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Bradley Pusey

Adj/A/Prof Bradley Pusey

Adjunct Associate Professor
Natural Resource Management, Centre of Excellence in

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Centre of Excellence in Natural Resource Management
The University of Western Australia
C/o PO Box 41
+61 8 9756 8612 / +61 427 081 344
+61 8 9756 8612
BSc PhD W.Aust.
Completed PhD research examining physiological and ecological strategies for survival in fishes in ephemeral peat swamps of south-western Australia in 1988 and moved to Queensland to take up a research only position (Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow) within what is now known as the Australian Rivers Institute at Griffith University. Moved back to UWA in 2011.
Key research
My research concerns the ecology freshwater fishes of northern Australia within three related themes: systematic, biogeography and evolution, trophic ecology and food web dynamics, and ecological relationships with flow regime. Field studies have occurred in the subtropical regions of Queensland, the Wet Tropics region, Cape York Peninsula, and the Mitchell, Flinders, Daly and South Alligator Rivers of northern Australia. I maintain a keen interest in the south-west of Western Australia as this is the region in which I undertook my postgraduate research.
Assembly of freshwater fish communities – a number of studies have examined the ways in which fish communities are assembled and the relative role of landscape, habitat and species specific interactions in this process.
Trophic ecology of freshwater fishes of northern Australia – this research examines the variation in trophic ecology of freshwater fishes over different spatial scales. It also extends to how trophic ecology fits within phylogenetic contexts.
Biodiversity and biogeography of freshwater organisms – this research has been concerned with defining the distribution of freshwater fish species across northern Australia with a view to the definition of biogeographic regions and improving our understanding tof the reasons for current patterns by applying phylogeographic and phylogenetic methods to the questions.
The role of hydrological variation in structuring freshwater fish communities – I and colleagues have been examining long term changes in community structure in response to flow regime variation in the Daly River and using landscape scale variation in flow and fish community structure to define how community structure and biodiversity respond to hydrologic variation.
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Industrial relevance
Environmental water management, land management, conservation planning
Current external positions
Fractional appointment (50%) Senior Research Fellow, Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University.
Member of the Technical Advisory Panel for the National Cultural Flows Research Program.
Member of the Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge Program and Northern Environmental Research Program
Current projects
Environmental flow management in northern Australia (Synthesis project of the Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge Program
Estuarine fish biodiversity of the northern Australia (NERP program)
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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