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Paul Gerrans

Professor Paul Gerrans

Accounting and Finance (UWA Business School)

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Accounting and Finance (UWA Business School)
The University of Western Australia (M250)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 2910
+61 8 6488 1047
BBus GradDipEd WACAE, MEc James Cook, PhD E.Cowan
Paul Gerrans joined the UWA Business School in 2010 having previously been at Edith Cowan University as well also enjoying visiting positions at Susquehanna University, Pennsylvania. Over the past 15 years Paul has progressed from having a curiosity with consumer investment decision making to such choices being the major focus of his research. Superannuation, and retirement savings more broadly, is a research area of particular interest. We have been given a great deal of responsibility in the financial decisions that we can, and are, asked to make. Paul teaches personal finance and financial planning and undertakes related research into financial literacy and financial advice seeking. A final area of interest brings the strands of research together by examining financial decision making as we age and the role of cognitive decline and advice seeking. Paul has been a member of federal government superannuation advisory bodies, and presently has roles with financial literacy research committees with the OECD and ASIC.
Key research
Superannuation and retirement savings, individual investment decision making and performance, financial literacy, cognitive decline and financial decision making, financial anxiety and financial advice.
Gerrans, P. and Heaney, R. (in press). The Impact of Undergraduate Personal Finance Education on Individual Financial Literacy, Attitudes, and Intentions. Accounting and Finance.

Gerrans, P. and Hershey, D. (in press). Financial Adviser Anxiety, Financial Literacy and Financial Advice Seeking. Journal of Consumer Affairs.

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Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Chair, Business School Regional Ethics and Research Committee

Academic Board
Funding received
•2015: Financial Literacy Australia - University Level Financial Literacy Education Interventions, Financial Literacy Australia $38,021
•2013-2016: CSIRO FLAGSHIP COLLABORATION FUND - Superannuation Cluster: “Better Superannuation Outcomes” Stream $127,000
CIs: Stream Leader with Gordon Clark
•2013: Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia $19,000
Title: Advising Self Managed Superannuation Fund Trustees - The Role of Cognitive Functioning
CIs: Gerrans, Earl and Asher
•2016, 2015, 2014, 2013: Colonial First State $42,450
Title: Equity Preference in Australian Managed Fund Flows
CIs: Gerrans, Da Silva Rosa and Heaney
•2012 Business School Research Development Award $11,000 Title: Ages of Investing
CIs: Gerrans and Treepongkaruna
•2011 National Seniors Australia: Productive Ageing Centre $33915
Title: The Role of Financial Literacy and Financial Anxiety in Older Australians’ Retirement Savings Decisions
CI’s: Gerrans and Hershey
•2009-2012 ARC Linkage Grant: Building Financial Literacy and Retirement Savings Engagement by Developing a Financial Education Programme for the Workplace. (with Clark-Murphy and Speelman)
Partners: Government Employees Superannuation Board and Western Australia Police.
•2009 Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees: Choice and Member Responses to the Global Financial Crisis.
Partners: AIST, six Australian superannuation funds
•2009 AFAANZ Research Grant: Retirement Savings Strategy Choices: Style and Sophistication. (with Yap)
•2007 Australian Institute of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Studies Research Grant: Financial Literacy and Attitudes to Superannuation among Indigenous Australians.
(with Clark-Murphy and Truscott)
•2003-2005 ECU Industry Collaborative Grant 2003-2005: The Retirement Savings Decisions of Australian Workers: A Long-Term Study of Public Sector and Industry Fund Members.
(with Clark-Murphy). Partners: UniSuper, HESTA, STA, GESB.
•2004 Industry Funded Project ($5000): Website development by Australian superannuation funds.
(with Clark-Murphy). Partners: UniSuper and STA.
•2002 Commissioned project: Australian Securities and Investments Commission: $4000.
Managed Fund Advertising. Partner: ASIC.
Honours and awards
2013 MoneySmart Outstanding Achievement Award in Financial Literacy

2010 The Australian Centre for Financial Studies –Finsia Banking and Finance Conference, Finsia Best Paper Award.
2005 ECU Faculty of Business, Postgraduate Teaching Excellence, Postgraduate Student Association
2004 ECU Faculty of Business, Research Supervision Excellence, Postgraduate Student Association
Previous positions
Edith Cowan University 1990-2010
Susquehanna University, Visiting Positions 1995, 2007
Managing your Personal Finances
Financial Planning
Current PhD supervision at UWA: Inge Kristoffersen "Economic analysis of happiness and satisfaction: selected methodological issues and applications"
Completed PhD supervisions at ECU: Nurasykin Jamaludin "Individual retirement savings behaviour: Evidence from Malaysia"
Gerry Croy: "Psychological determinants of retirement savings behaviour: An application of the theory of planned behaviour"
Current external positions
International Network on Financial Education Research Committee, OECD

Australian Securities and Investments Commission, MoneySmart Teaching Evaluation Steering Group
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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