 15-23 July (Co-organiser and co-chair)

2007 Institutionalising Anthropology in Australia and the Asia Pacific: The Role of Anthropological Societies, Museums and Other Institutions of Professionalisation, Dissemination and Display in the Regional Development of the Discipline, Australian Anthropological Society Annual Meeting, Canberra, 29 October – 2 November (Organiser and co-chair).

2007 Metaphor, precedence and the poetics of social life: Papers in honour of James J. Fox, Australian Anthropological Society Annual Meeting, Canberra, 29 October – 2 November (Co-organiser and co-chair).

2006 Engaging with Domains beyond the West. In ‘Anthropology in the West: 1956-2006 – 50th Anniversary Symposium’, Perth, 7-9 December 2006 (Organiser and chair).

2005 Reframing the Common Interest: Social Equity, Local Agency, and the Politics of Resource Management in the Era of Decentralised Governance, Panel for ‘Indonesia in the Changing Global Context: Building Cooperation and Partnership?’, 4th International Symposium of the Journal Antropologi Indonesia, 12-15 July 2005, University of Indonesia, Depok (Panel organiser and session chair/discussant).

2005 States of Transgression: Strategies of Domination, Accommodation and Resistance Across Asia. Asia Research Institute Workshop Third Graduate Students Workshop, 25-27 May 2005, NUS , Singapore (Workshop co-organiser with Mika Toyota, Roxana Waterson, Ananda Rajah, Tim Winter, Charanpal Singh)

2005 Conservation for/by Whom? Social Controversies and Cultural Contestations regarding National Parks in the ‘Malay Archipelago’. International workshop jointly sponsored by the Asia Research Institute, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Law, all at the National University of Singapore, 16-18 May 2005, NUS, Singapore (Workshop co-organiser with Maribeth Erb, Navjot Sodhi, and Alan Tan)

Future research
ARC (Australian Research Council) Discovery Grant for project entitled 'Revitalisation Movements in Contemporary Indonesia: Nativist Reworkings of Custom and Religion in Reaction to Decentralisation, Islamisation and Globalisation'. This project will investigate the articulation between the Indonesian Indigenous Peoples Movement and environmental issues and the relationship to governance structures.

ARC (Australian Research Council) Discovery Grant for project entitled 'Social Capital, Natural Resources and Local Governance in Indonesia'. This project will investigate the critique of social capital-based development projects in Indonesia.

Resistance against oil palm plantation expansion in archipelagic South East Asia.

Establishment of 'village forests' (hutan desa) (with IRE and PALMA foundations, Yogyakarta).

Dynamics of co-management of Lore Lindu National Park, Central Sulawesi.
Australian Anthropological Society (Fellow)
American Anthropological Association (Lifetime member)
Hong Kong Anthropological Society
Asosiasi Antropologi Indonesia (organisation now defunct)
Anthropological Society of Western Australia (Member)
Royal Anthropological Institute [United Kingdom] (Fellow)
Association for Asian Studies (AAS) {USA]
Asian Studies Association of Australia
Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde
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