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Lesley Vidovich

Professor Lesley Vidovich

Education, Graduate School of

Contact details
Graduate School of Education
The University of Western Australia (M428)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 2274
+61 8 6488 1056
BSc BEd W.Aust., MEd PhD Murd.
Key research
My major field of interest is education policy and practices. Much of my research has been conducted with a view to understanding education policy trends within a context of globalisation, and therefore comparative work across different national and institutional settings has been a significant feature of my publications. I have researched a wide range of policy domains in both the schooling and higher education sectors of a number of countries across Asia, Europe and Africa as well as Australia. The majority of my publications have been in the areas of accountability and quality policy as well as curriculum policy. Policy interests inevitably extend to leadership and management fields. I have an ongoing interest in issues of social justice.
Altogether I have published approximately 60 works in the form of refereed journal articles, book chapters, conference papers and a co-authored book. In addition, there have been numerous other conference and invited seminar papers as well as reports. Specific publications in journals and books over 2007 and 2008 are included below:

Journal articles.
Vidovich, L. (forthcoming 2008). Research assessment in Singaporean higher education: Changing accountabilities in a context of globalization. The International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives.

Allen, W. & Vidovich, L. (forthcoming 2008). Understanding curriculum through policy analysis: A study of the upper secondary History curriculum in Western Australia. Curriculum Perspectives.
Griffiths, J. & Vidovich, L. (forthcoming 2008). Assessing and reporting student outcomes: Issues emerging from government and non-government case study schools in Australia. The Curriculum Journal.

Currie, J. Vidovich, L. and Yang, R (2008). ‘Countability not answerability’: Accountability in Hong Kong and Singaporean universities. Asia-Pacific Journal of Education, 28(1), pp. 67-85.

Vidovich, L. (2007). Removing policy from its pedestal: Some theoretical framings and practical possibilities. Educational Review, 59 (3), pp. 285-298.

Yang, R. Vidovich, L. & Currie, J. (2007). University accountability practices in Mainland China and Hong Kong: A comparative analysis. Asian Journal of University Education, 2 (1), pp1-21.

Vidovich, L., Yang, R. & Currie, J. (2007). Changing Accountabilities in Higher Education as China ‘opens up’ to globalisation. Globalisation, Societies and Education, 5 (1), pp. 85-107.

Book chapters

Vidovich, L. (forthcoming 2008). ‘You don’t fatten the pig by weighting it’: Contradictory tensions in the ‘policy pandemic’ of accountability infecting education. In Simons, M., Olssen, M., & Peters, M. (Eds), Re-reading Education Policies: Studying the Policy Agenda of the 21st Century. Sense Publishers (Handbook Series).

Currie, J. & Vidovich, L.. (forthcoming 2008). The changing nature of academic work. In Tight, M., Huisman, J., Mok K-H. & Morphew, C. (Eds). International Handbook of Higher Education. Routledge

Vidovich, L. & Yap, M-S. (2008). Global-local dynamics in expanding school choice in Singapore. In Forsey, M., Davies, S., & Walford, G. (Eds) The Globalisation of School Choice? Oxford: Symposium Books. pp209-229.

Vidovich L. (2007). Navigating ‘global’ modernisation policies in education: Responses from Australia. In G. Butt. H. Gunter & H. Thomas (Eds). Modernising Schools: People, Learning and Organisations. Continuum, pp189-202.
Funding received
I have received Australian Research Council funding for policy studies in Australia, Asia and Europe, and I have a current research proposal for Australia-Canada comparative policy studies.
I teach units from first year to doctoral levels and supervise postgraduate research at Masters and Doctoral levels. Currently I teach Education in Australia (EDUC1100); Social Issues in Education (EDUC 8431); Human Resource Development in Education (EDUC8610); Education Policy Trends: Global to Local (EDUC 8658); and part of the Advanced Research Methods (EDUC 970) entitled ‘Researching Education Policies and Practices’. In 2008, I have 15 completed Masters thesis students and 15 completed Doctoral thesis students.
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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