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Donald Robertson

E/Prof Donald Robertson

Emeritus Professor
Adjunct and Honorary Staff (School of Human Sciences)

Contact details
Adjunct and Honorary Staff (School of Human Sciences)
The University of Western Australia (M309)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 3291
+61 8 6488 1025
Room 2.02F, Physiology Building, Perth campus
BSc W.Aust., PhD McG.
I did my undergraduate honours degree in Physiology at the University of Western Australia (Perth) under the supervision of one of the great names in modern auditory physiology, Brian Johnstone.

I left Perth after honours and did a short stint of research on the efferent control system in hearing with John Desmedt at The Brain Research Institute of The University of Brussels (Universite Libre de Bruxelles). I then moved on to Canada and did my PhD on the mechanisms of sharp tuning in the cochlea under the supervision of Geoffrey Manley at McGill University in Montreal. After that I did a 2 year stint as a postdoc working with John Desmedt in Brussels, this time on cognitive components of evoked cerebral potentials, before returning to Western Australia as a Queen Elizabeth II Fellow. I subsequently took a lecturing position in physiology and have been here ever since, interrupted by immensely enjoyable and useful study leave sojourns in Melbourne (with Dexter Irvine), Madison, Wisconsin (with Donata Oertel), and Auckland with (Gary Housley).

I consider myself very lucky to be able to continue to work and teach in The Auditory Laboratory founded by my old mentor and to have daily contact with the other members of the lab who carry on the work started so many years ago.

In 2012 I retired as a teaching/research academic and was appointed a Senior Honorary Research Fellow. I continue to conduct research, apply for funding, and supervise honours and postgraduate students.
Key research
Research Interests: physiology,neurophysiology, sensory physiology, hearing and deafness, tinnitus
I have engaged in neurophysiological research into mammalian hearing for over 30 years. My research achievements include;
1. First recordings from guinea pig spiral ganglion neurons inside the intact living cochlea
2. Demonstration of the physiological vulnerability of sharp frequency selectivity in primary auditory afferent neurons
3. Microelectrode recording and single cell labeling of afferent and efferent neurons, demonstrating the precise nature of efferent feedback from the brain to the inner ear (with M Gummer)
4. First physiological and pharmacological characterization of olivocochlear efferent neurons in brain slices (with X Wang)
5. First demonstration (with D Irvine) of plasticity of frequency maps in the brain of partially deafened adult animals
6. First full characterization (with D Oertel) in brain slices, of octopus cells of the auditory brainstem
7. First demonstration (with W Mulders) of the effects of activation of the auditory midbrain on inner ear responses to sound
8. Development of an in vitro whole cochlear slice preparation (with G Housley
9. First demonstration (with W Mulders, I Winter and A Paolini) of the physiological action of olivocochlear collaterals in the auditory brainstem.
10. First demonstration, with W Mulders, in an animal model of tinnitus, that central hyperactivity is dependent on maintained spontaneous neural drive from the cochlea
I was the AuPS Invited Lecturer for the 2007 Scientific Meeting.
Refereed Publications 2002-2014

Eleanor S Drummond, Jennifer Rodger, Marissa Penrose, Donald Robertson, Ying Hu, Alan R Harvey (2014) Effects of intravitreal injection of BA-210, or CNTF combined with an analogue of cAMP, on the dendritic morphology of regenerating rat retinal ganglion cells. Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience. (in press accepted 18th Dec 2013)

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Darryl P. Vogler, Donald Robertson, and Wilhelmina H.A.M. Mulders (2014). Hyperactivity following unilateral hearing loss in characterised cells in the inferior colliculus (Neuroscience in press)

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Nathanael Yates, Donald Robertson, Mathew Martin-Iverson, Jennifer Rodger (2014). Auditory Brainstem Responses of ephrin-A2-/-, ephrin-A5-/-, and ephrin-A2A5-/- mice Audiol. Neurootol. 19, 115-126

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Rodger J, Drummond ES, Hellström M, Robertson D, Harvey AR. Long-term gene therapy causes transgene-specific changes in the morphology of regenerating retinal ganglion cells.PLoS One. 2012;7(2):e31061. Epub 2012 Feb 8.

Funding received
NHMRC (currently 2 project grants), Neurotrauma Research Program, Action on Hearing Loss
Ordinary member, Australian Physiological Society
Ordinary member, Australian Neuroscience Society
Ordinary member, American Association for Research in Otolaryngology
Ordinary member American Physiological Society
WA Representative Australian Physiological Society Council 2002-2004
Organizer of APPS Symposium on Mechanotransduction, Nov. 2002
Member of local organizing committee 2005 Australian Neuroscience Society Meeting, Perth
Local Secretary for 2005 Australasian Auditory Neuroscience Workshop
WA Representative Australian Neuroscience Society Council, 2008-.
Current external positions
Board member Ear Sciences Institute Australia
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