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Christine Soo

Dr Christine Soo

Management and Organisations (UWA Business School)

Contact details
Management and Organisations (UWA Business School)
The University of Western Australia (M261)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 2829
BCom W.Aust., PhD NSW
Christine Soo is currently Assistant Professor of Management and Organisations at the UWA Business School. She holds a PhD in Strategic Management from the University of New South Wales. Christine is interested in how people create, share and apply knowledge in organisations, and the role of the organisation in implementing effective processes and mechanisms to facilitate this. Christine has over 15 years experience working with organisations in the legal, advertising, transport, recruitment, management consulting, engineering and resources industries to improve work processes that will lead to more effective learning and increased levels of creativity and innovation. She has taught units at undergraduate and postgraduate levels on Strategic Management, Organisational Learning and Innovation, Knowledge Management, and Strategic Marketing.

Christine has published academic papers in international journals and presented at leading international conferences on topics such as managing organisational knowledge and innovation, learning processes in organisations, communities of practice, and global virtual teams.
Key research
Organizational learning and innovation
Developing dynamic capabilities in organisations
Shared cognition and knowledge sharing
Strategic HRM
Strategic Human Capital
Recent Publications

Book Chapters

Cordery, J., Soo, C., Kirkman, B., Rosen. B., Mathieu, J. & Sims Jr, H.P., ‘The Alcoa Experience of Shared Virtual Leadership through Parallel Global Teams’, 2014, in Pearce, C. L., Manz, C. C., and Sims Jr, H. P., (eds), Share, Don’t Take the Lead: Leadership Lessons from 21 Vanguard Organizations, Charlotte, N.C: Information Age Publishing.

Soo, C. W., T. M. Devinney and D. F. Midgley (2005) “Knowledge Creation in Organisations: A Multiple Study Overview,” in J. Davis, E. Subrahmanian and A.Westerberg (eds.) Knowledge Management: Organizational and Technological Dimensions, New York: Springer-Verlag.

Soo, C. W., T. M. Devinney and D. F. Midgley (2004) “The Role of Knowledge Quality in Firm Performance,” in H. Tsoukas and N. Mylonopoulos (eds.) Organisations as Knowledge Systems, London: Palgrave.

Journal Articles (Scholarly Referred)

Soo, C. Chen, S and Edwards, M. G. (2018) A Knowledge-Based Approach to Public Value Management: A Case Study of Change Implementation in Disability Services in Western Australia, Australian Journal of Public Administration (in press).

Tian, A. and Soo, C. (2018) "Enriching Individual Absorptive Capacity", Personnel Review (in press).

Soo, C., Tian, W., Teo, S. & Cordery, J. (2017) "Intellectual capital-enhancing HR, Absorptive Capacity and Innovation", Human Resource Management, vol 56 (3), 431-454.

Edwards, M., Soo, C. and Greckhamer, T. (2016) "Public value management: A case study of transitional change in disability sector reform in Western Australia", Australian Journal of Public Administration, vol. 75, no. 2, pp. 176–190.

Griffin, M., Cordery, J. & Soo, C. (2016) "Dynamic Safety Capability: How organizations proactively change core safety systems", Organizational Psychology Review, vol. 6(3) 248–272.

Cordery, J.L., Cripps, E., Gibson, C.B., Soo, C., Kirkman, B.L., & Mathieu, J.L. (2015) "The operational impact of organizational communities of practice: A Bayesian approach to analyzing organizational change", Journal of Management, 41(2), 644-664.

Pedersen, T., Soo, C. and Devinney, T. (2011) “The Importance of Internal and External Knowledge Sourcing and Firm Performance: A Latent Class Estimation” Advances in International Management, 24: 389–423.

Cordery, J.L., Soo, C., Kirkman, B., Rosen, B. & Mathieu, J. (2009) “Leading Parallel Global Virtual Teams: Lessons from Alcoa” Organisational Dynamics, 38, 3, pp. 204-216.

Cordery, J.L. & Soo, C. (2008) “Overcoming Impediments to Virtual Team Effectiveness” Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing, 18(5): 487–500.

Soo, C. W., Devinney, T., Midgley, D. F (2007) “External Knowledge Acquisition, Creativity and Learning in Organisational Problem Solving” International Journal of Technology Management, 38(1/2): 137–159.

Soo, C. W., Devinney, T., Midgley, D. F. and Deering, A. (2002) “Knowledge Management: Philosophy, Process, Pitfalls and Performance” California Management Review, 44(4): 129—150

Conference Publications (Full Refereed)

Edwards, M. and Soo, C. (2015) "A Transitional Model of Systemic Change in Disability Sector Reform in WA" Presented at ANZAM Conference, Queenstown, New Zealand.

Tian, A. & Soo. C. (2015) "Absorptive Capacity, Motivation and Creativity at the Individual Level", Presented at the Academy of Management Conference, Vancouver.

Gagne', M., Ho, B., Tian, A., & Soo, C. (2015) "Strategic human resource management and individual knowledge sharing: A self-determination perspective. In symposium (chair C. Fernet) Self-determination theory at work: Advances into the role of basic psychological need satisfaction, presented at the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology conference, Oslo, Norway.

Soo, C., Greckhamer, T. and Edwards, M. (2014) 'Investigating Multi-level Enablers of Organisational Change: A Configurational Approach', Presented at EGOS Conference, Rotterdam.

Edwards, M., Greckhamer, T. and Soo, C. (2014) 'The Challenge of Configuration-Bridging Perspectives & Methodologies' Presented at EGOS Conference, Rotterdam.

Edwards, M. Soo, C., van den Akker, J., Cubbage, M., Hollick, J. and Buchanan, F. (2014) 'Positive Stories: Implementing the Positive Behaviour Framework in Western Australia', Presented at IASSIDD Europe Regional Congress, Vienna.

Huang, W.; Soo, C. & Tian, A. (2014)"Exploring Socio-Cognitive Factors Contributing to Knowledge Transfer", Presented at ANZAM, Sydney.

Soo, C., Tian, A. W., Cordery, J. and Kabanoff, B. (2013) “Market Turbulence, Temporal Orientation and Firm Performance”, Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference Proceedings, Hobart, Tasmania.

Soo, C., Tian, A., Teo, S. and Cordery, J.L. “The Impact of Intellectual Capital-Enhancing HR on Organizational Absorptive Capacity and Innovation” Presented at the Academy of Management Conference, Florida, August 2013

Soo, C., Tian, A., Teo, S. and Cordery, J. (2012) “Intellectual Capital Enhancing HR, Absorptive Capacity and Innovation” Presented at ANZAM, Perth.

Soo, C., Tian, A. and Cordery, J. (2012) “The Role of Intellectual Capital Enhancing HR in the Development of Organizational Absorptive Capacity” Presented at the Academy of Management Conference, Boston.

Gupta, A., Soo, C., Cordery, J. (2009), "Use Of Virtual Communities-Of-Practice For Intra-Firm Knowledge Transfer: Barriers To Dynamic Capability Formation", 23rd Australian And New Zealand Academy Of Management Conference, Melbourne, Australia, Cdrom, Pp. N/A.

Gupta, A., Soo, C. & Cordery, J.L. (2008) “Learning mechanisms and the development of dynamic capabilities: An empirical investigation” Refereed paper presented at Academy of Management conference, Anaheim.

Soo, C. W., Devinney, T., Midgley, D. F. (2005) “The Process of Knowledge Creation in Organisations: Acquisition, Problem Solving, Innovation and Performance” Presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Hawaii.

Soo, C. W., Devinney, T., Midgley, D. F. (2004) “Knowledge from External Sources: The Impact on Creativity and Learning” Presented at ANZAM, Dunedin, New Zealand.
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Honours Coordinator (Management & Organisations)
Previously served on the Business School's Research, Ethics and Recruitment committees
Editorial Board Member, Organization Studies (2011-2016)
Funding received
Christine Soo, 2017 "Developing family leadership capacity for the implementation of positive behaviour support in the WA disability services sector" Funds approved: $57,974.00, Microboards Australia.

Christine Soo, 2015 "Team Disseminative Capacity: An Intra-organisational Knowledge Transfer Mechanism" Funds approved: $109,413.00, Alcoa World Alumina.

Christine Soo, Marylene Gagne, Patrick Dunlop, John Cordery 2014, "Designing Human Resource Practices that Promote the Retention of Volunteers", ARC Linkage Projects, Funds approved: $589,847.00

Christine Soo, Mark Edwards and Thomas Greckhamer, 2013 "Analysis of Positive Behaviour Framework" Funds approved: $135,919.00. Disability Services Commission (WA).

Christine Soo, Marylene Gagne and Amy Tian, 2013 "A Model of Knowledge Sharing Motivation: An Empirical Investigation" Funds approved: $11,594, UWA Business School Research Development Grant.

Christine Soo, John Cordery, David Morrison, Sandy Kiffin-Petersen 2009, “Improving Knowledge Transfer from Training Providers to Organisations”, ARC Linkage Projects, Funds Approved: $232,422

Christine Soo, John Cordery, David Morrison, Sandy Kiffin-Petersen 2009, “Improving Knowledge Transfer from Training Providers to Organizations" Funds approved: $264,000.00, Australian Institute of Management

Christine Soo, John Cordery, David Midgley 2005, “Learning Mechanisms and the Development of Dynamic Capabilities Within Firms”, ARC Linkage Projects, Funds Approved: $128,583

Christine Soo 2004 “Learning Mechanisms for the Generation of Dynamic Capabilities”, UWA School of Economics and Commerce Research Grant Scheme, Funds Approved: $6,478

Christine Soo, Siggi Gudergan, Stephen Teo 2002 “Dynamic Network Capabilities in Collaborative Service Networks”, UTS Industry Link Seeding Research Grant Scheme, Funds Approved: $14,658

Christine Soo 2002 “Factors Contributing to Knowledge Creation in Organisations”, UTS Early Career Researcher Grant Scheme, Funds Approved:$14,000

Christine Soo 2002 “Managing Intellectual Capital to Improve Organisational Innovation”, UTS Faculty of Business Research Grant Scheme, Funds Approved: $10,000

Timothy Devinney, Christine Soo 1999 “Knowledge Creation and Innovation in Organisations”, A T Kearney London, Funds Approved: $100,000
Industrial relevance
Over 15 years consulting and research experience in the resources and professional services industries in Sydney, Perth, and London.
Academy of Management
Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management
Honours and awards
Conference Best Paper Award, ANZAM 2015
Best Paper Award (Public Management Stream), ANZAM 2015
Conference Best Paper Award, ANZAM 2014
Best Paper Award (Strategic Management Stream), ANZAM 2014

Previous positions
Adjunct Faculty, AGSM MBA Program, University of New South Wales
Lecturer, School of Marketing, University of Technology, Sydney
Visiting researcher, INSEAD
Visiting researcher, Copenhagen Business School
Strategic Management
Organisational Learning and Innovation
Marketing Planning and Strategy
Electronic Business Project
Introductory Market Research
Applications in Market Research

Strategic Management (MBA)
Globalisation of the Knowledge-Based Enterprise (MBA)
Managing Organisational Knowledge and Innovation (Master of Commerce)
Strategic Human Resource Management (Master of Commerce)
Advanced Management (Honours)

Executive courses
Alcoa World Alumina – Leading Global Virtual Teams
Current projects
Industrial Relevance
Developing family leadership capabilities in the WA disability services sector
Communities of practice and knowledge sharing in volunteer organisations
Managing change in the disability services sector in WA
Managing change in the Australian public sector
Developing knowledge dissemination capabilities in organisations
Learning and innovation in Australian SMEs

Links with Industry
Alcoa World Alumina
Disability Services Commission (WA)
Scouts Australia
Microboards Australia
Australian Institute of Management
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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