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Nancy Longnecker

Adj/Prof Nancy Longnecker

Adjunct Professor
Biological Sciences, School of

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School of Biological Sciences
The University of Western Australia (M092)
35 Stirling Highway
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39 Meyer St, Crawley
MSc PhD C'nell
Nancy Longnecker is Adjunct Professor of Science Communication at the University of Western Australia. She loves working in science communication because it involves working with creative, enthusiastic and curious people.

Nancy’s original research training was in plant nutrition. She studied botany at a liberal arts college, the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee and then did her postgraduate studies in soil science and crop physiology at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York and postdoctoral studies at University of Adelaide and University of Western Australia.

In 1994, Nancy took responsibility for the education program of a cooperative research centre. This provided the opportunity for a gradual move into the emerging discipline of science communication. Her current research interests include informal education, social capital and interaction between scientists and policy makers.

Nancy has authored 50 books, book chapters, research papers and web sites, obtained funding of over $2.5 million for 22 research, education and communication grants and supervised 26 student research projects and 16 staff.
Key research
science communication
science education outside of the classroom (informal education)
interaction between scientists and policy makers
teaching science communication
Refereed Publications
Venville, Grady, Mary Oliver, Nancy Longnecker and Léonie Rennie. 2010. Selecting Science Subjects: Why Students Do, Why They Can’t! Teaching Science 56(3):19- 26.
Rifkin, W, N. Longnecker, J. Leach and L.S. Davis, Students publishing in new media: Eight hypotheses – a house of cards? IJISME. Accepted.
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Nancy Longnecker. 1999. Passion for Pulses: A Feast of Beans, Peas and Lentils from Around the World. UWA Press, Nedlands, Western Australia. 128 pp. ISBN: I 920694 29 3. (11,000+ copies sold to date)
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Deborah Pritchard and Nancy Longnecker. 1998. Should agricultural courses at university only be targeted at rural students? Teaching and Learning Forum: ‘Teaching and Learning in Changing Times’. 1998. University of Western Australia, Perth, Western Australia.

Non-refereed publications
Bartle, E, N Longnecker and M Pegrum. 2010. Can creating podcasts be a useful assignment in a large undergraduate chemistry class? Uniserve, Sydney.
Rifkin, W., N Longnecker, J Leach and L Davis. 2010. Blogging Biology & Podcasting Physics: Authentic Learning via Student Creation of New Media. Uniserve, Sydey.
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Longnecker, Nancy. 2004. Pulses and Diabetes. Heartwise Journal. 21(1): 10- 11.
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Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Prof Longnecker developed and coordinated the Science Communication Program at the University of Western Australia until 2014. This involved development and delivery of the program from its origin in 2002, including administrative organisation, curriculum development, lecture, laboratory and tutorial development and delivery, mentoring, enrolment and career advice.
Australian Science Communicators
American Evaluators Association
Honours and awards
2007-08 UWA Teaching Fellowship
2006- 07Nominee: UWA Student Guild Excellence in Teaching
1988- 89Barley Research Council Post-doctoral Fellowship
1981-85Cornell University Saltonstall Fellowship
1980- 81Cornell University Agronomy Teaching Assistant of the Year
1978- 80Cornell University Graduate Fellowship
1976-78University of the South Wilkins Scholarship
1974-78University of the South National Merit Scholarship
New and noteworthy
In 2014, Nancy accepted the position of Professor of Science Communication at the University of Otago. She maintains connections at UWA through cosupervision of PhD student and other research projects.
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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