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Nicholas Harney

Professor Nicholas Harney

Professor (Cassamarca Foundation)
Anthropology and Sociology

Contact details
Anthropology and Sociology
The University of Western Australia (M257)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 2831
+61 8 6488 1062
BA Harv., MA PhD Tor.
Nick is the Cassamarca Foundation Professor (Level D) in Migration Studies in Anthropology and Sociology and the Associate Dean - International for the Faculty of Arts.
Key research
His research interests include the social anthropology of economic life, diasporic cultural production, ethnic and migration studies, global processes and urban studies with a geographic focus on North America (Canada) and Europe (Italy). His first book by University of Toronto Press, 'Eh Paesan! Being Italian in Toronto' was called 'the most nuanced analysis of identity available for contemporary populations of people of Italian origin anywhere in the world.” (Diaspora 7:2 1998, p. 273)
Nick received his AB from Harvard University in Social Anthropology and his Phd from University of Toronto
Harney, N. 2015. Italian Mobilities and Diasporic Circulation in Neoliberal Times. Ruth Ben-Ghiat & Stephanie Malia Hom (eds.) Italian Mobilities New York: Routledge

Harney, N. 2014. Temporalities of migration and reflexive ethnography. Mondi Migranti 3:47-62.

Harney, N. (2014) Ethnography in Times of Uncertainty. Antropologicheskii forum/Forum for Anthropology and Culture, 20: 94-106.

Harney, N. (2013) Precarity, Affect, ICTs and problem solving with mobile phones by asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in Naples, Italy, Journal of Refugee Studies doi:10.1093/jrs/fet017.

Harney, N. (2012) Comparative Diasporas: How has neoliberalism shaped collective identities’ Humanities una rivista on-line di storia, geografia, sociologia e antropologia. 1(1): 37-51.

Harney, N. (2012) Migrant strategies, informal economies and ontological security: Ukrainians in Naples, Italy, International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy,32(1/2)

Harney, N. (2011) Neoliberal restructuring and Multicultural legacies: the experiences of a mid-level actor in recognizing difference, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 34(11) pp. (doi:10.1080/01419870.2011.558589)

Harney, N. (2011) Accounting for African migrants in Naples, Italy, Critical Perspectives on Accounting (doi:10.1016/

Harney, N. (2010) The East gets its Mediterranean Port: Ukrainians in Naples, Italy, Antropologicheskii forum/Forum for Anthropology and Culture, no.9

Harney, N. (2007) “Transnationalism and entrepreneurial migrancy in Naples, Italy”, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 33(2):219-232.

Harney, N. and Baldassar, L. (eds.) (2007) Special Issue “Introduction: Migrancy and Tracking Transnationalism”, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 33(2: 189-198.

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Harney, N. (2006) “Precarious migrant knowledge workers: new entrepreneurial identities in Naples, Italy”, International Journal of Manpower, 27 (6)572-587

Harney, N. (2006) “The politics of urban space: Modes of place-making by Italians in Toronto's neighbourhoods", Modern Italy, 11(1): 27-44.

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Harney, N. (2006) “Introduction: Italian Diasporas Share the Neighborhood”, Modern Italy , 11(1):5-9.

Harney, N. (2004) “Migrant Productivities: street vendors and the informal knowledge work in Naples”, International Journal of Economic Development, 6(2): 303-327.

Harney, N. (2004) “Migration, nation and anthropology', Cultural Anthropology: The State of the Field”. Antropologicheskii forum/Forum for Anthropology and Culture. 1(1):49-55

Harney, N. (2004) `I nuovi vicinati: urbanizzazione multiculturale come stile di vita' Per una cittadinanza multiculturale - Studi antropologici sulla contemporaneità edited by Cesare Pitto, XVIIIª Cattedra "Antonio Guarasci"

Harney, N. (2002) "Building Italian Regional Identity in Toronto: Using Space to Make Culture Material. Anthropologica, 44 (1):43-54.


The Lucky Immigrant: The Public Life of Fortunato Rao (2002) Harney, N. and F. Sturino, (eds.) compiled with notes and introductions CITD Press, University of Toronto/MHSO.

Eh, Paesan! Being Italian in Toronto. (1998; 2nd edition 1999) University of Toronto Press.
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Associate Dean - International, Faculty of Arts
(co) Editor, Anthropological Forum
Editorial Board, Italian American Review
Chair of Discipline (2010-2012)
Funding received
ARC Discovery (2013)
Wenner-Gren Foundation Conference Grant (2011)
ARC Linkage (2004)
American Anthropological Association
Royal Anthropological Institute
Multicultural History Society of Ontario
Honours and awards
Harney, N. (2012) "Migrant strategies, informal economies and ontological security: Ukrainians in Naples, Italy” published in International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy has been chosen as an Outstanding Paper Award Winner at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2013

Harney, N. (2006) Rumour, migrants in the informal economies of Naples, Italy, International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 26 (9-10): 374-384. Emerald Literati Network Highly Commended Award 2007
Refugees and Human Rights and The Social Meaning of Money; Honours and Postgraduate supervision
New and noteworthy
Visiting Professor, Università degli Studi di Trento, Dipartimento di Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale, Centro di Studi Scenari migratori e mutamento sociale 2013-

Visiting Researcher, Università degli Studi di Napoli, Federico II, Dipartimento di Sociologia, (Naples, Italy, June-December 2008; 2004-2005)
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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