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Professor Anu Rammohan

Economics (UWA Business School)

Contact details
Economics (UWA Business School)
The University of Western Australia (M213)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 5656
+61 8 6488 1016
MA S.Fraser, PhD La Trobe
M.A. Simon Fraser, PhD La Trobe

The focus of my research has been on understanding household-level socio-economic factors that can influence maternal and child health outcomes, gender and food security issues in South and South East Asia, particularly in India, Indonesia and more recently in Myanmar.
My recent research has focused on two central areas- (i) the analysis of intra-household distribution of health and education in developing countries, and its implications for the household’s children, women and the elderly, and (ii) food and nutritional security in rural areas of developing countries.
Key research
Health Economics
Development Economics
Recent Publications
Pritchard, B., Rammohan, A., Sekher, M., Parasuraman, S. & Choithani, C. (2013) Feeding India: Livelihoods, Entitlements and Capabilities, Earthscan, Routledge, London.

Book chapters

1.Rammohan, A. (2015), ‘Food and nutrition security within the household: Gender and access’, Handbook of Food and Nutrition Security, Routledge, ed. Pritchard, B et al.
2.Rammohan, A. and Mohanty, I. (2015, in press), ‘India’s education challenges’, India’s Fiscal Policy: Prescriptions, Pragmatics and Practice, Cambridge University Press. Ed. De. Supriyo.

Awofeso, N, Mills, E. and Rammohan, A. (2012), ‘A Complex Epidemiological Transition: AIDS, Aging and Healthy Life Expectancy in Sub-Saharan Africa’, in Global Aging Issues and Policies.

Awofeso, N. and Rammohan, A. (2011) ‘Three Decades of the Integrated Child Development Services Program in India: Progress and Problems’, in Health Management, InTech Publications

Dancer, D., Rammohan, A. (2007), Maternal Education and Child Schooling Outcomes in Nepal in Research in Labor EconomicsJ A I Press Inc.United States.

Magnani, E., Rammohan, A. (2007), Population Ageing and Intra-Household Resource Redistribution in the Asian-Pacific Region in Poverty, Poverty Alleviation and Social Disadvantage: Analysis, Case Studies and PoliciesSerial PublicationsNew Delhi, India.

Refereed Journal Articles

Pritchard, B, Rammohan, A and Sekher, M (2016- in press), ‘Land ownership, agriculture and household nutrition: a case study of north Indian villages’, Geographical Research.

Cao, J and Rammohan, A. (2016), ‘Social capital and Healthy Ageing in Indonesia’, BMC Public Health.

Goli, A, Moradhvaj, Rammohan, A, Pradhan, J. and Shruti (2016), ‘High Spending on Maternity Care in India: What are the Factors Explaining It?, PLoSONE.

Tarverdi, Y and Rammohan, A. (2016), ‘On the role of governance and health aid on child mortality: a cross-country analysis’ Applied Economics, DOI:10.1080/00036846.2016.1208351.

Rammohan, A. and Awofeso, N. (2015)District-level variations in childhood immunizations in India: The role of socio-economic factors nad helath infrastructure', Social Science and Medicine, 145, 163-172.

Goli, S., Rammohan, A, and Singh, D (2015), 'The effect of early marriages and early childbearing on women's nutritional status in India', Maternal and Child Health Journal,19(8), 1864-80.

Mohanty, I and Rammohan, A. (2015), 'Child schooling in India: The role of gender', Indian Growth and Development Review, 93-107.

Rammohan, A., Pritchard, B. 2014, 'The role of landholding as a determinant of food and nutrition insecurity in rural Myanmar', World Development, 64, 597-608.

Ren, W, Rammohan, A and Wu, Y (2014), Is there a gender gap in child nutritional outcomes in rural China?, China Economic Review, 31, 145-155.

Rammohan, A., Awofeso, N., Iqbal, K. 2014, 'Gender-differentials in the timing of measles vaccination in rural India', Demographic Research, 30, 1, pp. 1825-1848.

Rai, R., Sekher, M, Kumar, S., Pritchard, B and Rammohan, A. (2014, forthcoming), 'A life cycle approach to food and nutrition security in India', Public Health Nutrition, 18, 5,944-949.

Rammohan, A., Iqbal, K. and Awofeso, N (2013), ‘Neonatal Mortality in India: The Critical Role of Access to Emergency Obstetric Care’, PLoSONE, 8(13), e57244, 1- 8.

Maitra P, Rammohan, A., Ray, R and Robitaille-Blanchet, M (2013) ‘Food Consumption Patterns and Malnourished Indian Children: Is there a Link?’, Food Policy, 38, 70-81.

Awofeso, N, Rammohan, A and Iqbal, K (2013), 'Age-appropriate vaccination against measles and DPT-3 in India- closing the gaps', BMC Public Health, 13: 358.

Pritchard, B., Rammohan, A., & Sekher, M. (2013) “Food security as a lagging component of India’s human development: A function of interacting entitlement failures”, South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies, 36(2), 213-228.

Rammohan, A. and Magnani, E. (2013), ‘Modelling the influence of elderly care-giving on migration decisions: Estimates and evidence from Indonesia’, Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, 48, 3, pp. 399-420.

Rammohan, A. and Robertson, P (2012)'Human Capital Investments and Gender Inequality', Oxford Economic Papers.64, 3, pp. 417-438

Rammohan, A. (2012)'The trade-off between child-labour and schooling in India, Education Economics.

Rammohan, A. and Robertson, P (2012)'Do kinship norms influence female education? Evidence from Indonesia', Oxford Development Studies.40, 3, pp. 283-304.

Rammohan, A., Awofeso, N and Fernandez, R (2012), ‘Paternal education significantly influences infants’ measles vaccination uptake, independent of maternal education’, BMC Public Health. 12, 336, pp. 1-11.

Fernandez, R., Rammohan, A and Awofeso, N. (2011), 'Determinants of apparent rural-urban differentials in measles vaccination uptake in Indonesia', Rural and Remote Health.11, 1702,

Rammohan, A., Awofeso, N., Robitaille, M-C. 2012, 'Addressing Female Iron-Deficiency Anaemia in India: Is Vegetarianism the Major Obstacle?', ISRN Public Health, 2012, pp. 1-8.

Awofeso, N., Rammohan, A. 2012, 'Reducing Under-Five Mortality in India - A Review of Major Encumbrances and Suggestions for Progress', Journal of Community Medicine & Health Education, 2, 1, pp. 1-7

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Awofeso, N and Rammohan, A (2010), Kindred paradigms: community arts and health advocacy in HIV/AIDS activism. Hektoen International: A journal of medical humanities. 2: 26-31.

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Refereed Conference presentations

'Infant Mortality and Child Nutrition in Bangladesh: Modelling Sample Selection Using Copulas', Australasian Meeting of the Econometric Society (ESAM07), Brisbane QLD, 3-6 July, 2007 (with Dancer, D. and smith, M).

‘The Link Between Infant Mortality and Child Nutrition: Is there any Evidence of a Gender Bias?’, Australian Conference of Economists Papers and proceedings, Curtin University, Perth, September 2006 (with Maitra, P. and Dancer, D).

‘The Effect of Elderly Care on Female Labour Supply’, Australian Conference of Economists Papers and proceedings, Curtin University, Perth, September 2006 (with Magnani, E.).

‘Demand for Microcredit by Indonesian women’, Australian Conference of Economists Papers and proceedings, Curtin University, Perth, September 2006 (Johar, M).

‘Maternal Socioeconomic status and child health outcomes: Evidence from Rural Nepal’, Australian Conference of Economists Papers and Proceedings, Melbourne, September 2005 (with Dancer, D.).

Cornwell, K., Inder, B., Maitra, P., Rammohan, A. (2005) ‘Household Composition and Schooling for Rural South African Children: The Role of Sibling Synergy and Migrant Effects’, Australian Conference of Economists Papers and Proceedings, Melbourne, September 2005, (with Cornwell, K., Inder, B. and Maitra, P).

‘Gender Differences in Intra-household Schooling Investments: The Role of Sibling Characteristics and Birth Order Effects’, Australian Conference of Economists Papers and Proceedings, Sydney, September 2004 (with Dancer, D).

Rammohan, A., Robertson, P. (2004) ‘Kinship Norms and Gender Bias in Education’, 75 Years of Development Research Conference Papers and Proceedings, Cornell University, USA, May 2004.
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Associate Dean International Relations, UWA Business School

Survey Editor, The Economic Record
Funding received
•2016-2018: SHRAC Research Translation Projects 2015 (Round 9), ‘Success in the operating theatre: multidisciplinary pre-operative briefings for efficiency, patient safety and staff engagement.’ $268,240 (with S. Parker, S., J Hamdorf, A. Flemming, Yee Leung; M Griffin; and J Carpini).

Australian Research Council (ARC)/Discovery Projects (DP); 2015-2017; $668,990
Nutrition insecurity and livelihood decision-making in rural Myanmar; (with Pritchard B, Rammohan A, Dibley M)
•2015: Strategic Programme for International Research and Education, University of Bergen, ‘Migration and health over the life-course’, ($16,000) (with E. Diaz, Y. Ben-Shlomo, S.Padmadas, G. Ellison, M. Holdsworth, N. Madise, B. Salami, L. Bautista, T. Kraft and S. Morton).

UWA Research Collaboration Award, 2016 (with Wallace, Tschakert, Elsey, Mashreky; $15,000).

Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project grant, DP1094112: 2010-2014, $255,000 Institutions for Food Security: Global Lessons from Rural India,Institutions for Food Security: Global Lessons from Rural India (with Pritchard, B; Sekher M,Bandaralage, J.)

ARC DP grant, DP0878297: 2008-2010- $169,787
Ageing in a developing country and its effects on intra-household resource allocation (with Elisabetta Magnani)

AusAID’s Australian Development Research Award, 2010-2012 ($377,478)
Title: Impact of decentralisation on public goods provision, participation and development in Indonesia (with Chowdhury, S).

BHP Distinguished researcher grant (UWA Business school, 2015-2016): $20,000 (with Madise, N and Padmadas, S)

Australia-India Institute grant: 2011-2012: ‘Food Security and Rural Health Outcomes’, $25,000

USyd Teaching Infrastructure Equipments (TIES) Grant, 2007 ($28,274)

University of Sydney Research and Development Grant Scheme, 2007 ($10,000).

USyd Faculty of Economics and Business Research and Development Grant, 2007 ($12,000)

USyd School of Economics and Political Science Research Grant, 2004 ($8500)

USyd School of Economics and Political Science Research Grant, 2006 ($9,300)
Australian Economic Society
Australian Health Economics Society
Australian Econometric Society
European Economic Society
European society for Population Economics
Honours and awards
BHP Distinguished Researcher Award, UWA Business school, 2015

Dean’s Research Fellowship, UWA Business School, 2010-2012
Previous positions
2016- , Professor (Level E), University of Western Australia

2011-2016,Professor (Level D), University of Western Australia
2009- 2011, Associate Professor (Level C), University of Western Australia
2007- 2009,Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney
2003-2007, Lecturer, University of Sydney
2000-2002, Lecturer, University of Sydney
1997-2000, Associate Lecturer, University of Sydney
Microeconomic Theory (ECON3302)
Microeconomics: Prices and Markets (ECON1101)
Economic Management and strategy (MGMT 8503)
Health Economics (PUBH3303)
Current external positions
Survey Editor, The Economic Record- 2015-2018

Peer-review activities for research grants

Peer reviewer for UK’s Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) grants .

Peer Reviewer for UK’s Medical Research Council grant.
Peer Reviewer for Canada’s Social Sciences research grants.

Member of Panel of Referees for UK’s National Institute of Health Research’s (NHIR), Health Technology Assessment Programme.
Member of NIHR Dissemination Centre College of Raters.

Peer reviewer for Qatar National Research Grants Scheme


Peer Reviewer for ERA 2012, ERA 2015.

Peer Reviewer for ARC Discovery Project grants.

Current projects
Links with Industry

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
UK’s NHS Health Technology Assessment
Asian Development Bank

Collaborations with Other Institutions
University of Southhampton, University of Bristol, University of Leeds, Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Auckland, University of Sheffield, University of Bergen
UNSW and University of Sydney for ARC Discovery grants
Monash, UNSW, University of Sydney for research projects
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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