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Lincoln Schmitt

E/Prof Linc Schmitt

Emeritus Professor
Adjunct and Honorary Staff (School of Human Sciences)

Contact details
Adjunct and Honorary Staff (School of Human Sciences)
The University of Western Australia (M309)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 2671
+61 8 6488 1051
BSc PhD Adel.
PhD (Adelaide)
Key research
Population genetics and biological anthropology
SCHMITT LH, HISHEH S, SUYANTO A, MAHARADATUNKAMSI, NEWBOUND CN, KITCHENER DJ & HOW RA (2009) Crossing the line: the impact of contemporary and historical sea-barriers on the population structure of bats in southern Wallacea. In: Ecology, evolution, and conservation of island bats (eds TH Fleming & P Racy). University of Chicago Press.

VIDOVIC M, HISHEH S & SCHMITT LH (2007) Lifestyle and stress hormones in three mountain villages in the Selška Valley of northwest Slovenia. Annals of Human Biology.

HOW R, SCHMITT L, TEALE R & COWAN C (2006) Appraising vertebrate diversity on Bonaparte islands, Kimberley, Western Australia. Western Australian Naturalist 25:92-110.

HARRISON GA, SCHMITT LH & HARRISON CBG (2005) Reflections on Aboriginal health. Society, Biology and Human Affairs 70:53-55.

HISHEH S, HOW RA, SUYANTO A & SCHMITT LH (2004) Implications of contrasting patterns of genetic variability in two vespertilionid bats from the Indonesian archipelago. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 83:421-431.

MAHARADATUNKAMSI, HISHEH S, KITCHENER DJ & SCHMITT LH (2003) Relationships between morphology, genetics and geography in the cave fruit bat Eonycteris spelaea (Dobson, 1871) from Indonesia. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 79:511-522.

SCHMITT LH, HOW RA, HISHEH S, GOLDBERG J & MARYANTO I (2000) Geographic patterns in genetic and morphological variation in two skink species along the Banda Arc, southeastern Indonesia. Journal of Herpetology 34:240-258.

MAHARADATUNKAMSI, S. HISHEH, D. J. KITCHENER & L. H. SCHMITT (2000) Genetic and morphometric diversity in Wallacea: geographical patterning in the horse-shoe bat, Rhinolophus affinis. Journal of Biogeography 27:193-201.

SCHMITT LH, HARRISON GA & SPARGO RM (1998) Variation in epinephrine and cortisol excretion rates associated with behaviour in an Australian Aboriginal community. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 106:249-253.

SCHMITT LH (1996) The assessment of stress in traditional societies. In: Stress: evolutionary, biosocial and clinical outcomes (eds AH Bittles & PA Parsons). Macmillan, London pp81-99.

SCHMITT LH (1995) Using within-populational variability to measure environmental optimality and adaptability. In: Human populations: diversity and adaptation (eds AJ Boyce & V Reynolds). Oxford University Press, Oxford. pp 106-121.

SCHMITT LH, HARRISON GA, SPARGO RM, POLLARD T & UNGPAKORN G (1995) Patterns of cortisol and adrenaline variation in Australian Aboriginal Communities of the Kimberley region. Journal of Biosocial Science 27:107-116.

SCHMITT LH, KITCHENER DJ & HOW RA (1995) A genetic perspective of mammalian variation and evolution in the Indonesian archipelago: biogeographic correlates in the fruit bat genus Cynopterus. Evolution 49: 399-412.

Funding received
National Geographical Society, USA
Editorial Board, Journal of Biosocial Science, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
Visiting Senior Member, Linacre College, Oxford.
Research Associate, Western Australian Museum of Natural Science.
Member of the Society for the Study of Human Biology, UK.
Member of the Biosocial Society, UK.
Life Fellow of the Galton Institute.
Fellow of the Human Biology Association, USA.
Member of the Australasian Society for Human Biology.
Member of the Genetics Society of Australasia.
Current projects
1. Lifestyle and stress in remote Aboriginal communities.
2. Impact of geographic, environmental and historical parameters on vertebrate diversity and evolution at the Oriental-Australian interface.
3. Genetic diversity and conservation significance of Western Australian island vertebrates.
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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