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Farida Fozdar

Assoc/Prof Farida Fozdar

Associate Professor/Future Fellow
Anthropology and Sociology

Contact details
Anthropology and Sociology
The University of Western Australia (M255)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 3997
+61 8 6488 1062
BA W.Aust., PhD Well.
Farida Fozdar (aka Tilbury) completed her PhD at Victoria University of Wellington, and began as a lecturer in Sociology and Community Development at Murdoch University in 2003. In 2011 she received an ARC Future Fellowship which she took up at UWA.
Key research
Farida uses qualitative and quantitative methods to understand the ways in which racial, ethnic, national and religious identities are constructed, issues around refugee and migrant settlement, and questions of cultural diversity. She has a particular interest in discourse analysis. Farida undertakes social research consultancies including evaluating programs to assist migrants and refugees with re-settlement.
Publications (since 2000; prior to 2008 published as Tilbury)

McGavin K and Fozdar, F (eds)(2016) Mixed Race Identities in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Routledge Taylor and Francis 246 pages Hardback ISBN: 9781138677708 Abingdon
Rocha, Z and Fozdar, F (Eds) (2017 forthcoming) Mixed Race in Asia Routledge Taylor and Francis
Fozdar F, Wilding R and Hawkins M (2009) Race and Ethnic Relations, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 324 pages.
Colic-Peisker, V and Tilbury, F (eds) (2007) Settling in Australia: The Social Inclusion of Refugees. Centre for Social and Community Research, Murdoch University, Perth, 148 pages.
2004 Wilding, R and Tilbury, F, (eds) A Changing people: diverse contributions to Western Australia, Perth, Office of Multicultural Interests, Dept Premier and Cabinet, 351 pages.

Book Chapters

Fozdar, F. (forthcoming 2017) “It’s the end of the world as we know it…and I feel fine”: Considering a postnational world. Marotta, V and Boese, M (eds) ‘Critical Reflections on Migration, 'Race' and Multiculturalism: Australia in a Global Context’'. Routledge.

Fozdar, F (2016) ‘Multiculturalism and Interculturality: Does the Australian experience have anything to offer South Korea?’, Lee, Jung Ok (ed) Beyond Multiculturalism Toward Interculturalism, CMPress, Seoul. P 11-40.

Fozdar, F (2016) ‘The Violence of Exclusion: Australia’s migration zone excision and the state of exception’, Mason, R (ed) Rendering the Unspeakable Past: Legacies of Violence in Modern Australia, Berghahn

Meyer, M and Fozdar, F (2016) ‘A mini United Nations’: being mixed in multicultural Australia, McGavin, K and Fozdar, F (eds)'Mixed Race Identities in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands', Routledge Taylor and Francis, Abingdon.

Fozdar, F (2015) ‘Race and Ethnicity’, A Coleman and J Arvanitakis (eds), Sociologic, Oxford University Press.

Fozdar, F & Perkins, M (2014) ‘Antipodean Mixed Race’, R Chiyoko King-O’Riain, S Small, M Mahtani, M Song, and P Spickard (eds) Global Mixed Race. NYU Press, NY (p 119-143).

Fozdar, F.E. (2014) ‘Aussie Cows and Asylum Seekers: Cartooning About Two Key Political Issues’ Renate Brosch and Kylie Crane (eds) Visualising Australia: Images, Icons, Imaginations, WVT Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier , Germany, p 135-149

Fozdar, F.E. (2014) ‘‘They want to turn to their religion. But they should turn to be Australians’: Everyday Discourses About Why Muslims Don't Belong in Australia’, S. Yasmeen & N Markovic-Khaze (eds). Muslim Citizens in the West: Spaces and Agents of Inclusion and Exclusion, Ashgate, UK, p 87-103

Fozdar, F. (2014) ‘Cosmopolitan Engagement in Researching Race Relations in New Zealand’, L. Voloder and L. Kirpichenko (eds) Migration and Mobility from the Inside: Reflections on Insiderness, Ashgate, p 37-52.

Fozdar, F, (2013) ‘Religion and inter-faith relations’, A. Jakubowicz and C. Ho, ‘For those who've come across the seas ...’: Australian Multicultural Theory, Policy and Practice, Australian Scholarly Publishing, Sydney, p 225-236.

2012 Fozdar, F ‘Beyond the rhetoric of inclusion’. Anna Hayes and Robert Mason (eds)Seeking Sanctuary: Cultures in Refuge in Modern Australia, Ashgate: Farnham.

2012 Fozdar, F. ‘Christianity in Australian national identity construction: some recent trends in the politics of exclusion’. Dan Soen (ed) Minority Groups: Coercion, discrimination, exclusion, deviance and the question of equality. NovaScience Publishers.

2012 Pedersen, A., Fozdar, F., & Kenny, M.A. ’Battling boatloads of prejudice: An interdisciplinary approach to activism with asylum seekers and refugees in Australia’. N.Balvin and D.Bretherton (eds), Peace Psychology in Australia (Chapter 8, p 121-137. New York: Springer Science and Business Media.

2011 Fozdar, F. ‘Constructing Australian citizenship as Christian; or how to exclude Muslims from the national imagining’, Lobo, M & Mansouri, F (eds).Migration, Citizenship and Intercultural Relations, Ashgate.

2007 Tilbury, F. ‘Hyphenated realities: growing up an Indian-American-Bruneian Baha’i in ‘multicultural’ Australia’, M Perkins (ed) Visibly Different: Face, Place and Race in Australia. Peter Lang, Bern, pp 145-162.

2007 Tilbury, F and Colic-Peisker, V. ‘Skilled refugees, employment and social inclusion: a Perth case study of three communities’, Colic-Peisker, V and Tilbury, F (eds) Social Inclusion of Refugees, Centre for Social and Community Research, Murdoch University, Perth, pp 108-128

2004 Asekeh, G and Tilbury, F. ‘A Different Life: African migrants in Western Australia’ in R. Wilding and F. Tilbury (eds) A Changing people: diverse contributions to Western Australia, Perth, Office of Multicultural Interests, Dept Premier and Cabinet, pp134-149.

2001 Tilbury, F.‘Haunting Traces of Differánce: Applications of Derrida to Kiwi identities’, in L. Simmons and H. Worth, (eds), Derrida Downunder, Dunmore, Palmerston North, pp198-215

2000 Tilbury, F and Lloyd M.‘Connecting and Transforming: Friendship and relationships in everyday life’ in C. Bell, (Ed) Sociology of Everyday Life in New Zealand, Dunmore, Palmerston North, pp 70-88.

Journal Articles
Fozdar, F (2017, forthcoming). ‘No Borders: Australians talking beyond the nation’. Journal of Language and Politics, 16(4).

Austin C and Fozdar F, (forthcoming 2017) “Team Australia”: Cartoonists Challenging Exclusionary Nationalist Discourse, Journal of Australian Studies.

Austin C and Fozdar F, (forthcoming 2017) "Framing asylum seekers: the uses of national and cosmopolitan identity frames in arguments about asylum seekers." Identities.

Fozdar, F and Banki S (2017)Settling refugees in Australia: achievements and challenges. International Journal of Migration and Border Studies, 3(1), 43-66.

Austin C and Fozdar F, (2016) Australian national identity: empirical research since 1998, National identities. DOI: 10.1080/14608944.2016.1244520

F Fozdar (2016) The Baha'i Faith: A Case Study in Globalization, Mobility and the Routinization of Charisma. Journal for the Academic Study of Religion 28 (3):274-292

Fozdar, F and Volet, S (2016) ‘Cultural self-identification and orientations to cross-cultural mixing on an Australian university campus.’ Journal of Intercultural Studies. 37 (1):51-68.

Aldridge, J. M., Fraser, B. J., Fozdar, F., Ala’i, K., Earnest, J., & Afari, E. (2016). Students’ perceptions of school climate as determinants of wellbeing, resilience and identity. Improving Schools, 19(1), 5-26.

Austin, C and Fozdar, F (2015) ‘Migrant responses to popular uses of the Australian flag’. Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, 15 (2):315-333

Fozdar, F (2015) ‘Asian Invisibility/Asian Threat: Australians talking about Asia’ Journal of Sociology, Online first

Fozdar, F and Low, M (2015) ‘‘They have to abide by our laws...and stuff’: ethno nationalism masquerading as civic nationalism’, Nations and Nationalism 21 (3), 524–543. DOI: 10.1111/nana.12128

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Also published in Sociology of Health and Illness, 25 (6): 680-696.

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Other publications (Peer reviewed)
2006 Val Colic-Peisker and Farida Tilbury (2006) Refugees and Employment: Investigating the Effect of Visible difference on Discrimination Research Project Final Report,

2005 Walker, I, Tilbury, F, Volet, S, Tungaraza, C, Hastie, B (2005) Pathways to Apprenticeships and Traineeships for People from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds, Western Australian Department of Education and Training, Perth.

2005 Colic-Peisker, V and Tilbury, F (2005) Refugees and Employment: Investigating the Effect of Visible difference on Discrimination Research Project Interim Report, (also submitted for the Parliamentary inquiry into qualification recognition, upgrading and licensing 2005)

2005 Tilbury, F, Clark, S, Slee, R, and O’Ferrall, I Listening to Diverse Voices Multicultural Mental Health Promotion Research Project – Eritrean, Ethiopian, Somali and Sudanese communities in Western Australia, East Metropolitan Population Health Unit and Murdoch University, Perth, available at and

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2001 Seah, E, Tilbury, F, Jayasuriya, P, Rooney, R and Wright, B ‘The Cultural Awareness Tool: Understanding Cultural Diversity in Mental Health’, Transcultural Mental Health Network, Perth. Available at
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Coordinator, Master of Social Research Methods
Funding received
Research Grants

Project Title – Mixed Race in Australia
Researchers –Assoc Prof Farida Fozdar, Dr Kirsten McGavin (UQ) and partners from University of Southampton, University of Queensland, Deakin University, London South Bank University
Scheme Name – Research Collaboration Award
Start Date – Jan-2015
End Date – Dec - 2015
Requested Grant Amount – $20000
Promised Grant Amount –$16000

Project Title – Community, Popular and Digital Media in Migrant Settlement, integration and resilience: Mobilities and Belonging
Researchers – Assoc Prof Rob Cover, Assoc Prof Farida Fozdar, Assoc Prof Loretta Baldassar, Dr Jo Elfving-Hwang, and partners from University of Leeds, University of Sydney, Auckland University, Indian Institute of Technology, Monash University, Adelaide University, Wollongong Unviersity, La Trobe University, National University of Singapore
Scheme Name – Research Collaboration Award
Start Date – Jan-2015
End Date – Dec - 2015
Requested Grant Amount – $20000
Promised Grant Amount –$16000

Project Title – Mobility and Belonging Across the Life-Course: Australian Perspectives
Researchers – Assoc Prof Martin Forsey, Assoc Prof Farida Fozdar, Assoc Prof Loretta Baldassar, Prof Johanna Wynn (Uni Melb)
Scheme Name – Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA): multi-disciplinary workshops
Event Date – Sept 2014
Requested Grant Amount – $9000
Promised Grant Amount –$8750

Project Title – Mobilities and Belonging: Sustaining families and communities in Transnational Settings
Researchers – Assoc Prof Loretta Baldassar, Assoc Prof Farida Fozdar, Ass. Prof Meng Ji.
Scheme Name –Research Collaboration Awards (UWA)
Start Date – Jan-2014
End Date – Dec - 2014
Requested Grant Amount –$20,000
Promised Grant Amount –$19,500

Project Title – Comparative Analysis of International Refugee Resettlement International Law Obligations and Policy
Researchers – Mr Chris Mahoney (Auckland); Professor Philomina Okeke‐Ihejirika, Dr Anna Kirova (Alberta); Professor Stephen Castles, Professor Mary Crock, Dr Susan Banki (Sydeny); Professor Farida Fozdar, Associate Professor Simon Young (UWA); Dr Martin Jones (York).
Scheme Name –Worldwide Universities Network Research Development Fund
2013, 10,000 pounds.

Project Title – Effectiveness of a Whole-School Approach to Creating Supportive Environments that Remove Barriers to Learning for Refugee Youth
Researchers – Fraser, Barry, Fozdar, Farida, Aldridge, Jill
Scheme Name – ARC Linkage
1-Jul-2011 - 30-Dec-2016

Project Title – Refugees, Housing and Social Inclusion in Australia
Researchers – Flatau, Paul, Fozdar, Farida, Pedersen, Anne, Colic-Peisker, Val
Scheme Name – AHURI Research Funding
1-Mar-2011 - 30-Sept-2014

Project Title – Australian, Transnational and Postnational Identities: affective aspects of social inclusion
Researchers – Fozdar, Farida
Scheme Name – ARC Future Fellowship
2011 – 2015

Project Title – Evaluation Steppers Employment for Disadvantaged Refugees program
Researchers – Fozdar, Farida
Scheme Name – Evaluation, ASeTTS
1-Jan-2011 - 30-June-2012

Project Title – Refugees in Western Australia: Settlement and Integration- Post Integrated Humanitarian Settlement Services
Researchers – Fozdar, Farida and O’Hara, Michael
Scheme Name – LotteryWest
1-January-2011 - 31-December-2011

Project Title – Intergenerational Social Interaction
Researchers – Fozdar, Farida
Scheme Name – Research Capacity Funding, Murdoch
1-Jan-2010 - 31-Dec-2010

Project Title – Research Support Grant (SSH)
Researchers – Fozdar, Farida
Scheme Name – ibid, Murdoch.
1-Jan-2010 - 1-Dec-2010

Project Title – Fostering the development of intercultural confidence as an integral part of university education
Researchers –Volet, Simone and Fozdar, Farida
Scheme Name – ARC Discovery
1-Jan-2009 - 31-December-2011
$140,000 (plus $45,000 Murdoch support grant)

Project Title – Evaluating 4 Refugee Inclusion programs
Researchers – Fozdar, Farida
Scheme Name – ASeTTS tender
1-Dec-2008 - 31-May-2009

Project Title – The retreat from multiculturalism
Researchers –Tilbury, Farida
Scheme Name – Research Excellence Grant (REGs)
1-Jan-2007 - 31-December-2007
$12 384.

Project Title – Settling in Australia: The Social Inclusion of Refugees (workshop proceedings publication)
Researchers –Tilbury, Farida and Colic-Peisker, Val
Scheme Name – OMI Community Grants Sponsorship Program
1-June-2007- 31-December-2007
$2, 000

Project Title – Innovative Career Development Project: Career Guidance for Young Refugee People
Researchers –Tilbury, Farida, Gallegos, Danielle
Scheme Name – South Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre
1-June-2006 - 31-December-2006

Project Title – New Migrant and Refugee understandings of citizenship and multiculturalism
Researchers –Tilbury, Farida,
Scheme Name – Research Excellence Grant (REGs)
1-Jan-2006 - 31-December-2006

Project Title – Managing Work and Motherhood: perinatal mental health implications
Researchers – Gallegos, Danielle, Harris, Patricia, Abernethie, Loraine, Tilbury, Farida,
Scheme Name – State Perinatal Mental Health Strategy
1-Feb-2006 – Feb-2007

Project Title – Pathways to Apprenticeships and Training for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
Researchers – Walker, Iain, Tilbury, Farida, Tungaraza, Casta, Volet, Simone and Hansen, Susan.
Scheme Name – Department of Education and Training tender
1-July-2005- 30-September-2005
$89, 183.

Project Title - Refugees and Employment: Exploring the Effects of Visible Difference on Discrimination
ResearchersColic-Peisker, Val, Tilbury, Farida, Peters, Nonja
Scheme Name - ARC Discovery
01-January-2004 - 31-December-2006
$95, 000

Project Title – Producer perspectives on the management of livestock health and disease
Researchers – Farida Tilbury, Max Sully
Scheme Name – Australia Bio-Security CRC PhD top-up scholarships x 2
30-January-2005 - 30 January -2007

Project Title - Finding the Family Meal: determining patterns of family meal consumption
Researchers – Tilbury, Farida; Gallegos, Danielle; Dziurawiec, Suzanne; Abernethie, Loraine
Scheme Name – REGs
1-January-2005 - 31 December -2005

Project Title ‘Medicating the Unruly child’: a Genealogy of ADHD
Researchers –Rapley, Mark, McHoul, Alec, Broderick, Pia, Walker, Iain, Tilbury, Farida
Scheme Name – REGs
01-January-2004 - 31-December-2005
$14 500

Project Title - ‘Becoming socially and economically Beneficial’ – the process of acceptance of Afghan Hazara refugees in Albany, WA
ResearchersTilbury, Farida, Harris, Trish, Baldock, Cora.
Scheme Name - REGs
01-January-2004 - 31-December-2005

Project Title – Good Food for New Arrivals, Meta Evaluation
Researchers – Stratton, Ralph, Tilbury, Farida, Gallegos, Danielle
Scheme Name – Association for Survivors of Torture and Trauma (ASeTTS)
March-2005 - March-2008
Promised Grant Amount$47,000 (plus GST)

Project Title - Bassendean Needs Assessment and Social Plan
Researchers - Tilbury, Farida, Davies, Deirdre, Mackenzie, Gaye
Scheme Name - Bassendean City Council
15-December-2003 - 31-December-2004
$55, 183

Project Title - Migrant Contributions to Western Australia edited book
Researchers - Tilbury Farida, Wilding Raelene
Scheme Name - Office of Multicultural Interests
01-July-2003 - 01-August -2004

The Australian Sociological Association
Previous positions
Farida worked at Murdoch University from 2003 till 2011.
Farida has just completed a four year research fellowship. She currently teaches a number of units as part of the Master of Social Research Methods, including SOCS5003 Research Design, SOCS5005 Research Ethics, SOCS5501 Evaluation, SOCS5009 Innovative Methods, and SOCS5001 Engaging Cultural Difference. She has taught previously in the areas of social research methods, race and ethnicity, refugees and migration, community development, and introductory sociology.

Research profile
Research profile and publications

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