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Clelia Gasparini

Dr Clelia Gasparini

Research Fellow
Evolutionary Biology, Centre for

Contact details
Centre for Evolutionary Biology
The University of Western Australia (M092)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 2239
+61 8 6488 1029
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Research Fellow
Animal Biology, School of

Contact details
School of Animal Biology
The University of Western Australia (M092)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 2239
+61 8 6488 1029
2009 PhD Evolutionary Biology, University of Padova (Italy)
Key research
Evolutionary Biology
Sexual selection
Sperm competition
Animal Behaviour
My research interests lie in the general field of sexual selection, with particular focus on postcopulatory sexual selection. I mainly use fish as a model species to study sperm competition dynamics, cryptic female choice and the evolutionary consequences of sexual conflict. My current research (funded by ARC - DECRA) focuses on the interplay between ejaculate traits and the female environment within an evolutionary framework.
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Gasparini C, Devigili A, Pilastro A. (2012) Cross-generational effects of sexual harassment on female fitness in the guppy. Evolution 66(2), 532-543.

Gasparini C, Pilastro A, Evans JP. (2011) Male genital morphology and its influence on female mating preferences and paternity success in guppies. PLoS One 6(7).

Gasparini C, Pilastro A. (2011) Cryptic female preference for genetically unrelated males is mediated by ovarian fluid in the guppy. Proc R Soc B 278(1717), 2495-2501.

Evans JP, Gasparini C, Holwell GI, Ramnarine IW, Pitcher TE, Pilastro A. (2011) Intraspecific evidence from guppies for correlated patterns of male and female genital trait diversification. Proc R Soc B 278(1718), 2611-2620.

Boschetto C, Gasparini C, Pilastro A. (2011) Sperm number and velocity affect sperm competition success in the guppy (Poecilia reticulata). Behav Ecol Sociobiol 65(4), 813-821.

Gasparini C, Simmons LW, Beveridge M, Evans J.P. (2010) Sperm swimming velocity predicts competitive fertilization success in the green swordtail Xiphophorus helleri. PLoS One 5(8), e12146.

Gasparini C, Marino IAM, Boschetto C, Pilastro A. (2010) Effect of male age on sperm traits and sperm competition success in the guppy (Poecilia reticulata). J Evol Biol 23(1), 124-135.

Gasparini C, Peretti AV, Pilastro A. (2009) Female presence influences sperm velocity in the guppy. Biol Lett 5(6), 792-794.

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Evans JP, Gasparini C, Pilastro A. (2007) Female guppies shorten brood retention in response to predator cues. Behav Ecol Sociobiol 61(5), 719-727.
Funding received
2016 UWA Research Collaboration Award ($18,190)

2015 ARC DECRA Fellowship ($385,536)

2013 UWA ECR Fellowship Support Program ($29,245)

2012 Marie Curie outgoing fellowship (EUR 267,500)

2011 UWA Research Collaboration Award ($6,000)
Previous positions
2012-2015 Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow (International outgoing scheme), University of Padova - University of Western Australia

2009-11 Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Padova, Italy

Supervision of PhD and Honours students
Behavioural Ecology (Anim3365) - Guest lecturer
Current projects
- The evolutionary significance of ejaculate-female interactions (with focus on the female reproductive fluid)

- Sperm ageing and its evolutionary consequences

- Inbreeding and sexual selection
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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