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Robyn Carroll

Professor Robyn Carroll

UWA Law School

Contact details
UWA Law School
The University of Western Australia (M253)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 2965
+61 8 6488 1045
LLB BJuris W.Aust., BCL Oxf.
Robyn teaches and researches in the private law and dispute resolution subjects Contract Law, Family Law, Civil Remedies and Mediation. Her most recent contribution to Family Law scholarship is as co-author of Young et al Family Law in Australia (LexisNexis 9th Edition, 2016, forthcoming). Robyn is currently writing a book for Hart Publishing with co-author Professor Prue Vines (UNSW) on The Role of Apologies in the Law. Robyn has published many articles and book chapters on contract law remedies, the role of apologies in the resolution of legal disputes and mediation and presented her work at judicial, practitioner and academic workshops and conferences. Inquiries from potential higher degree students are welcome on these and related topics. Robyn is also an accredited mediator and a senior sessional member of the Western Australian State Administrative Tribunal with expertise in guardianship and administration and equal opportunity matters.
Key research
Contract Law, Civil Remedies, Apologies, Family Law, Dispute Resolution and Mediation, Elder Law.
Selected publications:

Carroll and Berryman, ‘Making Amends by Apologising for Defamatory Publications: Developments in the 21st Century’ in Barker, Fairweather and Grantham (eds) Private Law in the 21st Century (2017) Hart Publishing, Oxford) 479-499.

Allan and Carroll, ‘Apologies in a Legal Setting: Insights from Research into Injured Parties’ Experiences of Apologies’, (2016) Psychiatry, Psychology and the Law, 1 – 23 (40%).

Carroll, To and Unger, ‘Apology Legislation and its Implications for International Dispute Resolution Practitioners’, (2015) 9 Dispute Resolution International 115 – 138.

'Family Law, Involuntarily Separated Couples and their Property’ (2015) 33 Law in Context 87 - 122.

Berryman and Carroll, “Coercive Relief – Reflections on Supervision and Enforcement Constraints” (2014) UWAL Review 123.

'When “Sorry” is the Hardest Word to Say, How Might Apology Legislation Assist?' (2014) 44(2) Hong Kong Law Journal 491.

'Apologies as a Legal Remedy’ (2013) 35 Sydney Law Review 317.

‘Agreements to Specifically Perform Contractual Agreements’ (2012) 29 Journal of Contract Law 155.

Carroll and Smith, ‘Mediation in Guardianship Proceedings for the Elderly: An Australian Perspective,’ (2010) Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice 53.

Carroll and Witzleb, ‘It’s Not Just About The Money – Enhancing the Vindicatory Effect of Private Law Remedies’, (2011) 37 MonULR 216.

Witzleb and Carroll, ‘The Role of Vindication in Torts Damages’ (2009) 17 Tort Law Review 16 - 44.

'Beyond Compensation: Apology as a Private Law Remedy' in Berryman and Bigwood (eds) The Law of Remedies: New Directions in the Common Law, (Toronto: Irwin Law, 2010).

‘You can’t order sorriness, so is there any value in an ordered apology? An analysis of apology orders in anti-discrimination cases’, (2010) 32 UNSWLJ 360.

'Appointing Decision Makers for Incapable Persons – What Scope for Mediation’ (2007) 17 Journal of Judicial Administration 75-92.

R Carroll, (ed) Civil Remedies: Issues and Developments. The Centre for Commercial and Resources Law and the Federation Press, (1996).
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Elected Member of UWA Academic Board and Academic Council, Deputy Chair of Academic Board, Co-founder International Network for Law and Apology Research (INLAR), Accredited Mediator (Resolution Institute - previously LEADR-IAMA),
Future research
Private Law Remedies; Apologies; Law and Mediation; Elder Mediation; Guardianship and Administration; Family Law and Adults with Decision Making Disabilities.
Funding received
WA Public Purposes Trust Fund ‘Family Violence and Property Disputes: A pilot research project’ - Law Access Research Advisory Committee and UWA Law School research team, Jill Howieson CI, Robyn Carroll, Sarah Murray, Ian Murray; Lisa Young, Murdoch University.

Hong Kong Ministry of Justice Research Contract – Legal Issues relating to the Introduction of Apology Legislation in Hong Kong.

Institute of Advanced Studies (UWA) Grant for Elder Law Forum, UWA, February 2013. “Health Wealth and Hearth: Law, Policy and Social Perspectives on an Ageing Australia” Meredith Blake, Robyn Carroll, Eileen Webb.
Industrial relevance
Non-pecuniary remedies and dispute resolution of private law disputes and complaints;
Family dispute resolution.
Resolution Institute
Graduate Women (WA) Association
International Network for Law and Apology Research (INLAR)
Australian Research Network on Law and Ageing (ARNLA)
Honours and awards
1984-1985 Postgraduate Commonwealth Scholarship
Previous positions
Associate Dean of Law (Students) (1996-1998)
Contract Law, Family Law, Remedies.
Current external positions
Senior Sessional Member, State Administrative Tribunal of Western Australia.
New and noteworthy
Forthcoming publications:
Carroll, Allan and Halsmith, ‘Apologies, Mediation, and the Law: Resolution of Civil Disputes,’ Onati Socio-Legal Studies Special Issue, The Place of Apology in Law, (2017)

2016 Presentations:
‘Apologies and Corrections as Remedial Responses to Breach of Privacy’, International Workshop on Remedies for Breach of Privacy, Melbourne University Law School, 12-13 December 2016.

‘Corrections as a Remedy in Australian Law’, University of Melbourne Law Obligations Group Conference on Remedies, 8 December 2016.

‘Apologies, Mediation and the Law’, Resolution Institute AGM, Perth, 16 November 2016.

Kopsen and Carroll ‘Consequences of Non-Disclosure in Family Law Financial Proceedings’, Family law Practitioners Association, 30 August 2016.

‘Developments in Australian Family Law and Property Orders for Couples in De Facto (Marriage) Relationships’, Faculty of Law Seminar, VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 14 July 2016.

‘The Role of Apologies in the Law,’ Faculty of Law, University of Windsor, Canada, 20 April 2016; Obligations Discussion Group Seminar, Oxford, England, 20 May 2016.

Carroll, Allan and Halsmith, ‘Apologies, Mediation, and the Law: Resolution of Civil Disputes,’ International Institute of Sociology and Law Workshop on the Place of Apology in the Law, Onati Spain 5-6 May 2016.

‘Meeting the Potential of Alternative Remedies in Australian Defamation Law’ ANU Inaugural Law Reform Conference, Canberra, April 2016.
Current projects
The Role of Apologies in the Law, preparation of manuscript of a co-authored monograph for Hart Publishing.

Special Editor for the Onati Socio-Legal Studies Journal Issue on 'The Place of Apology in the Law', International Institute for the Sociology of Law, Onati, Spain 5-6 May 2016.

Submissions to the ALRC on Elder Abuse and Qld Elder Mediation Project on Elder Mediation.

Research profile
Research profile and publications

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