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Rob Cover

Assoc/Prof Rob Cover

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Media and Communication

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Media and Communication
The University of Western Australia (M257)
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PhD Monash
Rob Cover is Associate Professor in the School of Social Sciences at The University of Western Australia. He is a social, media and cultural studies researcher whose work focuses on the implications of media and digital cultures for minorities, particularly in respect to health, social integration, diversity, ethics and belonging. He is a Chief Investigator on a current ARC Discovery Project investigating Australia’s rich history of gender- and sexual-diversity in film and television (DP180103321) and Chief Investigator on a separate Discovery Project examining the history, conditions and frameworks of LGBTQI youth sexuality support (DP150101292). Other current projects are investigating the utility of ‘resilience’ among service providers working with young minorities, and the creative practices related to the continued circulation of stereotypes in online settings.

He has published widely on topics related to digital media/communication in the context of identity, youth, health, wellbeing and resilience. His recent books include: Queer Youth Suicide, Culture and Identity: Unliveable Lives? (Routledge 2012; re-released paperback 2016), Vulnerability and Exposure: Footballer Scandals, Masculinity and Ethics (UWAP Scholarly 2015); Digital Identities: Creating and Communicating the Online Self (Elsevier 2016) and (forthcoming from Routledge) Emergent Identities: New Sexualities, Gender and Relationships in a Digital Era.

He has had substantial professional experience as a freelance journalist and writer and, more recently, as a communication strategist across various departments in the Government of Queensland.

He has won several prestigious teaching awards and has a reputation for successful teaching innovations such as the production of video documentaries as teaching tools and international video-conferenced collaborative teaching.

Rob recently developed the new, highly successful Master of Strategic Communication (postgraduate coursework) program at UWA, and teaches topics in strategic communication, journalism, and gender.

Rob is a member of the Executive of the Cultural Studies Association of Australasia (WA Representative), of the Board of the Association for Cultural Studies (international), sits on the editorial board and/or peer reviews for over a dozen journals in the field, is an ARC Assessor and ERA Peer-Reviewer (FoR Codes 2001 and 2002) and a regular contributor to OnLine Opinion as well as other opinion writing.
Key research
Rob researches and publishes in media, social theory and cultural studies with a particular interest in digital cultures, gender/sexual diversity, youth, mobility/population and belonging. His work can best be understood as falling under three areas:
How we can understand media and communications environments in the contexts of interactivity; social networking; emergent identities online; gaming cultures; digital/strategic communicationand social change; representations of Sports Scandals
Minority and Migrant Media; Services Providers to Vulnerable Groups and Resilience; Debates about Population and Policy; Refugees, Migrants and Ethics of Vulnerability, Recognition and Welcome; Refugees, Representation and Social Change
Queer Youth Suicide and Culture/Identity; Suicide Theory; Digital Media and Younger Persons; Young Sportsplayers and Ethical Behaviours Off-field; Masculinities Studies.

Cover, Rob (forthcoming). Emergent Identities: New Sexualities, Gender and Relationships in a Digital Era. London & New York: Routledge (under contract).

Cover, Rob (2016). Digital Identities: Creating and Communicating the Self Online. Los Angeles: Elsevier.

Cover, Rob (2015). Vulnerability and Exposure: Footballer Scandals, Masculine Identity and Ethics. Crawley, WA: UWA Publishing.

Cover, Rob (2012). Queer Youth Suicide, Culture & Identity: Unliveable Lives? London: Ashgate.


Cover, Rob (2017). ‘Memorialising Queer Community: Digital Media, Subjectivity and the Lost Gay # Archives of Social Networking.’ Media International Australia. Online.

Cover, Rob; Rasmussen, Mary Lou; Aggleton, Peter and Marshall, Daniel (2017). ‘Progress in Question: Temporalities of Politics, Support and Belonging in Sexual- and Gender-Diverse Pedagogies.’ Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies 31(6): 76-779.

Cover, Rob (2016). ‘Suicides of the Marginalised: Cultural Approaches to Suicide, Relationality and Mobility.’ Cultural Studies Review 22(2): 90-113.

Cover, Rob (2016). ‘Digital Difference: Theorising Frameworks of Bodies, Representation and Stereotypes in Digital Games.’ Asia Pacific Media Educator 26(1): 1-13.

Cover, Rob (2015). ‘Visual Hetero-Masculinities Online: Beyond Binaries and Sexual Normativities in Camera Chat Forums.’ Men and Masculinities, Special Issue: Heterodox Hetero Masculinities, ed. Christine Beasley.

Cover, Rob (2015). 'Queer theory, neoliberal homonormativity and social utility for queer writing on youth (suicide). ' TEXT, no. 31 (Special Issue: Beyond Australia Queer, ed. Jay Daniel Thompson and Dallas John Baker).

Cover, Rob (2015). ‘Mobility, Belonging and Bodies: Understanding Attitudes of Anxiety Towards Temporary Migrants in Australia.’ Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies 29(1): 32-44.

Cover, Rob (2014). ‘Sexual Ethics, Masculinity and Mutual Vulnerability: Judith Butler’s Contribution to an Ethics of Non-Violence.’ Australian Feminist Studies 29(82): 435-451.

Cover, Rob (2014). ‘Temporary Migration, Corporeality and Conditional Multiculturalism: Body Odours, Stereotyping and Shame.’ ACRAWSA e-Journal 9(2). Avail. at:

Cover, Rob (2014). ‘Separating Work and Play: Privacy, Anonymity and the Politics of Interactive Pedagogy in Deploying Facebook in Learning and Teaching.’ Digital Culture & Education 6(1): 47-59. Avail. at:

Cover, Rob (2014). ‘Population and Belonging: Performativity, Identity and (National) Relationality.’ New Scholar 3(1) (Special Issue: Belonging). Avail. at:

Torres Pinho, Amanda & Cover, Rob (2013). ‘Comunicação intercultural: um estudo de caso sobre brasileiros utilizando o inglês como segunda língua’ [Communicating Overseas: A Case Study about Brazilians using English As A Second Language]. IniciaCom 5(2). Avail. at:

Cover, Rob (2013). ‘Queer Youth Resilience—Critiquing the Discourse of Hope and Hopelessness in LGBT Suicide Representation.’ M-C: Journal of Media and Culture. 16(5)

Cover, Rob (2013). ‘Conditions of Living: Queer Youth Suicide, Homonormative Tolerance and Relative Misery.’ Journal of LGBT Youth 10(4): 328-350.

Cover, Rob (2013). ‘Undoing Attitudes: Ethical Change in the Go Back to Where You Came From Documentary.’ Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies 27(3): 408-420.

Cover, Rob (2013). ‘Reading the Remix: Methods for Researching and Analysing the Interactive Textuality of Remix.’ M-C: Journal of Media and Culture 16(4). Avail. at:

Cover, Rob (2013). ‘Suspended Ethics and the Team: Theorising Sportsplayers’ Group Sexual Assault in the Context of Identity.’ Sexualities 16(3-4): 300-318.

Cover, Rob and Prosser, Rosslyn (2013). ‘Memorial Accounts: Queer Young Men, Identity and Contemporary Coming Out Narratives Online.’ Australian Feminist Studies 28(5): 81-94.

Cover, Rob (2013). 'Community Print Media: Perceiving Minority Community in Multicultural South Australia.' Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies 27(1): 110-123.

Cover, Rob (2012). ‘Digital Transitions: Minority Ethnic Community Media, Local/Home Hybridity and Digitisation of the Means of Communication.’ Australian Journal of Communication 39(2): 19-33.

Cover, Rob (2012). ‘Marriage: A “Couple” of Questions.’ Gay and Lesbian Issues and Psychology 8(3): 153-164

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Cover, Rob (2012). 'Mediating Suicide: Print Journalism and the Categorisation of Queer Youth Suicide Discourses. Archives of Sexual Behavior 41(5): 1173–1183.

Cover, Rob (2012). ' Performing and Undoing Identity Online: Social Networking, Identity Theories and the Incompatibility of Online Profiles and Friendship Regimes.' Convergence 18(2): 177-193.

Cover, Rob (2011). 'Recognition and Re-Cognition: Lesbian/Gay Identity and the Discourse Of Childhood Memory.' Gay and Lesbian Issues and Psychology 7(3).

Cover, Rob (2011). 'Generating the Self: The Biopolitics of Security and Selfhood in Star Trek: The Next Generation.' Science Fiction Film & Television 4(2): 205-224.

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Cover, Rob (2010). 'Genomic Sexuality and Self: the Cultural Conditions for the ‘Uptake’ of Gay Gene Assertions.' Dialogue and Universalism 20(5-6): 59-76.

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Cover, Rob (forthcoming 2017). ‘Micro-Minorities: The Emergence of New Sexual Subjectivities, Categories and Labels Among Sexually-Diverse Youth Online.’ Youth Sexualities: Public Feelings and Contemporary Cultural Politics, ed. Susan Talburt. Praeger, 2017 (accepted August 2016).

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Funding received

ARC Discovery Project, 2018-2020, "Representation of Gender and Sexual Diversity in Australian Film and Television, 1990-2010." DP180103321.

ARC Discovery Project, 2015-2018 "Transitions to adulthood: support, belonging and sexual citizenship among sexual and gender diverse youth." DP150101292, with Scientia Professor Peter Aggleton (UNSW), Professor Mary Lou Rasmussen (ANU), Dr Daniel Marshall (Deakin).


Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Australia-India Council): "Video and Face-to-Face Engagmenet for Cross-Cultural Learning". $10,000, with Professor Anjali Gera Roy, Indian Institute of Technology.

Australian Sports Commission $30,000 Integrity in Sports Literature Review (with Chris Beasley and Mandy Treagus)

2016: The University of Western Australia Research Collaboration Award, “Digital Stereotypes: Combatting Minority Stereotypes of Sexual and Gender Diverse Persons in Digital Search Images Online” (with J Lydon, K Clarke, Partner organisations: National University of Singapore, University of New South Wales, University of Durham, University of Queensland, University of Salford, Deakin University, Monash University, University of Tasmania, University of Amsterdam.) $29,160.

2014: The University of Western Australia Research Collaboration Award, "Community, Popular and Digital Media in Migrant Settlement, Integration and Resilience: Mobilities and Belonging" (with F Fozdar, L Baldassar, J Elfving-Hwang. Partner organisations: University of Leeds, University of Sydney, Auckland University, Indian Institute of Technology, Monash University, Adelaide University, Wollongong Unviersity, La Trobe University, National University of Singapore.) $16,000

2014: The University of Western Australia TR Award, "Pilot—Media and Cultural Approaches to Resilience and Social Inclusion for LGBT Young Adults" $20,000

2014: The University of Western Australia Teaching Fellowship, "Streaming and Recorded: Digital and Video Resources for Internationalised Teaching and Learning in Cycle 2 Communication and Media Studies Programs" $20,000

2013: The University of Western Australia Educational Strategies Office, "OLT Seed Funding Grant" $5,000.

2012: The University of Western Australia, Diversity Initiatives Fund, "Improving Learning Equity for students from diverse backgrounds through enhanced digital access and skill" $5,000

2012: The University of Adelaide, Fay Gale Centre for Research on Gender, Research Development Grant, "Masculinity and Sports Integrity" with Dr Mandy Treagus, $3,500

2012: The University of Adelaide, Fay Gale Centre for Research on Gender, Book Development Grant, "Queer Memory" with Dr Rosslyn Prosser $5,000.

2010: The University of Adelaide, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Category 1 Support Grant “Queer Memory Project” $600.

2010: The University of Adelaide, Fay Gale Centre for Research on Gender Article Fellowship “Queer Memory Project” $600.

2010: The University of Adelaide, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Research Grant “Community Media in Transition: Understanding community print publications’ needs and goals in an era of digital transition.” $3,900.

2009: The University of Adelaide, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Research Grant" Media Professions and Processes: An examination of media/communication industry skills, procedures and project management processes.” $4,500.

2009: The University of Adelaide Equity & Diversity Grant “Digital Divisions: Improving equity in learning for students from diverse backgrounds through enhanced digital access and digital skill acquisition.” With Dr Ros Prosser. $4,784.

2008: The University of Adelaide, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Research Grant “Digital Literacies: Determining the relationship between recent school-leavers’ digital media skills, higher education and professional choices and contemporary industry requirements.” $9,914.

2005: Victoria University of Wellington Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Research Grant “Popular Media, Electronic Gaming and Representations of Youth Suicide” NZD$3,500.

2005: Victoria University of Wellington, University Research Fund “New Media, Gender, Sexuality & Youth Suicide in New Zealand” NZD$16,000.

2003: Victoria University of Wellington Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Research Grant “Video Gaming and Youth Identity in New Zealand—A Pilot Study” With Associate Professor Roy Shuker. NZD$4,927.

2004: Victoria University of Wellington Senior Management Team Discretionary Research Fund “The New Zealand Electronic Games Industry: Local Production in a Global digital Future” With Associate Professor Roy Shuker NZD$5,067.

Cultural Studies Association of Australasia (Executive Committee, WA Representative) -

Association for Cultural Studies (Board Member; Oceania Representative) -

Migration, Mobilities and Belonging Research Cluster (co-founder)-

Critical Suicidology Network (co-founder) -
Honours and awards
2006: Victoria University of Wellington Early-Career Research Award

2015: UWA Teaching Awards, High Commendation in the category “For a project that enhances learning—interntionalisation and the use of digital video fro cross-cultural strategic communication”.  

2010: The University of Adelaide Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences Executive Dean's Prize for Teaching

2010: The University of Adelaide Excellence in Education Award
Previous positions
2008 – 2011: Senior Lecturer in Media, School of Humanities, The University of Adelaide

2006 – 2007: Consultant, Principal Planning Officer (Acting), Senior Communications Officer: Queensland State Government Department of Communities, Department of Child Safety and Disability Services Queensland.

2003 – 2006: Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Media Studies, School of English, Film, Theatre & Media Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.
COMM3004 Journalism in Practice

COMM4102 Media, Representation, Culture

SCOM5303 Communication Strategies for Change

Current external positions
Visiting Teaching Fellow: Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, 2015

Visiting Research Fellow, The University of Adelaide, 2012-2016.
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