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Bryan Boruff

Dr Bryan Boruff

Senior Lecturer
Agriculture and Environment, School of

Contact details
School of Agriculture and Environment
The University of Western Australia (M004)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 2700
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Regional Development, Centre for

Contact details
Centre for Regional Development
The University of Western Australia (M004)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 2700
Personal homepage
BA MA Flor.At., PhD S.Carolina
Key research
My research focuses on the application of GIS and Remote Sensing technologies to the study of environmental hazards and disaster management. I am particularly interests in the methodological development of risk and vulnerability assessments from a place based perspective. Recent, collaborations have expanded my research to encompass a range of environmental management issues including renewable energy production, population health and rural development. My recent funding has been associated with the development of spatially based eResearch tools.
Edwards, N., Hooper, P., Trapp, G., Bull, F., Boruff. B and Giles-Corti, B. Development of a Desktop Auditing Public Open Space Tool (POST): POSDAT. Applied Geography. (accepted – 18 November 2012)

Giles-Corti, B., Bull, F., Knuiman, M., McCormack, M., Van Niel, K., Timperio, A., Christian, H., Foster, S., Divitini, M., Middleton, N., and Boruff, B. The influence of urban design on neighborhood walking following residential relocation: Longitudinal results from the RESIDE study. Social Science & Medicine. (accepted – 25 October 2012).

Wood, L., Boruff, B., and Smith H. When disaster strikes… How communities cope and adapt: a social capital perspective. In: Social Capital: Theory, Measurement and Outcomes. Nova: New York. (accepted – July 2012).

Pereira, G., Foster, S., Martin, K., Christian, H., Boruff, B.J., and Knuiman, M., 2012. The association between neighborhood greenness and cardiovascular disease. BMC Public Health.12:466.

Boruff, B.J., Nathan, A., and Nijënstein, S., 2012. Using GPS technology to (re)-examine operational definitions of ‘neighbourhood’ in place-based health research. International Journal of Health Geographics. 11(22):1-14. (highly accessed)

Smith, H. and Boruff, B.J., 2011. Recovery from the storm: Resilience and the role of community capital in long-term disaster recovery in regional Western Australia. Proceedings from the State of Australian Cities National Conference. Nov. 29 – Dec. 2. Melbourne, Australia.

Boruff, B.J. and Nathan, A., 2011. Where, how far, and at what speed? The use of geospatial technologies in measuring and characterizing physical activity in behavioural health research. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Digital Earth, Aug. 23-25. Science Press: Beijing.

Vong Sok, V., Boruff, B.J., and Morrison-Saunders, A. 2011. Addressing Climate Change through Environmental Impact Assessment: International Perspectives from a Survey of IAIA Members. Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal. 29(4):317-325.

Clifton, J., Boruff, B. 2010. Assessing the potential for concentrated solar power development in rural Australia. Energy Policy 38(9):5272-5280.

Boruff, B.J. and S.L. Cutter. 2007. The environmental vulnerability of Caribbean island nations. Geographical Review. 97(1):24–45.

Gall, M., Boruff, B.J. and Cutter, S.L. 2006. Delineating 100-year flood zones in the
absence of digital floodplain maps. Natural Hazard Review 8(1):1-12.

Cutter, S. L., Emrich, C. T., Mitchell, J. T., Boruff, B. J., Gall, M., Schmidtlein, M. C.,
Burton, C. G., and Melton, G. 2006. The Long Road Home: Race, Class and Recovery from Hurricane Katrina. Environment 28(2):8-20.

Boruff, B.J., Emrich, C. and Cutter, S.L. 2005. Erosion hazard vulnerability of US
coastal counties. Journal of Coastal Research. 21(5):932-942. (top 50 downloads)

Shoaf, K., Argothy, V., Boruff, B., Cubbin, L. and Miller, J. 2003. Chapter 9: Societal
Impacts. in, Rodriguez-Marek, A. and Edwards, C. eds. Earthquake Spectra.
Supplement A to Volume 19:155-165.

Cutter, S.L., Boruff, B. J. and Shirley, W. L. 2003. Social vulnerability to environmental hazards. Social Sciences Quarterly. 84:242-261.

Boruff, B. J., Easoz, J. A., Jones, S. D., Landry, H. R., Mitchem, J. D. and Cutter, S. L. 2003. Tornado hazards in the United States. Climate Research. 24:103-117.
Future research
I am currently accepting inquiries from Honours, Masters and PhD students interested in hazard risk and vulnerability, disaster recovery and emergency management, influences of the built environment on health, and environmental management and planning applications of GIS and Remote Sensing technologies.
Funding received
Australian National Data Service $317,000(AUD); co-investigators Bull, F., Boruff, B, Wood, L., and Hooper, P. POSITVE PLACES: spatial analysis of public open space. 2012.

Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network $299,919(AUD); co-investigators Giles-Corti, B., Boruff, B., Bull, F., Whitzman, C., and Butterworth., I. Development and trial of an automated open source walkability tool. 2012.

Iraq Partnership Facility AusAID and Coffey International Development Pty Ltd $591,644.90(AUD); GIS and Remote Sensing for Agricultural Applications. 2011.

Centre for Research into Energy for Sustainable Transport $132,097(AUD); co-investigators Borowitzka, M., Boruff, B.J., Moheimani, N., and Clifton, J. Identification of the optimum sites for industrial-scale microalgae biofuel production in WA using a GIS model. 2011-2012.

Healthway, $323,668(AUD); co-investigators Giles-Corti, B., Saarloos, D., Knuiman, M., Boruff, B.J., Zubrick, S., Wood, L. Long-term follow-up of Liveable Neighbourhoods: research into practice. The built environment & health - associations across the life course. 2010-2012.

Healthway, $750,000(AUD); co-investigators Giles-Corti, B., Knuiman, M., Boruff, B.J., Bull, F., Wood, L., Hickling, S., Christian, H., and Shilton, T. The impact of neighbourhoods and other settings on physical activity and other health outcomes: A longitudinal study. 2010-2014.

Wheatbelt Regional Development Scheme, $28,466(AUD); co-investigators Clifton, J., Boruff, B. and Tonts M. Site Options for Concentrated Solar Power Generation in the Wheatbelt. 2008.
University of Western Australia Research Grants Scheme, $13,000(AUD); Temporal economic implications of environmental hazards in Western Australia communities: examining socio-economic indicators for recovery modeling. 2007.

Australian Department of Environment and Water Resources, $41,500(AUD); co-investigators Tonts, M., Clifton, J., and Boruff B. An analysis of the marine industries of the North West marine region. 2007.

Australian Department of Environment and Water Resources, $28,992(AUD); co-investigators Tonts, M. Clifton, J., Boruff, B., and Elrick, C. A Socio-economic Overview in the North-west Marine Region. 2007.

University of South Carolina Coastal Resiliency Information Systems Initiative for the
Southeast, $25,000(USD); co-investigators Cutter, S.L., Mitchell, J.T., and Boruff, B.J. Predicted vs. observed social vulnerability of coastal residents: hurricane Katrina impacts in Mississippi and Alabama. 2005.

National Geographic Society. $26,493(USD); co-investigators Boruff, B.J. and Cutter, S.L. Measuring the social and biophysical vulnerability of small island nations. 2003-2004.
EART2201 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

ENVT4411 Geographic Information System Applications
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