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Howard Mitchell

Professor Howard Mitchell

Senior Honorary Research Fellow
Adjunct and Honorary Staff (School of Human Sciences)

Contact details
Adjunct and Honorary Staff (School of Human Sciences)
The University of Western Australia (M309)
35 Stirling Highway
PhD W.Aust.
Professor Howard Mitchell sat his membership examinations for the Institute of Biology at London Polytechnic and Chelsea College. He completed his PhD at UWA before taking a Fellowship position at the John Curtin School of Medical Research at the Australian National University. Prof Mitchell then lectured at the University of Sheffield in England. He moved back to UWA in 1984 to continue his teaching and reseach. Prof Mitchell was recently an invited speaker at a number of specialist international meetings and most recently gave a Keynote Address at the International Symposium on Smooth Muscle.

Prof Mitchell has taken sabbatical leave at the Univeristy of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Kings College London, and the National Heart and Lung Institute, London.
Key research
As a respiratory physiologist, Prof Mitchell researches the control of the bronchial tree and airways, especially in diseases such as athsma. His interests include structure-function relationships, neural and pharmacological control of airway smooth muscle and the lung development.
Healthy people subconciously control their airways by taking a deep breath every few minutes to keep the airways open. However, this does not occur in people with asthsma or other lung diseases. Prof Mitchell's current research aims to understand exactly how and why this occurs. Most reseach up to this point has been undertaken on animal models, but research is now beginning that will test out some of their hypotheses of lung disease using lungs donated by surgical patients. This could potentially lead to improved understanding and treatment of lung disease.
Dr Peter McFawn, Lecturer, Discipline of Physiology, BBCS, UWA
Prof Alan James, adjunct Associate Professor in Medicine and Pharmacology and consultant physician at QEII
Prof Kenneth Lutchen, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Boston
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Funding received
The laboratory has received nearly continuous funding from NH&MRC since the late 1980's. Further support has been provided by the Asthma Foundation of WA.
British Phamalogical Society
American Thoracic Society
European Respiratory Society
PHYL2255 Physiology of Human Body Systems
PHYL3350 Physiological Control Methods
IMED1100 Normal Systems
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