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Michael McLure

Professor Michael McLure

Economics (UWA Business School)

Contact details
Economics (UWA Business School)
The University of Western Australia (M251)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 2921
BA Murd., GradDipEd WAIT, MEc W.Aust., PhD Curtin
Michael is Professor of Economics and lectures in Monetary Economics and the History of Economic Thought. His primary area of expertise in research is in the sub discipline of the history of economic thought.
Key research
Primary research interest: the history of economic thought, with particular reference to Vilfredo Pareto's intellectual legacy in Italy including in the area of fiscal studies; and the comparative intellectual history of the Lausanne and Cambridge traditions in economics.


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Edited Book

Pareto, V. 2014 [1906 and 1909]. Manual of Political Economy: A Variorum Translation and Critical Edition, edited by Aldo Montesano, Alberto Zanni, Luigino Bruni, John S. Chipman and Michael McLure, Oxford University Press, Oxford,, pp. i-xxxix and 1-640.

Journal Articles (Scholarly Refereed Journals)
Arthmar, R. and McLure, M. 2016 (forthcoming) “Pigou, Del Vecchio and Sraffa: the 1955 International “Antonio Feltrinelli” Prize for the Economic and Social Sciences”, European Journal of the History of Economic Thought.

Arthmar, R. and McLure, M. 2016 (forthcoming) “On Britain’s Return to the Gold Standard: was there a ‘Pigou-McKenna School’?”, Economic Record.

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Book Chapters and Encyclopedia Entries (Commercial)

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Non-Refereed Book Reviews

McLure, M. “James Tobin by Robert Dimand for the Palgrave McMillan Great Thinkers in Economics Series”, European Journal of the History of Economic Thought 2016 (forthcoming).
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Journal Editor 2007-2011

McLure, M. (with Gregory Moore), History of Economics Review, Published by, History of Economic Thought Society of Australia: from
Issue 45 Winter 2007 (published in July) to Issue 54 2011 (Published in December), inclusive.
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Michael is the President of the Australian Economic Society, WA Branch.
Within UWA, Michael is a member of the MBA Board of Studies
Funding received
Dr Michael McLure 2004, “Pareto and the Giornale degli Economist: A Sociology of Scientific Knowledge.”, UWA Research Grants Scheme, Funds Approved: $18,199.00. RFCD:

Ms Margaret Giles, Dr Alfred Dockery, Dr Michael McLure 2003, “Unmet student demand for vocational education and training (VET)”, NCVER (National Centr for Vocational Education Research), Funds Approved: $24,621.00. RFCD:

Dr Michael McLure 2002, “Fellowship - A new Paretian Approach to Public Finances and Fiscal Sociology”, University Postdoctoral Research Fellowships, Funds Approved: $4.00. RFCD:
Italian (intermediate level)
Economic Society of Australia (1988 to the present).
Member of the History of Economic Thought Society of Australia (1997 to the present).
Honours and awards
Barry Gorden Prize: for the best paper by a postgraduate student delivered to the Society’s 1997 conference. The paper delivered was titled: “Pareto’s Les Systémes Socialistes and Buchanan’s Constitutive Elements of Public Choice and Economic Policy”

History of Economic Thought Society of Australia prize for the best PhD thesis examined in 1999-2000: joint winner.
Economics, Management and Strategy, ECON5503
History of Economic Ideas,ECON3310
History of Economic Thought,ECON4507
Monetary Economics, ECON3210
Current external positions
A UWA representative board member of the “Centre for Labour Market Research” since 5 June 2006.
Current projects
Michael’s long term project is an intellectual history of A. C. Pigou and the Cambridge School.

Collaborations with Other Institutions

In 2009 Michael visited: (i) Aldo Montesano (Università Bocconi) to work on Paretian elements of this project (mainly concerning a translation of Pareto’s Manuale di Economia Politica) and (ii) Cambridge University archives to access the Pigou papers.
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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