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Professor Ryan Lister

Plant Energy Biology, ARC Centre of Excellence in

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ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology
The University of Western Australia (M519)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 4407
Room 4.74, Bayliss Building, Perth campus
PhD W.Aust.
Key research
Exploring the Epigenome
Just as the fixed notes of a musical instrument can be played in different combinations, orders and strengths to create unique songs, different cells in a complex multicellular organism can produce their distinctive form and function by each expressing particular combinations of genes from the genome. By modulating accessibility to the information encoded in the genome, epigenetic modifications can affect gene activation and repression to execute distinct transcriptional programs and impart a heritable state of transcriptional activity. In essence, the epigenome is a regulatory code that is superimposed upon the genome that can modify the cellular readout of the underlying information encoded in the DNA sequence. Developing a comprehensive understanding of how the cell utilizes epigenetic modifications is essential in order to both understand the critical roles it plays in eukaryotic development and stress response, and to develop effective strategies to remedy its disruption in disease states.
We use advanced DNA sequencing, molecular, genetic and computational techniques in a diverse range of complex multicellular organisms, including plants, humans, mice, and social insects, to study the epigenome and epigenetic mechanisms at the molecular scale. Recent advances in DNA sequencing technology now enable us to rapidly identify precisely where epigenetic modifications, such as DNA methylation and histone modifications, occur throughout entire plant and animal genomes1-3. The research in my laboratory aims to understand how the information encoded in the DNA of plant and animal genomes is controlled by epigenetic mechanisms during development, how the epigenome may be altered by the surrounding environment, and to develop molecular tools to reprogram it.
Wierzbicki AT*, Cocklin R*, Mayampurath A*, Lister R, Rowley MJ, Gregory BD, Ecker JR, Tang H, Pikaard CS. (2012) Spatial and functional relationships among Pol V-associated loci, Pol IV-dependent siRNAs, and cytosine methylation in the Arabidopsis epigenome. Genes and Development, 26(16):1825-36.

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Note: * denotes authors who contributed equally to the study.
Honours and awards
2012: Australian Research Council Future Fellow (2012 - 2016)
2011: Paper #4 in “The Hottest Research of 2011” (Thomson ISI): Lister et al. 2011 (Nature) - #1 in Life Sciences
2009-2011: California Institute for Regenerative Medicine Postdoctoral training grant, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies
2010: Genome Technology - Young Investigators Award
2009: #2 Scientific Discovery of 2009 (TIME magazine)
2006-2009: Human Frontier Science Project long-term Fellowship, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Previous positions
2009-2011: California Institute for Regenerative Medicine Postdoctoral Trainee (Joseph Ecker), The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, CA, USA.

2006-2009: Human Frontier Science Project Postdoctoral Fellow (Joseph Ecker), The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, CA, USA.

2005-2006: Postdoctoral Fellow (James Whelan), Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia.

2001-2005: Ph.D. (James Whelan), Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia.
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