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Nicola Fraschini

Dr Nicola Fraschini

Asian Studies

Contact details
Asian Studies
The University of Western Australia (M257)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 3963
Personal homepage
I joined UWA as lecturer in Korean studies in 2015. I have been Korean Studies major coordinator since 2017. I hold and M.A. and a PhD in Korean as a Foreign Language and Culture Education from Korea University, Seoul. Before joining UWA I was full time lecturer at Sogang University Korean Language Education Center, where I coordinated the Korean language for professionals and the exchange students programs. I taught Korean language and culture pedagogy in the teachers training program at universities in Korea and abroad. I am a Korean Ministry of Culture certified Korean as a second/foreign language instructor since 2008 and I was a recipient of scholarships from the Korea Foundation and the Korean Ministry of Education.
Key research
My research deals with the pedagogy of Korean language and culture. In particular, I am interested in curriculum and material development, teaching of reading and listening skills, and identity issues related to Korean native and non-native speaking teachers.

Korean language books

(2013) Sogang Korean 1A, Grammar and Vocabulary Book, Italian language edition. Seoul: Sogang University Institute for International Education.

(2013) Sogang Korean 1B, Grammar and Vocabulary Book, Italian language edition. Seoul: Sogang University Institute for International Education.

Chapters in books

(2013) “A Study on semantic fields’ comparison between Korean and Italian”. Choi H.C. (ed.). Study of semantic fields of modern Korean language based on semantic features theory. Seoul: Hankook Munhwasa, pp. 171-188. [in Korean]

(2011) “A Korean literature lesson using multimedia”. In Yeon J.H. (ed.). Current Issues in Korean Language Education in Europe. Seoul: Pakijeong, pp. 312-328. [in Korean]

Entry in Encyclopaedia

(2014) “Pronunciation of Korean for Italian learners”, in Yun Y.T. (ed), The Encyclopedia of Korean Language Education. Seoul: Hawoo. pp. 403-404. [in Korean]

Refereed Publication

(2016) “The Korean language in Western Australia and the Korean Studies program at UWA”, Identity and Cultural Values of Local Languages, Korea, 3. pp. 149-168.

(2013) (co-authored with Park H.J.) “Main Factors of Comprehension Failure of a Literary Text by Korean as a Second Language Learners”. Bilingual Research 51, pp. 111-139. [in Korean]

(2012) “Case study of a Korean Culture Pedagogy Course for Korean Undergraduate Students”. Korean Culture Research 23, Ewha Womans University Korean Culture Research Institute, pp. 81-110. [in Korean]

(2012) “Towards the Construction of a New Linguistic Identity: Reflexive Narrative of a Western Learner of Korean” Rassegna Italiana di Linguistica Applicata XLIV(2-3), pp. 227-242. [in Italian]

(2011) (co-authored with Maugeri G.) “The Italian Language in South Korea”. Rivista ITALS IX-25, Ca’ Foscari University, 95-115. [in Italian]

(2010) “Comparing the Structure of Italian and Korean Research Articles”, Lettere Italiane, 29, pp. 289-316.

(2010) (co-authored with Park H.J.) “Korean Literature Class through Multimedia”. Journal of Korean Language Education 21(4), International Association for Korean Language Education IAKLE, pp. 119-147. [in Korean]

(2010) “Students’ Perceptions of Nonnative Korean Teachers”. Bilingual Research 43. Korean Association for Bilingual Education, pp. 345-370. [in Korean]

(2009) “Comparing Causative Construction in Italian and Korean”, Lettere Italiane, 27, pp. 255-278.


Invited conference presentations

(2016) “Needs analysis of Korean language students in an Australia higher education setting”, presented at the 26th International Conference of IAKLE (International Association for Korean Language Education), August 6-7, Dongkuk Univeristy.

(2015) “The Korean language in Western Australia and the Korean language program at UWA”, presented at the 3rd International Conference of the Group for research on Identity and Value of Local Languages, July 9-10, Chonnam National University.

Invited lectures

(2016) Korea University (Seoul), department of Korean Language and Literature, BK 21+ Foreign Scholars Lecture Series, January 9.

(2014) Ateneo de Manila University (Manila), Workshop for non-native Korean language teachers, organised by the Ateneo Initiative for Korean Studies.

Conference and workshop presentations

(2017) “Strategies in tools supporting the feedback process in foreign language learning” (with Dr Marinella Caruso and Ms Sabine Kuuse), paper presented at the 2017 Teaching and Learning Forum, January 2nd -3rd, Curtin University.

(2016) “Main Motivational Components of Korean Language students’ motivations in an Australian higher education setting” (with Dr Joanna Elfving-Hwang), paper presented at the 1st Conference on Korean Language Education in Australia, November 4-5, The University of Sydney.

(2016) “Development of a feedback comments database for foreign language learning”, paper presented at the 6th Workshop for Korean language Education in Europe, April 14-15, The University of Copenhagen.

(2015) “Implementation and Evaluation of a text-based Korean language course for intermediate and high-intermediate university students”, paper presented at the 9th KSAA (Korean Studies Association of Australasia) conference, November 27-28, The University of South Australia.

(2014) “Development and translation of a complementary grammar and vocabulary book for foreign learners of Korean: Sogang Korean Textbook Complementary Books”. Paper presented at the 41st national conference of International Association for Korean Language Education, April 19, Hankook University of Foreign Studies. [in Korean]

(2014) “Korean language education and overseas Korean adoptees from a sociolinguistic perspective”. Paper presented at the 5th EAKLE European Association for Korean Language Education Conference, April 3-5, Ca’ Foscari university, Venice. [in Korean]

(2014) “Saudi Arabian students and Korean Language Education from a sociocultural perspective”. Paper presented at the 121st national conference of the Institute for Korean Language Education, April 20, Chungbuk National University. [in Korean]

(2012) “Korean learners’ difficulties in reading Korean modern literature”. Paper presented at the 27th national conference of the Korean Society for Bilingualism, April 14, Pusan University of Foreign Languages. [in Korean]

(2012) “Non-native speaking teachers’ identity and relations of power in the Korean classroom”. Paper presented at the 4th EAKLE European Association for Korean Language Education Conference, April 7-9 Charles University. [in Korean]

(2011) “Korean modality from a systemic functional perspective for Korean language education”. Paper presented at the 25th AKSE Association for Korean Studies in Europe Conference, June 17~20, Moscow State University Institute of Asian and African Studies. [in Korean]

(2010) “Developing a multimedia Korean language lesson using Korean literature”. Paper presented at the 3rd EAKLE European Association Korean Language Education conference, April 9~10, SOAS University of London. [in Korean]

(2010) “Students’ perceptions of nonnative Korean language teachers”. Paper presented at the 1st International Conference of Korean Applied Linguistics, February 20~21, University of Southern California. [in Korean]

(2009) “Developing a course for nonnative Korean language teachers: on anxieties and perceptions of Korean language education graduate students”. Paper presented at the 19th International Conference of the International Association for Korean Language Education (IAKLE), August 8-9, University of Seoul. [in Korean]
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
I have expertise in:

Foreign language pedagogy
Foreign language learning
Korean language teaching and learning
Korean linguistics
Korean culture and sociolinguistics
I speak Korean, English and Italian on a daily basis. I am also a former student of Japanese and French.
International Association for Korean Language Education (IAKLE, abroad representative).
European Association for Korean Language Education (EAKLE, committee member).
Australian Association Teachers of Korean (AUATK, committee member).
Korean Language Teachers' Association of Western Australia (KOLTAWA, university representative).
Korean Society for Bilingualism (member).
Korean Studies Association of Australasia (KSAA, member)

Honours and awards
(2016) UWA Award for Exceptional contribution to Education futures.
(2013) Korea University, College of Liberal Arts, 1st Weolam Award for outstanding Ph.D. dissertation in Korean Studies.
(2010) Republic of Korea Government, Ministry of Education, National Institute for International Education, Outstanding Academic Achievement Award.
(2009) Korea University, Foreign Student Honors Scholarship.
(2008) Republic of Korea Government, National Institute for International Education, scholarship for Ph.D. studies.
(2007) Korea Foundation, Graduate Studies Fellowship.
(2005) Korea Foundation, Korean Language Training Fellowship.
Previous positions
Full time lecturer, Sogang University Korean Language Education Center.
Part time lecturer, Kwangoon University, Korean Language and Literature Department.
Unit coordinator and lecturer of:

KORE1401 (Korean 1)
KORE1402 (Korean 2)
KORE1405 (Korean for heritage learners 1)
KORE1406 (Korean for heritage learners 2)
KORE3405 (Korean 5)
KORE3406 (Korean 6)
KORE5001 (Korean for professionals)
KORE5002 (Korean for professionals)
Useful links
Current projects
At present I am working on projects that focus on:

Text-based syllabus for the Korean language;
Korean language learners' needs and motivation;
Reading and listening material for beginner learners of Korean;
Interactive feedback in foreign language writing
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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