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Ian Milne

Dr Ian Milne

Research Fellow
Offshore Foundation Systems, Centre for

Contact details
Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems
The University of Western Australia (M053)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 7051
Dr Milne is a research fellow within the ITRH for Offshore Floating Facilities. His main research is on wave-structure interaction, focussing on developing new methodologies and tools for roll damping of ships and side-by-side offloading of FLNGs via numerical, experimental and field data acquisition. He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at The University of Auckland which focussed on metocean and unsteady hydrodynamics for tidal turbines. Prior to joining UWA he worked within industry as a mechanical engineer and an ocean engineer, encompassing R&D and early concept studies for offshore oil and gas facilities.
Key research
Hydrodynamics of FLNG and FPSO vessels, focussing on roll damping and wave-structure interaction.
Field data acquisition of motions of floating facilities (FPSOs, Drillships)
Numerical modelling of FPSO mooring line system dynamics and failure prediction.
Computation of directional wave spectra from ship motions.
Metocean analyses using experimental and numerical methods
Turbulence in tidal channels and boundary layers
Unsteady aero/hydrodynamics of wind and tidal turbines and airfoils
J6. Milne I.A., Sharma R.N. and Flay R.G.J. 2017. The structure of turbulence in a rapid tidal flow. Proc. R. Soc. A. Accepted.
J5. Milne I.A., Delaux S. and McComb P.J. 2016. Validation of a predictive tool for the heading of turret-moored vessels, Ocean Engineering 128.
J4. Milne I.A., Day A.H., Sharma R.N. and Flay R.G.J. 2016. The characterisation of the hydrodynamic loads on tidal turbines due to turbulence. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 56
J3. Milne I.A., Day A.H., Sharma R.N. and Flay, R. G. J. 2015. Blade loading on tidal turbines for uniform unsteady flow. Renewable Energy 77
J2. Milne I.A, Day A.H., Sharma R.N. and Flay R.G.J. 2013. Blade loads on tidal turbines in planar oscillatory flow. Ocean Engineering. 60C
J1. Milne I.A., Sharma R.N., Flay R.G.J. and Bickerton S. 2013. Characteristics of the onset flow turbulence at a tidal-stream power site. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A. February 28, 371

C3. Amato G., Doyle S., Petley S., Campobasso M.S., Milne I.A. and Aggidis G.A. 2017. Navier-Stokes CFD analysis of a tidal turbine rotor in steady and planar oscillatory flow. To be presented at the 12th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (ETWEC2017), Cork, Ireland.
C2. Graham J.M.R. and Milne I.A. 2017. Distortion effects on turbulence in a tidal flow due to the mean flow field of a horizontal axis tidal turbine. To be presented at the 12th European Wave and Energy Conference (EWTEC 2017), Cork, Ireland.
C1. Milne, I. A., Sharma, R. N. and Flay, R. G. J. 2016. Observations of turbulence in a strong tidal flow. Proceedings of the 20th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, Perth, Australia

Milne, I. A. 2014. An experimental investigation of turbulence and unsteady loading on tidal turbines. PhD Thesis. The University of Auckland
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
International Journal of Marine Energy Editorial Board
20th AFMC Organising Committee and Session Chair
Primary supervisor for Honours projects (RiverLab)
Co-supervisor for PhD theses in unsteady hydrodynamics of pipelines and the statistical prediction of FPSO excursion and mooring failure.
Honours and awards
Start-Something OceanWorks Innovation Prize
Current projects
ITRH for Offshore Floating Facilities
Woodside FutureLab RiverLab - Hydrodynamics and mooring systems for FPSOs.
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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