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Lee-Yong Lim

Professor Lee-Yong Lim


Contact details
The University of Western Australia (M315)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 4413
+61 8 6488 7532
Personal homepage
Room 2.06A, Curnow Building, Crawley campus
BSc(Pharm) Sing., PhD Manc.
Professor Lee Yong Lim completed her Bachelor of Science with honours in pharmacy at the National University of Singapore. She did her PhD at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom before returning to the National University of Singapore to work in the Pharmacy Department. Professor Lim moved to UWA in 2005.
Key research
My laboratory is currently focusing on research to understand the constraints of administering medicines to children, and to develop palatable, age-appropriate medicines to meet those needs. Current projects include:
(1)Development and evaluation of chocolate-based solid medicinal formulations, which has now reached the clinical stage of evaluation.
(2)Development and evaluation of milk-based solid medicinal formulations
(3)Reformulating available medicines which present with stability issues under simulated conditions of use in paediatric patients.
(4)Establishing what constitute age-appropriate dosage forms for children of different age groups through the involvement of children, caregivers and health care professionals.
(5)Working with caregivers to understand the methods and difficulties of achieving medication compliance in children in the home environment.
(6)Establishing a platform for children and caregivers to participate in, and to be influencers of clinical trials involving children.
My laboratory is also known for using nanotechnology to develop drug delivery systems, including polymer nanoparticles, liposomes and plant viral protein cages, some with targeting capability for the delivery of chemotherapeutic agents to cancer cells. The expertise gained from nanotechnology is applied now to also develop palatable and age-appropriate medicines to meet the needs of paediatric patients.
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Funding received
1.Development and clinical evaluation of palatable chocolate-based drug formulations to achieve optimised health outcomes for paediatric population, Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation New Investigator Project Grant 2014, Laurence Cheung, LY Lim, Britta Regli-von Ungern Sternberg, Aug 2014 – Feb 2016, $79,909.
Phosphonated calixarenes for the targeted intracellular delivery of anticancer agents, $311,175, Jan 2012 – Dec 2014, LY Lim, CL Raston, National Health and Medical Research Council, Australia, APP1028339
Calixarenes - tuneable nanoscale platforms for targeted delivery of anticancer drugs, $140,000, Jan 2008 – Dec 2010, LY Lim, M Makha, Cancer Council of Western Australia.
In vitro cytotoxicity of chitosan nanoparticles prepared by spinning disc reactor technology, $6,000, 2005, UWA small grants.
Anti-tumour mechanisms of action and prophylactic activity of tea tree oil, PRJ-005131, M Beilharz, TV Riley, SJ Greay, DJ Ireland, PH Hart, LY Lim, CF Carson, Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, 1/8/10 – 30/9/12, $377,128.
Nanotechnology for Healthcare, M de Planque, C Backhouse, LY Lim, C Wälti, Worldwide Universities Network Research Development Fund, 2010, £17,600.
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Microimaging and Relaxometry Facility (LE0989788), TG St Pierre, RN Martins, SM Smith, SJ Berners-Price, SA Dunlop, AR Harvey, CL Raston, D Robertson, GC Yeoh, BA Corry, L Fitzgerald, MJ House, GA Koutsantonis, LY Lim, M Makha, D Meyrick, G Plant, J Rodger, M Ruitenberg, KL Swaminatha-Iyer, G Verdile, VP Wallace, RC Woodward, 2008, $108,481, Australian Research Council, LIEF funding.
Targeted process development for drug delivery (LP0883914), Raston CL, Swaminatha-Iyer KL, Lim LY, Bosch B, 2008, A$297,364, Australian Research Council Linkage funding with iCeutica.
Integrated Process Intensification Facility (LE0882634), Raston, Pareek, Bond, Burcham, Chua, Flematti, Gao, Swaminatha-Iyer, Lim, Makha, Norret, Polomska, P Price, I Price, St Pierre, Stewart, Wild, Yeoh, Bakker, Brown, De Marco, Gale, Li, Lou, Tade, Wang, Wright, 2008, A$220,000, Australia Research Council, LIEF funding.
Cellular and molecular modulation of drug transport by common spices in the South East Asian diet, $326,150, July 2002 to June 2005, Biomedical Research Council, Singapore.
Wound dressings with sustained antimicrobial capability, $50,000, Mar 1997 – Mar 1999, Defence Science Organisation (co-CI)
Survey on consumer assessment of novel tablet formulation, $5,000, May 1998 – Sept 1998, Merck Sharp & Dohme (I.A.) Corporation, Singapore.
Nano-systems to facilitate site-specific drug delivery and enhance cellular drug uptake, $116,500, Apr 2003 – Mar 2006, NUS Academic Fund.
Dietary modulation of drug transport, $124,900, Nov 2001 – Oct 2004, NUS Academic Fund.
Polymer nanospheres for drug delivery, $123,300, Feb 2000 – Jan 2003, NUS Academic Fund.
Chitosan-Alginate Membranes, $82,700, Jan 1999 – Dec 2001, NUS Academic Fund.
Drug Information Centres, $6,500, Jul 1996 – Aug 1998, NUS Academic Fund.
Effects of sterilization on chitosan and chitosan-based drug delivery systems, $153,500, Apr 1996 – Mar 1999, NUS Academic Fund.
Development of novel injectable bone substitute material, $76,000, May 2004 to April 2007, co-CI, NUS Academic Fund.
Chitin-hydroxyapatite materials as bone substitutes, $59,180, Jul 2000 – Jun 2003, co-CI, NUS Academic Fund.
Packaging enzymes for cyanogens analysis, $79,600, Jan 1999 – Dec 2000, co-CI, NUS Academic Fund.
Design and development of transdermal therapeutic systems for peri-operative applications, $175,866, Apr 1997 – Mar 2001, co-CI, NUS Academic Fund.
The development of chitin based materials for tissue engineering, $391,300, Dec 1996 – Jul 2000, co-CI, NUS Academic Fund.
Interaction of halofantrine with phospholipids vesicles, $12,700, Feb 1996 – Feb 1999, co-CI, NUS Academic Fund.
Stability studies of extemporaneously prepared formulations used in hospitals, $86,800, Dec 1994 – Dec 1997, co-CI, NUS Academic Fund.
Water-soluble polymer carriers to deliver pharmaceuticals and chemicals, $24,000, Apr 1992 – Apr 1995, co-CI, NUS Academic Fund.
Controlled Release Society
American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
Australian Research Council Nanotechnology Network
Nanosafe Australia
UWA Centre for Strategic Nanofabrication
Honours and awards
Pharmacy Teaching Award, Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore- 1995, 1996, 2005
Excellent Teacher Award, National University of Singapore- 2004
Teaching Excellence Award, Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore- 1997, 2002, 2004, 2005
Meritorious Teaching Award, Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore- 1999, 2000
Science Teaching Award, Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore 1997
A Bone and/or Dental Cement Composition and Uses Thereof, WO 2009/029049, 5 March 2009, Eugene Khor, Chang Ming Guo, Hong Wu, Lee Yong Lim.
Professor Lim is Unit Co-ordinator for the following subjects:
PHCY8610 Physical Pharmacy and Biopharmaceutics
PHCY5611 Medicinal Product Formulation
PHCY5614 Pharmacy Research Project
PHCY5617 Clinical Science for Pharmacy II
PHCY3301 Therapeutic Product Formulation

She delivers lectures for PHCY8610 Pharmaceutics, PHCY3301 Therapeutic Product Formulation and PHCY8609 Current Developments in Nutrition, Health and Biotechnology, and conducts extemporaneous compounding practical classes for PHCY8610 Pharmaceutics and PHCY8603 Pharmacotherapy and Medication Review.
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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