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Katie Glaskin

Assoc/Prof Katie Glaskin

Associate Professor
Anthropology and Sociology

Contact details
Anthropology and Sociology
The University of Western Australia (M257)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 3884
+61 8 6488 1062
Personal homepage
BA E.Cowan, GradDipA W.Aust., PhD ANU
Katie Glaskin is an Associate Professor at the University of Western Australia. She has research interests within the broad areas of psychological and legal anthropology. Her major publication areas are 1)dreams, sleep, creativity, personhood, death, memory, emotion and perception and 2) property, native title and customary land ownership. She has extensive experience working in native title and was integrally involved in developing and teaching the first postgraduate qualification with a native title anthropology specialization in Australia.
Key research
Dreams, sleep, creativity, personhood; property, native title; customary land and marine tenure; applied anthropology.


Glaskin, K. (in preparation). A field of dreams: A neuroanthropological exploration.

Glaskin, K. 2017. Crosscurrents: Law, society and a native title claim to land and sea. UWA Publishing: Crawley.

Glaskin, K. & R. Chenhall (eds) 2013. Sleep around the world: Anthropological Perspectives. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

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Edited Journal (Special Issue)
Weiner, J.F. & K. Glaskin (eds) 2006. Custom: Indigenous Tradition and Law in the Twenty-First Century, TAPJA Special Issue 7(1).

Selected Papers

Dreams, Creativity, Personhood
Glaskin, Katie 2015. ‘They used to frighten us’: Other-than humans and the re-making of the social. Winner, Curl Essay prize 2015.

Glaskin, K. 2015. Anthropology, dreams, and creativity. In Research Companion to Anthropology (eds) Andrew J. Strathern and Pamela Stewart. Farham: Ashgate.

Glaskin, K. 2015. Dreams, perception and creative realization. In Exploring cognitive diversity: Anthropological perspectives on cognition, Special Issue of TopiCS (Topics in Cognitive Science) edited by Andrea Bender & Sieghard Beller.

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Glaskin, K. 2012. Anatomies of relatedness: considerations of personhood in Aboriginal Australia. American Anthropologist 114(2):297-308.

Glaskin, K. 2012. Empathy and the robot: a neuroanthropological analysis. Annals of Anthropological Practice special issue, In ‘Neuroanthropology and its applications’ (eds) Daniel Lende & Greg Downey, Special Issue of Annals of Anthropological Practice 36(1): 68-87.

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Glaskin, K., 2010. On dreams, innovation and the emerging genre of the individual artist. In R.I. Lohmann (ed.), Creations: Imagination and Innovation, Anthropological Forum, Special Issue 20(3):251-267.

Glaskin, K. 2010. Comment on ‘Anthropology of the night: Cross-disciplinary investigations’. Current Anthropology 51(6):839.

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Glaskin, K. 2005. Innovation and ancestral revelation: the case of dreams. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 11(2):297-314.

Property and native title
Glaskin, K. 2014. Territoriality, traditionality and transformation in the context of an Australian native title claim. In Negotiating Territoriality: Spatial Dialogues between State and Tradition (eds) Allan C. Dawson, Laura Zanotti and Ismael Vaccaro. Routledge. Pp.129-141.

Glaskin, K. 2013. Anthropology on trial: Australian anthropology and native title in the context of litigation. In G. Vargas-Cetina (ed.) Anthropology and the politics of representation. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press. Pp.212-229.

Glaskin, K. 2012. Concepts, Culture and Experience. Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy 37:299-305.

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Glaskin, K. 2010. Litigating native title: anthropology in the court. In Dilemmas in Applied Native Title Anthropology in Australia (ed.) T. Bauman. Canberra: AIATSIS Native Title Research Unit. Pp.35-54.

Dousset, L. & K. Glaskin 2007. Western Desert and native title: how models become myths. Anthropological Forum 17(2): 127-148.

Glaskin, K. 2007. Claim, culture and effect: property relations and the native title process. In B. Smith & F. Morphy (eds) 2007. The social effects of native title: recognition, translation, co-existence. Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy and Research, Research Monograph No. 27, ANU E-Press. Pp.59-77.

Glaskin, K. 2007. Outstation incorporation as precursor to a prescribed body corporate. In Customary Land Tenure and Registration in Australia and Papua New Guinea: Anthropological Perspectives (eds) J.F. Weiner & K. Glaskin. Asia-Pacific Environment Monograph 3, ANU E-Press. Pp. 199-221.

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Weiner, J.F. & K.Glaskin 2006. Introduction: The (Re-) Invention of Indigenous Laws and Customs. Custom: Indigenous Tradition and Law in the Twenty-First Century, TAPJA Special Issue 7(1):1-13.

Glaskin, K. 2004. An anthropological perspective on writing for the courts. Land, Rights, Law, Issues of Native Title, Volume 2, Issues Paper No.29, September 2004. AIATSIS Native Title Research Unit, Canberra.

Glaskin, K. 2003. Native title and the 'bundle of rights' model: Implications for the recognition of Aboriginal relations to country. Anthropological Forum 13 (1):67-88.

Glaskin, K. 2000. Limitations to the Recognition and Protection of Native Title Offshore: the current ‘accident of history’. Land, Rights, Law, Issues of Native Title, Issues Paper No.5, June 2000. AIATSIS Native Title Research Unit, Canberra.
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Editor, Anthropological Forum (2011->ongoing)
Chair, Berndt Research Foundation (from mid-2016)
Member, Academic Consultative Committee
Member, Academic Board
Member, University Cultural Collections Committee

Future research
I am available to supervise students interested in working in a variety of areas, but especially in areas related to a) the anthropology of Indigenous Australia and b) cognitive anthropology, neuroanthropology.
Funding received
ARC Linkage grant 2014 Murujuga Dreaming (with Jo McDonald, Peter Veth, Alistair Patterson, Jamie Hampson, Paul Bourke, Tom Whitley & Ken Mulvaney)
UWA Teaching Relief Grant 2012
Industrial relevance
Katie has worked in the area of native title since 1994.
Fellow, Royal Anthropological Institute
Fellow, Australian Anthropological Society
Member, European Society for Oceanists
Member, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
Member, American Anthropological Association
Honours and awards
Winner 2015 Curl Essay Prize (The Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland).
Previous positions
Berndt Foundation inaugural Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UWA, 2002-2005
-Mind Body Culture (formerly Psychological Anthropology)
-Engaged Anthropology
-Society, Law and Politics
-Aboriginal Art and Society
Useful links
Anthropological Forum

Sampi on behalf of the Bardi and Jawi People v State of Western Australia [2010] FCAFC 26
New and noteworthy
Crosscurrents: Law and society in a native title claim to land and sea. See:

Sleep in cross-cultural context:

Winner of the Royal Anthropological Institute's Curl essay prize 2015:
Current projects
Current research interests include the relationship between: 1) sleep, dreams, creativity and innovation; 2) cosmology, art and place; 3) ethnography of legal process
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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