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Klaus Regenauer-Lieb

Adj/Prof Klaus Regenauer-Lieb

Adjunct Professor
Earth Sciences, School of

Contact details
School of Earth Sciences
The University of Western Australia (M004)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 1926
+61 8 6488 1050
MSc Kiel, PhD Auck., DrHabil J.Gutenberg Mainz
The Western Australian Premier’s Research Fellow Prof Klaus Regenauer-Lieb is the founder of the new WA Geothermal Centre of Excellence in Perth (2008) and co-founder of the Institute for Geothermal Resource Management in Mainz/Bingen, Germany(2004). He has 17 years of postdoctoral research and training in international research organizations.

He obtained a PhD at the Geothermal Institute in Auckland New Zealand (1992) leading to the reward of a Mitsubishi Fellowship. His international contributions are reported in Nature and Science, delivering recent breakthroughs in computational geodynamics applied to explore the link between Earth's heat, its chemistry and its mechanical behavior.
Key research
Klaus is at the forefront of the field of mathematical geophysics and computational geodynamics, developing new ways of exploration and finding mineral deposits.
Spending his time between the CSIRO and UWA, his collaborative method is yielding results. Combining geology with geodynamics, the Professor's work involves looking back four billion years into the planet's history to understand where the earth's deposits of various valuable minerals were formed. This allows exploration companies to intelligently predict where to best look for a particular mineral. His work is exceedingly complicated with numerical codes often taking days to calculate even on the supercomputers around the world, but to this state's economic longevity his efforts are invaluable resources in themselves.
(various: 2003 - 2009)

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Regenauer-Lieb, K. 2006, 'Water and Geodynamics', Reviews in Mineralogy & Geochemistry, 62, pp. 451-473.

Regenauer-Lieb, K., Yuen, D.A. 2003, 'Modeling shear zones in geological and planetary sciences: solid- and fluid-thermal-mechanical approaches', Earth - Science Reviews, 63, pp. 295-349.
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Premiers Research Fellow, “Multi-scale Earth System Dynamics” University of Western Australia and CSIRO Exploration and Mining.

Director of the “ Western Australian Geothermal Centre of Excellence” University of Western Australia, CSIRO Exploration and Mining, Curtin University
Honours and awards
In 2005 Klaus was awarded a $1 million four-year Premier's Fellowship.
Previous positions
Professor in Earth & Environment, The University of Western Australia, Perth (2006-present);

Professor of Geophysics and Geodynamics, Johannes Gutenberg University , Mainz (2004-2007);

Research Scientist CSIRO Exploration and Mining & pmd*CRC, Perth (2003-2004);

Assistant Professor , Institute of Geophysics, ETH Zürich (1999-2003);

Research Scientist, Minnesota Supercomputer Institute, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (1998-1999);

Habilitation Fellow of the German Research Council DFG, Geothermal Institute, Auckland (1995-1998);

Graduate School Coordinator, Institute for Marine Geosciences GEOMAR, Kiel (1992-1995).
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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