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Joe Dortch

Dr Joe Dortch

Research Fellow
Rock Art Research and Management, Centre for

Contact details
Centre for Rock Art Research and Management
The University of Western Australia (M257)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 2860
Personal homepage

Research Fellow

Contact details
The University of Western Australia (M257)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 2860
Personal homepage
BA S'ton, PhD W.Aust.
Joe completed his PhD at UWA on Aboriginal responses to environmental changes in south-western Australia resulting from the last glacial period.

Since then he has investigated archaeological evidence for Late Pleistocene faunal extinctions, researched past Aboriginal burning and landscape management in south-western Australia, and collaborated with geneticists and Aboriginal stakeholders on ancient and modern DNA analysis.

He’s also advised communities and industry on archaeological heritage, completing more than 180 heritage assessments.

He currently manages research on the Dampier Archipelago as part of an ARC Linkage project, Murujuga: Dynamics of the Dreaming.
Key research
Environmental archaeology; niche construction; Australian Aboriginal archaeology; ethnography and archaeology; taphonomy; faunal remains analysis; macroscopic charcoal analysis (anthracology); ancient DNA in archaeology.
Journal articles
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Book chapter:
Dortch, J., Hook, F., 2017 Archaeology in the Age of Alternative Facts: Archaeological Investigations and Roe 8, In Gaynor, A., Newman, P., Jennings, P. (Eds) Never again: reflections on environmental responsibility after Roe 8. UWA Press, Perth, pp. 107-116
Westaway, M., and Dortch, J. 2015 Who we should recognise as First Australians in the constitution. In Watson, J. (ed) Politics, policy & the chance of change. The Conversation Yearbook 2015. Melbourne University Press, Melbourne.

Dortch, J. 2014 Heritage preserved benefits all. Opinion, The West Australian (newspaper), 8 Dec 2014.
Dortch, C., & Dortch, J. 2012 Archaeological evidence for early human presence in the western reaches of the Greater Swan Region, WA. Fremantle Studies, 7: 51-76.

Edited volume:
Bowdler, S., Balme, J. and Dortch, J. 2014 Putting WA archaeology on the map: The inestimable contribution of Charlie Dortch. Themed section, Australian Archaeology 79:77-215.
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Research Manager/Murujuga: Dynamics of the Dreaming
Funding received
Australian Research Council:
Partner investigator, 2012-2014, "Ancient DNA from cave sediments: a new horizon in the archaeology of Aboriginal Australia", Discovery Project with Murdoch and Copenhagen Universities.
Research Associate, 2007-2009, "Aboriginal Landscape Transformations", Linkage Project with Department of Environment & Conservation, South-West Catchments Council, South Coast NRM; co-authored application with CIs J. Balme and J. Dodson.
Australian Post-doctoral Fellow, 2003-05, "Taphonomy of megafauna sites". University of Sydney.

For other funding (industry and community grants) see Socrates page.
Industrial relevance
Joe has worked outside academia for much of his career. He provides advice on cultural heritage management and interpretation to commercial, government and community organisations.
English, French
Member, Australian Archaeological Association
Full Member, Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists
Previous positions
Director, Eureka Archaeological Research & Consulting, UWA
Research Fellow, Archaeology, UWA
2017 - INDG2700 Knowing Country - From the Dreaming to Darwin

2016 - ARCY4101 Archaeological Theory

2014 - ARCY3003 Archaeological Laboratory Methods

2010 - ARCY7486 Honours - Professional Archaeology

PhD students (years) - share of supervision:
C. Byrne (2014-) - 25%
A. Lullfitz (2014-) - 5%
C. Monks (2013-2017) - 75%
D. Murray (Curtin University) (2013-2016) - 10%

Supervised Honours students in Archaeology (except where shown otherwise):
2017: G. Buck (Biological Sciences)
2014: S. Murray (Natural Resource Management)
2013: N. Bush, D. Tassone, K. Hudson, Z. Shepherd.
2011: K. Forde, S. Curry-Bowran.
2009: R. Cameron, J. Huizen, S. Johnston, I. Seah, E. Rusack, K. Lee (U. Sydney)
2008: H. Worrell
2004: B. Ngo (U. Sydney)
Current external positions
Director, Dortch & Cuthbert Pty Ltd
Research Associate, WA Museum
Research Associate, Curtin University
Current projects
Field and lab project management for ARC Linkage Project: Murujuga: Dynamics of the Dreaming
Archaeological interpretation of ancient DNA from cave sediments.
Study of past Noongar landscape management, through assessment of fire ecology, palaeo-ecology and fine-scale environmental, archaeological, historic and oral records.
Grinding stones and their environmental contexts in the Pilbara, Western Australia.

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