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Fang Liu

Assoc/Prof Fang Liu

Associate Professor
Marketing (UWA Business School)

Contact details
Marketing (UWA Business School)
The University of Western Australia (M263)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 3506
+61 8 6488 1004
BA Zhongshan, MBA PhD W.Aust.
Dr. Liu holds an advanced MBA (with specializations in marketing and finance) and a PhD in Marketing from the University of Western Australia. Her research interests centre on advertising,digital and non-digital media, and branding strategies. Her recent work also concerns cross-cultural consumer studies. Dr. Liu has published dozens of refereed journal articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings. Prior to her academic career, she had extensive experience in the area of international trade.
Key research
Research Specializations: Advertising, Publicity(or PR), Digital and Non-digital Media, Branding Strategy, International Marketing (specialized in Australia-China marketing), and Cross-Cultural Consumer Studies.
Recent Publications

Book Chapter (Commercial)
LIU, F. 2014, A Closer Look at Research on Sex Appeal Advertising, The Handbook of International Advertising Research, Wiley Publishing.

Liu, F. 2009, Sex Appeal, Spokesperson's Trustworthiness, And Brand Attitude: A Study On Confucianism And Sex Appeal In Advertising In China In Advertising And Chinese Society. Impacts And Issues, Copenhagen Business School Press , Denmark

Book Chapter (Private)

Liu, F., Cheng, H., Li, J. 2009, Global Personal Values Versus A Confucian Value: Consumer Responses To Sex Appeal Advertising In China In A Handbook Of Confucian/Chopsticks Marketing, Asian Business Research Corporation Limited , New Zealand

Journal Articles (Schol Refereed Journal)
H. ZHANG, J. SUN, F. LIU and J. KNIGHT (forthcoming), “Be rational or emotional: Advertising appeals, service types, and consumer responses”, European Journal of Marketing.

Liu, F., Li, J., Mizerski, D., Soh, W., 2012, "Self-congruity, brand attitude, and brand loyalty: a study on luxury brands".European Journal of Marketing, Issue 46, No. 7/8, 922-937.

Liu, F., Cheng, H., and Li, J., 2009. "Consumer Responses to Sex Appeal Advertising: A Cross-cultural Study", International Marketing Review, Vol. 26, Issue 4/5, p.501-520.

Li, J., Mizerski, D., Lee, A., and Liu, F., 2009. "The relationship between attitude and behaviour: an empirical study in China", Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics. Vol. 21, Issue 2, p.232-242.

Liu, F., 2009. “Confucian’s Double Standard of Sexuality and its Impact on the Effectiveness of Sex Appeal Advertising in China.” Culture and Advertising in China, edited by Chan, K. and Cheng, H.
Jansen, B.J., Hudson, K., Hunter, L., Liu, F. and Murphy, J., 2008. “The Google Online Marketing: Real-world learning with real clients, real money, and real advertising campaigns”, Journal of Interactive Advertising, Vol. 8, Issue 3, 9, 1, pp online - approx 5-20pp

Liu, F., and Murphy, J., 2007. “A Qualitative Study of Chinese Wine Consumption and Purchasing: Implications for Australian Wines”. International Journal of Wine Business Research, Vol. 19, Issue 2. (This paper was awarded “Highly Commended Paper Award in 2008” by Emerald Publishing Group).

Liu, F., Murphy, J., Li, J., and Liu, X., 2006. “English and Chinese? The Role of Consumer Ethnocentrism and Country-of-origin in Chinese Attitudes towards Store Signs”. Australasia Marketing Journal (The official journal of the Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy), Vol. 14, Issue 2.

Liu, F., Li, J. and Cheng, H., 2006. “Sex Appeal Advertising: Gender Differences in Chinese Consumers’ Responses”. Asia-Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, Vol. 18, Issue 1.

Liu, F., Li, X., Bao, G., Yun, C. and Li, J., 2006. “Regional Disparity and Market Development”, in Economics Growth, Transition and Globalization in China, edited by Wu, Y. and Yu, C., Marston Book Limited, Abingdon, UK.

Zhao, W., Massey, B.L., Murphy, J. and Liu, F., 2003. “Cultural Dimensions of Website Design and Content”, Prometheus, Vol.21, No. 1.

Liu, F., Dixon, M. and Murphy, J., 2003. “Exploring Online Buying and online Trust in China.” Asia Pacific Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. V, 2003.

Zhao, W., Murphy, J., Liu, F. and Olaru, D., 2003. "An Exploratory Comparison of Top Chinese and US Home Pages", Chinese Economic Transition and its Impact on Marketing Strategy, Edited by Ilan Alon, Greenwood Publishing Group.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

Liu, F., Kanso, A., Wang, W., and Li, X., 2009, Attribution, Negative Emotion, and Boycotting a Consumer Brand, American Academy of Advertising (AAA) Asia Pacific Conference, Beijing, May.

Li, F., 2009. "Gender and Chinese Advertising", Special Panel Discussion, American Academy of Advertising (AAA) Asia Pacific Conference, Beijing, May.

Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Key Research Supervisions

M. Yu, 2011-2016 (thesis submitted), Negative information and Brand Equity (PhD candidate);

B. Albatati, 2013-current: Online Gaming Behaviour (PhD candidate)

D.Sari 2012-2015, PhD Awarded; Boycott Behaviour of Muslim Consumers.

S. Wang, 2011-2015, PhD Awarded; The Impact of Persuasive Knowledge on Children;

Nurfareena Zahari, 2013, Awarded with Upper 2nd Honours awarded: Advertising Appeals and Luxury Branding;

F.Hanrahan, 2012, Awarded with 1st Class Honours: Celebrity Endorsers and Luxury Branding.

M. Krisjanti, 2008-2013, PhD Awarded: Acculturation and Ethnic Identity for Store Brand (private label) Purchases;

H. Soh, 2008, Awarded with 2nd Class Honours, Self-Concept and Purchases of Luxury Brands;

A. Yang, 2006-2009, PhD Awarded, Brand Knowledge and Brand Loyalty in the Beer Industry;

X. Lin, 2003, Master's Awarded, Trust and Electronic Commerce (Master's).

Future research
Ecotourism marketing and marketing for Renewable Energy.
Funding received
UWA Business School Research Development Award,2014; Titled: Segmenting Chinese Ecotourists and Predicting Their Travel Intention Towards Western Australia.

UWA Research Development Award, 2008-2009
Title: Brand Evaluations in Relations to Negative Publicity.

Emerald International Research Grant, 2006-2007, Project title: The Effect of Language on the Effectiveness of Communicating Commercial Knowledge through Television in P.R. China. Other investigators: Professor Dick Mizerski and Associate Professor W. Wang

UWA University Research Grant, 2006-2007, Project title: Country Image, Price, and Consumption Situation- An Empirical Study on Chinese Consumers’ Attitudes and Intentions towards Purchasing Local and Foreign Wines.
Other investigator: Associate Professor Jamie Murphy

UWA Business School Research Grant, 2006-2007, Project title: Country of Origin, Consumer Ethnocentrism, and Australian Wine Labelling- An Empirical Study in China.
Associated investigator: Associate Professor Jamie Murphy

UWA Business School Research Grant, 2005-2006. Project title: The Effects of Language on Bilinguals’ Information Processing of TV Advertising in China.

Chun Hui Operating Grant, Ministry of Education, China, 2004-2005.
Project title: A Study on the Relationship between Attitudes towards Marketing and Economy Development in the Western Regions of China.
Collaborator: Guohu Bao, Professor of Marketing, Department of Marketing, Inner Mongolia Institute of Finance and Economics, China.

Chun Hui Operating Grant, Ministry of Education, China, 2003-2004.
Project title: A Study on Temple Economy, Church Economy, and Market Development.
Collaborator: Cai Yun, Professor of Economics, School of Economics and Management, Tibet University, China.
Industrial relevance
Consulting areas: international branding strategy and brand management, advertising strategy, media selection and effectiveness, and online and mobile marketing.
English and Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese).
American Marketing Association (AMA)
American Advertising Association (AAA)
Academy of Marketing Science (AMS)
International Society of Intercultural Relations
Australia and New Zealand Marketing Association (ANZMAC)
Western Australia Chinese Scientists Association (WACSA)
Honours and awards
"Citation of Excellence" Award: Dr Liu and her co-author's article titled "Self-congruity, brand attitude, and brand loyalty: A study on luxury brands" and published at the European Journal of Marketing was recently awarded a “Citation of Excellence” by Emerald Group Publishing(Details are available from

"Highly Commended Paper Award"-Fang Liu and Jamie Murphy, 2007. “A Qualitative Study of Chinese Wine Consumption and Purchasing: Implications for Australian Wines”. International Journal of Wine Business Research (ISSN: 1751-1062), Vol. 19, Issue 2.

"Best Marketing Paper Award"-Fang Liu and Dick Mizerski (2004), “The Relationship between Key Message Recall and Comprehension-A Chinese Bilingual Case”, The 3rd Global Conference on Economics and Management Proceeding, Amsterdam (July).

'Dragon 100 Young Chinese Leaders'-2005
Advertising and Promotion, Intergrated Marketing Communications, Global (International) Marketing Strategy, Marketing in China, and others.
New and noteworthy
Annabel Hennessy, Jotham Martins and Madeleine Mazza from Dr. Liu's Advertising and Promotion class has won the first prize for the 2013 ATO Video Competition! (their video "Super-the Facts of Life can be viewed from

Antoni Buccini and Jared Hill from Dr. Liu's Advertising and Promotion class won the First prize in the 2012 ATO video competition! Their video ad can be viewed from

One of Dr Liu's undergraduate teams won the 2008 Google Online Marketing Challenge! One of her teams also won the top five in the Asia Pacific Region at the 2009 Google Online Marketing Challenge!
Current projects
UWA funded project:

UWA Research Development Award: Brand Evaluations in relations to Negative Publicity

UWA Research Grant: The effect of country image and price on brand evaluations.

Other projects:
A cross-cultural study on advertising appeals;

A comparative study on traditional and non-traditional media;

Negative publicity and boycotting behaviour.
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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