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Debra McDougall

Dr Debra McDougall

Senior Lecturer
Anthropology and Sociology

Contact details
Anthropology and Sociology
The University of Western Australia (M257)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 2869
+61 8 6488 1062
BA Penn. MA PhD Chic.
Debra McDougall is a Senior Lecturer (LVL) C at the University of Western Australia, where she has taught since 2010 following an ARC Postdoctoral Fellowship (2006-2010). She earned her MA and PhD in Anthropology from the University of Chicago, having completed an undergraduate degree in History with honours from the Pennsylvania State University.
Key research
Debra has conducted extensive fieldwork in Solomon Islands (primarily the Western Province Island of Ranongga) since 1998. That research has culminated in a monograph on Ranongga Engaging with Strangers: Love and Violence in the Rural Solomon Islands (2016, Berghahn Books). With Matt Tomlinson, she edited a volume on Christian Politics in Oceania.
She has also published articles and book chapters on topics including the anthropology of Christianity, vernacular language education and Bible translation, headhunting warfare, land tenure and development disputes, conflict and peacemaking, women’s Christian fellowship, men’s conversion to Islam, and customary political authority.
Debra has begun new research focused on the promises and disappointments of formal schooling in Solomon Islands the various alternatives to formal state-run educational systems that have emerged in the decades following the civil conflict.

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2006. D. McDougall, I. Barry and S. Pioh. Disaster and recovery in Ranongga: Six months after the earthquake in the Western Solomons, Honiara Solomon Islands.
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Debra has broad expertise in socio-cultural anthropology; historical anthropology; linguistic anthropology; the anthropology of Oceania; social and cultural theory; the interdisciplinary study of religion; ender; ethnicity and conflict; and intercultural relations.
Funding received
2006 Australian Research Council Discovery Grant
Kubokota and Luqa, Austronesian languages of Solomon Islands
Solomon Islands Pijin
Australian Anthropological Society
Previous positions
ARC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Anthropology and Sociology, University of Western Australia, 2006-2010.

Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame (Indiana, USA), 2004-2006

Preceptor, Program in International Studies, University of Chicago, 2003-2004

Lecturer, Department of Anthropology and Social Science Collegiate Division, University of Chicago 2004.
Since 2010, Debra has coordinated ANTH1002 Global Change, Local Responses; ANTH 2402 Religion and Society; ANTH 2001 Social Thought; ANTH 3001 Doing Ethnography; ANTH 3401 Engaged Anthropology; ANTH 3602 Social Worlds of Asia and the Pacific. She contributes to several other units.

She welcomes inquiries from potential postdoctoral students seeking to undertake research on the anthropology of Melanesia, anthropology of Christianity, interdisciplinary work on religion and globalisation, gender, development, and conflict in the Asia-Pacific region.
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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