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Jacqueline Kent

Dr Jacqueline Kent

Research Fellow
Molecular Sciences, School of

Contact details
School of Molecular Sciences
The University of Western Australia (M310)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 1208
+61 8 6488 1148
Room 205, Bayliss Building, Perth campus
BSc MSc PhD W.Aust., DipEd Syd.
Dr Jacquline Kent started her academic career with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Zoology at UWA. After completing her undergraduate degree she undertook a Diploma of Education at the University of Sydney and worked as a teacher for a year. However, teaching wasn't the career of choice for Dr Kent and she returned to science to do her Masters Preliminary at UWA in endocrinology, researching vitamin D and calcium metabolism. Dr Kent was then employed overseas for biochemistry laboratories in America and England, but later moved back to Australia to work in endocrinology at Sir Charles Gardner Hospital. In 1986 she secured a position as a research assistant at UWA in the Hartmann lactation lab. She completed her PhD in 1999 and has been working here as a Research Associate ever since.
Key research
As part of the Hartmann lab, Dr Kent researches the biochemistry and physiology of lactation and breastfeeding in babies. By understanding exactly how the process of lactation works, researchers such as Dr Kent are able to provide and evidence base to improve treatment when medical difficulties arise in breastfeeding mothers, encourage more mothers to breastfeed and improve existing technology in hospitals, such as breast pumps.
Research Areas
Physiology of milk synthesis
Milk expression from the breast
Mechanics of infant breastfeeding
Geddes, D.T.; Kent, J.C.; McClellan, H.L.; Garbin, C.P.; Chadwick, L.M. and Hartmann, P.E. Sucking characteristics of successfully breastfeeding infants with ankyloglossia: a case series. Short Communication – Acta Paediatrica, 99(2): 301-303 (Epub 2009/11/06) (2010)

Kent, J. C.; Geddes, D. T.; Hepworth, A. R. and Hartmann, P. E. Effect of warm breastshields on breast milk pumping. Journal of Human Lactation, 27(4): 331-338 (2011)

D.K.; Kent, J.C.; Hepworth, A.R.; Trengove, N.J. and Hartmann, P.E. Dynamics of milk removal during simultaneous breast expression in women. Breastfeeding Medicine 7(2):100-6 (Epub 2011/10/21) (2012)

Geddes, D.T.; Sakalidis, V.S.; Hepworth, A.R.; McClellan, H.L.; Kent, J.C.; Lai, C.T. and Hartmann, P.E. Tongue movement and intra-oral vacuum of term infants during breastfeeding and feeding from an experimental teat that released milk under vacuum only. Early Human Development 88(6): 443-449 (Epub 2011/11/29) (2012)

Sakalidis, V.; McClellan, H.; Hepworth, A.R.; Kent, J.C.; Lai, C.T.; Hartmann, P.E. and Geddes, D.T. Oxygen saturation and suck-swallow-breathe coordination of term infants during breastfeeding and feeding from a teat releasing milk only with vacuum. International Journal of Pediatrics 2012: 130769 (Epub 2012/07/3125) (2012)

Geddes, D.T.; Aljazaf, K.M.; Kent, J.C.; Prime, D.K.; Spatz, D.L.; Garbin, C.P.; Lai C.T. and Hartmann, P.E. Blood flow characteristics of the human lactating breast. Journal of Human Lactation 28(2): 145-152 (Epub 2012/04/25) (2012)

McClellan, H.L.; Hepworth, A.R.; Kent, J.C.; Garbin, C.P.; Williams, T.M.; Hartmann, P.E. and Geddes, D.T. Breastfeeding frequency, milk volume and duration in mother-infant dyads with persistent nipple pain. Breastfeeding Medicine 7:275-281 (2012)

Prime, D.K.; Garbin, C.P.; Hartmann, P.E. and Kent, J.C. Simultaneous breast expression in breastfeeding women is more efficacious than sequential breast expression. Breastfeeding Medicine. 7(6): 442-447 (Epub 2012/10/09) (2012

Kent, J. C.; Hepworth, A. R.; Sherriff, J. L.; Cox, D. B.; Mitoulas, L. R. and Hartmann, P. E. Longitudinal changes in breastfeeding patterns from 1 to 6 months of lactation. Breastfeeding Medicine 8: 401-407 (Epub 2013/04/09) (2013)

Sakalidis, V.S.; Kent, J.C.; Garbin, C.P.; Hepworth, A.R.; Hartmann, P.E. and Geddes, D.T. Longitudinal changes in suck-swallow-breathe, oxygen saturation, and heart rate patterns in term breastfeeding infants. Journal of Human Lactation 29(2): 236-45. (Epub 2013/03/16)

Kent JC, Hepworth AR, Langton DB, Hartmann PE. Impact of measuring milk production by test weighing on breastfeeding confidence in mothers of term infants. Breastfeeding Medicine. DOI: 10.1089/bfm.2015.0025 2015.

Gardner H, Kent JC, Lai CT, Mitoulas LR, Cregan MD, Hartmann PE, Geddes DT. Milk ejection patterns: an intra- individual comparison of breastfeeding . BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth (accepted) 2015
Funding received
The Human Lactation Research Group is funded by Medela AG
International Society for Research in Human Milk and Lactation
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