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Siobhan Hickling

Dr Siobhan Hickling

Senior Lecturer
Population and Public Health

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Population and Public Health
The University of Western Australia (M431)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 7369
+61 8 6488 1188
BSc GradDipDiet MPH Curtin, PhD W.Aust.
Siobhan's teaching experience is in the field of nutrition and public health and spans three institutions (TAFE, Curtin and UWA) and three levels (technical, undergraduate and postgraduate).

Over the fifteen years since graduation Siobhan has relished the opportunity to become proficient in research techniques. She collected data for Australia’s 1995 National Nutrition Survey. Subsequently, she investigated the prevalence of iron deficiency in young women via a large scale study and designed, conducted and analysed a series of focus groups that scrutinized nutrition resources for women. This work led to her taking a lead position in probing the satisfaction of patients, carers and health professionals with medical services for people with cancer. Siobhan then played a pivotal role in establishing and coordinating the VITATOPS study – a major international trial of folate in the prevention of stroke and was a member of the Steering Committee. Her doctoral research involved developing and applying methods for determining the impact of voluntary folate fortification in Australia, and developing and implementing a nutrition intervention trial to increase dietary intake of folate from folate-rich and folate-fortified foods. Whilst completing her doctorate Siobhan worked part-time as a research dietitian for The Food Group Australia, a company of highly qualified dietitians who specialize in working with the Australian food industry to improve and promote the nutritional profile of their brands. Since completing her doctoral studies Siobhan has worked on a number of nutritional epidemiological projects with a particular focus on dietary assessment and association of dietary factors with cardiovascular disease. Siobhan is also a collaborator on projects examining the association and influence of the built environment on eating behaviours, monitoring the impact of mandatory folate fortification on Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians and dietary intake and depressive symptoms in children and adolescents.

The value of research is in it effective dissemination. Siobhan is experienced in developing communication strategies according to the particular audience. She has presented her research at conferences or published her work in reports and peer-reviewed articles. In addition she authored a book chapter on post-coronary diet therapy, two technical articles commissioned by Meat and Livestock Australia on the topic of iron deficiency and wrote a scientific assessment of the potential secondary benefits of an increase in folic acid intake for Food Standards Australia New Zealand. Siobhan is a seasoned public speaker and enjoys the challenge of leading an audience through what can sometimes be highly technical material.

Siobhan’s Masters research was recognised by the Public Health Association of Australia through its Student Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement. She secured, in open competition, a prestigious Healthway scholarship for her doctoral studies, was awarded a University of Western Australia Teaching Scholarship and a National Heart Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. Siobhan has co-written successful applications for grants to the National Health and Medical Research Council, the National Heart Foundation of Australia, Healthway and The University of Western Australia.

Siobhan has taken three periods of maternity leave (January-August 2002, September 2005-June 2006, December 2009-June 2009) and has had a part-time appointment (0.3-0.5FTE) since 2006 due to family commitments.
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