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Adj/A/Prof Bruce Webber

Adjunct Associate Professor
Biological Sciences, School of

Contact details
School of Biological Sciences
The University of Western Australia
c/o CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences
Private Bag 5, WEMBLEY WA 6913
+61 8 9333 6802
+61 8 9333 6646
For a full list of Bruce's publications, including links to PDF copies, please see his profiles at ResearchGate, Google Scholar or Researcher ID.

Five selected publications:

• Webber, BL, van Klinken, RD, Scott, JK (2014). Invasive plants in a rapidly changing climate: an Australian perspective. In: Invasive species and climate change (ed. by L.H. Ziska and J.S. Dukes). CABI International, London. pp 169-197. [View article]

• Webber, BL, Le Maitre, DC, Kriticos, DJ (2012). Technical comment on “Climatic niche shifts are rare among terrestrial plant invaders”. Science, 338: 193. [View article]

• Webber BL, Scott JK. (2012). Rapid global change: implications for defining natives and aliens. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 21: 305-311. (With cover image). [View article]

• Webber BL, Yates CJ, Le Maitre DC, Scott JK, Kriticos DJ, Ota N, McNeill A, Le Roux JJ, Midgley GF. (2011). Modelling horses for novel climate courses: insights from projecting potential distributions of native and alien Australian acacias with correlative and mechanistic models. Diversity and Distributions, 17: 978-1000. [View article]

• Webber BL, Woodrow IE. (2009). Chemical and physical plant defence across multiple ontogenetic stages in a tropical rain forest understorey tree. Journal of Ecology, 97: 761-771. [View article]
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