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Dr Charles Price

Adjunct Lecturer
Biological Sciences, School of

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School of Biological Sciences
The University of Western Australia (M084)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 4798
Price, C.A., J.S. Weitz, V.M. Savage, J. Stegen, A. Clarke, D. A. Coomes, P.S. Dodds, R.S. Etienne, A.J. Kerkhoff, K. McCulloh, K.J. Niklas, H. Olff and N.G. Swenson. Testing the Metabolic Theory of Ecology. (in press) Ecology Letters.

Mileyko, Y., H. Edelsbrunner, C.A. Price and J.S. Weitz. Hierarchical ordering of reticular networks. (2012) PLoS One 7(6) e36715.

Galkovskyi, T., Y. Mileyko, A. Bucksch, B. Moore, O. Symonova, C.A. Price, C.N. Topp, A.S. Iyer-Pascuzzi, P.R. Zurek, S. Fang, J. Harer, P.N. Benfey and J.S. Weitz. GiA Roots: Software for the High Throughput Analysis of Plant Root System Architecture. (2012) BMC Plant Biology 12:116.

Veneklaas, E.J., H. Lambers, J. Bragg, P. M. Finnegan, C. E. Lovelock, W. C. Plaxton, C.A. Price, W. R. Scheible, M. W. Shane, P. J. White, J. A. Raven. Opportunities for improving phosphorus-use efficiency in crop plants. (2012) New Phytologist, Tansley Review 195:306-320.

Price, C.A. and JS Weitz. Allometric covariation: a hallmark behavior of plants and leaves. (2012) New Phytologist 193(4): 882-889.

Price, C.A., S. Wing and J.S. Weitz. Scaling and structure of leaf dicotyledonous venation networks. (2012) Ecology Letters 15: 87-95.

Swenson, N.G., B.J. Enquist, J. Pither, A.J. Kerkhoff, B. Boyle, M.D. Weiser, J.J. Elser, W.F. Fagan, J. Forero-Montaña , N. Fyllas, N. J.B. Kraft, J.K. Lake, A.T. Moles, S. Patiño, O.L. Phillips, C.A. Price, P.B. Reich, C.A. Quesada, J.C. Stegen, R. Valencia, I.J. Wright, S.J. Wright, S. Andelman, P.M. Jørgensen, T.E. Lacher, A. Monteagudo, M.P. Núñez-Vargas, R. Vasquez-Martínez, K. Nolting. The biogeography and filtering of woody plant functional diversity in North and South America. (2012) Global Ecology and Biogeography 21(8) 798-808.

Price, C.A. O. Symonova, Y. Mileyko, T. Hilley and J.S. Weitz. LEAF GUI: segmenting and analyzing the structure of leaf veins and areoles. (2011) Plant Physiology 155:236-245.

Price, C.A., J.F. Gilooly, A.P. Allen, J.S. Weitz and K.J. Niklas. The Metabolic Theory of Ecology: Prospects and Challenges for Plant Biology. (2010) New Phytologist, Tansley Review 188:696-710.

Price, C.A. and J.S. Weitz. Zero-sum allocational strategies determine the allometry of specific leaf area. (2010) American Journal of Botany 97(11): 1808-1815.

Price, C.A., K. Ogle, E.P. White, and J.S. Weitz. Evaluating scaling theories in biology using hierarchical Bayesian approaches. (2009) Ecology Letters 12:641-651.

Price, C.A. and B.J. Enquist. Comment on Coomes et al. “Scaling of xylem vessels and veins within the leaves of oak species” (2009) Biology Letters 5:380.

Price, C.A., B.J. Enquist and V.M. Savage. A general model for allometric covariation in botanical form and function. (2007) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (32): 13204-13209.

Price, C.A. and B.J. Enquist. Scaling of mass and morphology in Dicotyledonous leaves: an extension of the WBE model. (2007) Ecology 88(5): 1132–1141.

Enquist, B.J., A. J. Kerkhoff, M. McCarthy, S. Stark, N. Swenson and C.A. Price. A general integrative model for scaling plant growth, carbon flux, and functional traits spectra. (2007) Nature 449:218-222.

Enquist, BJ., A.P. Allen, J.H. Brown, J.F. Gillooly, A. Kerkhoff, K.J. Niklas, C.A. Price, G.B. West (2007) Reply to Reich et al. 2006 – Does the exception prove the rule? Nature 445:E9-E10.

Price, C.A. and B.J. Enquist (2006) Scaling of mass and morphology in plants with minimal branching: an extension of the WBE model. Functional Ecology 20:11-20.

Price, C.A. and J.F. Weltzin (2003) Managing non-native plant populations through intensive community restoration in Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, U.S.A.. Restoration Ecology 11:351-358.
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