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Jason Kennington

Dr Jason Kennington

Senior Lecturer
Evolutionary Biology, Centre for

Contact details
Centre for Evolutionary Biology
The University of Western Australia (M092)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 3233
+61 8 6488 1029
BSc PhD W.Aust.
I received my PhD in population genetics from The University of Western Australia in 1997 and held postdoctoral positions at University College London and La Trobe University before returning to UWA to take up a UWA postdoctoral fellowship in 2003. I became a lecturer in the School of Animal Biology in 2006. My research focuses on the genetics of adaptation and the genetic threats of extinction posed to small populations.
Key research
Genetic basis of phenotypic variation in Drosophila
Population genetics of marine species
Population genetic consequences of small population size
Most recent

Thomas L, Kendrick GA, Stat M, Shedrawi G & Kennington WJ. Examining population structure of the Pocillopora damicornis morphospecies along the world heritage Ningaloo coast, Western Australia. Marine Ecology Progress Series, in press.

Thomas L, Kendrick GA, Kennington WJ, Richards ZT & Stat M. Exploring Symbiodinium diversity and host specificity in Acropora corals from geographical extremes of Western Australia with 454 amplicon pyrosequencing. Molecular Ecology, in press.

Bentley BP, Harvey ES, Newman SJ, Welch DJ, Smith AK & Kennington WJ (2014). Local genetic patchiness, but no regional differences between Indo-West Pacific populations of the dogtooth tuna Gymnosarda unicolor. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 506: 267-277.

Robinson SP, Simmons LW & Kennington WJ (2014). Sex-biased mortality associated with inbreeding in Drosophila melanogaster. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 14: 51.

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Unit Coordinator
Conservation Genetics (BIOL4402)
Evolutionary Genetics (GENE3360)
Evolutionary Processes (ANIM3362)

Frontiers in Biology (BIOL1130)
Principles of Inheritance (GENE2250)
Current external positions
Associate Editor, BMC Genetics
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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