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Ram Pandit

Dr Ram Pandit

Senior Lecturer
Agriculture and Environment, School of

Contact details
School of Agriculture and Environment
The University of Western Australia (M089)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 1353
Personal homepage
Room G033, Agriculture North West Wing, Perth campus
Being grown up in a village setting, I have experienced closely the role of forests on subsistence economy, which partly led me to pursue undergraduate study in Forestry Sciences from Tribhuwan University (Institute of Forestry) in Nepal. Upon completion of BSc in 1994, I initially worked as an Agro-ecological Research Site Coordinator at Lumle Agricultural Research Centre, a centre funded by the then ODA of the British Government, for 3 years (1995-1998) and later worked with the Government of Nepal (Department of Forests) as a Forester for 3 years (1998-2001). The Fulbright Scholarship in 2001 took me to the State University of New York, College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry to pursue Master’s degree in Forest Resources Management. As a part of Master’s thesis I conducted a research to examine the impacts of Community Forestry on forest products supply and environmental outcomes among selected community forests in Nepal. A PhD research assistantship offer from Auburn University to work on ‘human dimensions of species fragility’ took me to Auburn in 2003 for an Applied Economics PhD, which I completed in 2007. With the change in focus from forest resource management to applied economics, I studied economics and statistics while pursuing PhD that eventually led me to earn MS in Economics and MS in Probability and Statistics degrees. In my PhD research, I analysed socio-economic determinants of threatened species among countries using spatial econometric techniques. Then prior to joining UWA in 2009, I spent 2 years at Auburn as a Postdoctoral Fellow working on an urban forestry project that examined the economic impact of tree shade on energy consumption in urban homes.
Key research
Natural resource economics
Environmental economics
Application of economic valuation techniques (hedonic pricing)
Forest policy and management
Urban and community forestry
Ecosystem services
Ecotourism and protected area management
Biodiversity conservation
Over 30 research articles, including:
Gunawardena, A., Hailu, A., White, B., Pandit, R., 2017. Estimating marginal abatement costs for industrial water pollution in Colombo. Environmental Development.
Ma, C., Polyakov, M., Pandit, R., 2016. Capitalisation of residential solar photovoltaic systems in Western Australia. Australian J. Agr. Resource Econ. 60 (3), 366-385.
Ma, C., Rogers, A.A., Kragt, M.E., Zhang, F., Polyakov, M., Gibson, F., Chalak, M., Pandit, R., Tapsuwan, S., 2015. Consumers' willingness to pay for renewable energy: A meta-regression analysis. Resource Energy Econ. 42, 93-109.
Pandit, R., Dhakal, M., M., P., 2015. Valuing Access to Protected Areas in Nepal: The Case of Chitwan National Park. Tourism Management 50 (October), 1-12.
Pandit, R., Neupane, P.R., Wagle, B.H., 2017. Economics of carbon sequestration in community forests: Evidence from REDD+ piloting in Nepal. J. For. Econ. 26, 9-29.
Pandit, R., Polyakov, M., Sadler, R., 2014. Valuing public and private urban tree canopy cover. Australian J. Agr. Resource Econ. 58 (3), 453-470.
Pandit, R., Polyakov, M., Tapsuwan, S., Moran, T., 2013. The Effect of Street Trees on Property Value in Perth, Western Australia. Landscape Urban Plann. 110 (February), 134-142.
Polyakov, M., Fogarty, J., Zhang, F., Pandit, R., Pannell, D.J., 2017. The value of restoring urban drains to living streams. Water Resources and Economics.
Polyakov, M., Pannell, D.J., Pandit, R., Tapsuwan, S., G., P., 2015. Valuing Ecosystem Services in Multifaceted Landscapes. Amer. J. Agr. Econ. 97 (1), 299–314.
Rakatama, A., Pandit, R., Ma, C., Iftekhar, S., 2017. The costs and benefits of REDD+: A review of the literature. Forest Policy Econ. 75, 103-111.
Skurray, J.H., Pandit, R., Pannell, D.J., 2013. Institutional Impediments to Groundwater Trading: the case of the Gnangara groundwater system of Western Australia. J. Environ. Planning Manage. 56 (7), 1046-1072.
Future research
Economics of protected area management
Forests: Firewood, carbon and livelihood
REDD+ financing
Biodiversity offsets
Valuation of urban greenery
Funding received
* 2013 PI ‘Forests, Ecosystem Services and Communities: Lessons from Nepal Himalaya’, UWA Research Collaboration Award, AU$ 11,583 (with R. Marchant of York, S. Sallu of Leeds).
* 2012-2013 CI ‘Resilient pasts and sustainable futures? The social-ecological dynamics of East African landscapes in temporal, spatial and social perspectives’,World Universities Network Development Fund, £20K (with R. Marchant of York, S. Sallu of Leeds and Petra Tschakert of Penn State).
* 2011-2012 PI ‘The value of urban trees in the Perth metropolitan area: a hedonic analysis of home sale prices, UWA Research Development Award, AU$ 24,178 (with M. Polyakov and R. Sadler).
* 2007-2008 CI ‘Trees and Residential Electricity Demand: A Large-Scale Multivariate Empirical Analysis’ ‘The National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council (NUCFAC), US$238,817 (with PI David Laband, Auburn University, USA)
English; Nepali; Hindi
Society of American Foresters (SAF)
Society for Conservation Biology (SCB)
Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society (AARES)
International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE)
Nepal Foresters Association (NFA)
Honours and awards
2013 Best Poster Award, Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society, Australia
2012 Nepal Bidhya Bhusan I Gold Medal, Ministry of Education and Culture, Nepal
2007 Outstanding Doctoral Student Award, Auburn University (2006-2007)
2007 Second Best Poster Award, Southern Forest Economics Workers (SOFEW) Poster Competition, USA
2006 Drummond Fellowship Award, School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences, Auburn University (2006-2007)
2006 Preparing Future Faculty Fellowship, Auburn University (2006-2007)
2006 Outstanding International Student Award, Auburn University (2005-2006)
2003 Management Development Seminar Award, American Management Association, New York
2001 Fulbright Scholar, United States Educational Foundation-Nepal / US Department of States
1996 Mahendra Bidhya Bhusan III Gold Medal, Ministry of Education and Culture, Nepal
1995 Foresters Memorial Award, Nepal Foresters Association, Nepal
1994 Vice-Chancellor Gold Medal, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
1991-1994 Birendra Ayshwarya Scholarship, Ministry of Education and Culture, Nepal
Previous positions
08/2008-present: Affiliate Researcher, Ecosystem Dynamics and Global Ecology Lab, Auburn University, USA
08/2007-06/2009: Postdoctoral Fellow, Auburn University, USA
08/2003-07/2007: Graduate Research Assistant, Auburn University, USA
08/1998-07/2001: Forest Officer, Department of Forests, Nepal
08/1995-07/1998: Agro-ecological Research Site Co-ordinator, Lumle Agricultural Research Centre, Nepal
01/1989-07/1991: Forest Ranger, Lumle Agricultural Research Centre, Nepal
ECON5001 Development Economics (Contemporary Issues)
ECON4410 Environmental and Resource Economics
SCIE3366 Project and Risk Management
ECON2224 Environmental Economics 2
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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