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Robert Eikelboom

Adj/Prof Robert Eikelboom

Adjunct Professor
Ear Sciences Centre

Contact details
Ear Sciences Centre
The University of Western Australia
c/o Ear Science Institute Australia
Suite 1, Level 2, 1 Salvado Road
+61 8 6380 4900
Suite 1, Level 2, 1 Salvado Road, Subiaco
Adj Prof Rob Eikelboom trained as an electronic engineer, and has been involved in medical research for over 25 years. The last 15 years focused on ear and hearing research, especially in telehealth and epidemiology.
He holds the position Research Development and Grants Manager at the Ear Science Institute Australia, and also as an Extra-ordinary Professor at the Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa.
He has authored over 100 peer-reviewed papers and 5 book chapters.
Key research
telehealth and telemedicine
public health
service delivery
- Bennett RJ, Taljaard DS, Brennan-Jones CJ, Tegg-Quinn S, Eikelboom RH. Evaluating hearing aid handling skills: A systematic and descriptive review. International Journal of Audiology. Accepted for publication May 2015.

- Bennett RJ, Jayakody DMP, Atlas MD, Taljaard DS, Eikelboom RH. A prospective study evaluating cochlear implant management skills: development and validation of the Cochlear Implant Management Skills (CIMS) survey. Clinical Otolaryngology. Early online May 2015.

- Brennan-Jones CG, Whitehouse AJO, Park J, Hegarty M, Eikelboom RH, Swanepoel D, White JD, Jamieson SE. Prevalence and risk factors of recurrent otitis media during early childhood in Western Australia: a prospective birth cohort study. Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health. 51(4); 403-409; 2015. doi:10.1111/jpc.12741

- Brennan-Jones CG, Taljaard DS, Brennan-Jones SEF, Bennett RJ, Swanepoel D, Eikelboom RH. Self-reported hearing loss and manual audiometry: A rural versus urban comparison. Australian Journal of Rural Health. Early online August 2015. doi: 10.1111/ajr.12227

- Ebrahimi-Madiseh A, Eikelboom RH, Jayakody DMP, Atlas MD. Speech perception scores in cochlear implant recipients: An analysis of ceiling effects in the CUNY sentence test in post-lingually deafened cochlear implant recipients. Cochlear Implants International. Accepted subject to acceptance of revisions. Accepted for publication October 2015.

- Eikelboom RH, Swanepoel D. Tele-audiology. In: Electronic Medicine, Electronic Health, Telemedicine, Telehealth, and Mobile Health. Eds: H Eren and JG Webster. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL. pp539-560. 2016. ISBN: 978-1-4822-3659-0.

- Eikelboom RH, Swanepoel D. Remote Diagnostic Hearing Assessment. In: Telepractice in Audiology. Eds: T Houston, E Rushbrook. Plural Publishing, San Diego, CA, USA. pp123-140; 2016. ISBN: 9781597566131

- Mahomed F, Swanepoel D, Eikelboom RH, Myburgh HC, Hall J. Clinical validity of hearScreen™ smartphone hearing screening for school children. Ear and Hearing. Accepted for publication, July 2015.

- Mahomed F, Swanepoel D, Eikelboom RH. Diagnostic hearing assessment in schools: validity and time-efficiency of automated audiometry. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology. Accepted for publication, August 2015.

- Mahomed F, Swanepoel D, Eikelboom RH. Referral criteria for school-based hearing screening: considerations for resource-limited contexts. Health SA Gesondheid. Accepted for publication, November 2014.

- Margolis RH, Wilson RH, Polelka GR, Eikelboom RH, Swanepoel D, Saly G. Distribution Characteristics of Normal Pure-Tone Thresholds. International Journal of Audiology. 2015. Accepted for publication September 2015.

- Margolis RH, Wilson RH, Polelka GR, Eikelboom RH, Swanepoel D, Tomasek R, Saly G. A Statistical Model of the Air-Bone Gap – Evidence of Bias in Audiometry. Ear and Hearing. Accepted for publication October 2015.

- Swanepoel D, Eikelboom RH. Future Directions for Telepractice in Audiology. In: Telepractice in Audiology. Eds: T Houston, E Rushbrook. Plural Publishing, San Diego, CA, USA. pp247-262; 2016. ISBN: 9781597566131.

- Swanepoel DW, Matthysen C, Eikelboom RH, Clarke JL, Hall JW. Pure tone audiometry outside a sound-booth using earphone attenuation, integrated noise monitoring and automation. International Journal of Audiology. 54:777-785; 2015.

- Taljaard DS, Olaithe M, Brennan-Jones CG, Eikelboom RH, Bucks RS. The relationship between hearing impairment and cognitive function: A meta-analysis in adults. Clinical Otolaryngology. Accepted for publication Dec 2016.

- Visagie A, Swanepoel D, Eikelboom RH. Automated audiometry validated in a rural setting with agricultural workers. Telemedicine and eHealth. Accepted for publication, January 2015.
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
BE (Electronics), Western Australian Institute of Technology
BApplSc (Biomedical Engineering), Curtin University
PhD (Medical image analysis), The University of Western Australia
Funding received
- Med-el, Austria (industry funding)
- Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Memorial Foundation
- Lions Hearing Foundation
- Raine Foundation
- SHRAC, WA Department of Health
- MHRIF, WA Department of Health
- Commonwealth Department of Health, Hearing Loss Prevention Programme
- Commonwealth Department of Health, RHSET
- Ear Science Institute Australia
- Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
- Clive and Vera Racaciotti
English and Dutch
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