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Sasha Jenkins

Dr Sasha Jenkins

Research Associate
Agriculture and Environment, School of

Contact details
School of Agriculture and Environment
The University of Western Australia (M087)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 8779
+61 8 6488 1050
Key research
•Spatio-temporal distribution of microbial communities in relation to environmental parameters.
•Unravelling the underlying processes controlling microbial diversity and activities
•Linking functional diversity with biogeochemical processes, especially N cycling
•Response of microbial communities to perturbation, agricultural practices and climate change
•Integration of molecular, modelling and statistical approaches in microbial ecology
•Development of anaerobic digestion biotechnologies to convert waste into biogas and compost
Jenkins, S.N., Waite, I.S., Blackburn, A., Husband, R., Rushton, S.P., Manning, D.C., O'Donnell, A.G., 2009. Actinobacterial community dynamics in long term managed grasslands. Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek 95, 319-34.3.

Coelho, M. R. R., Marriel, I. E., Jenkins, S. N., Lanyon, C. V, Seldina,L. , O'Donnell, A.G., 2009. Anthony G. O’Donnell Molecular detection and quantification of nifH gene sequences in the rhizosphere of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) sown with two levels of nitrogen fertilizer. Applied Soil Ecology, 42, 48-53
Roles, responsibilities and expertise

•Fields skills, sampling techniques and setting up microcosm
•Physico-chemical, edaphic and microbial activity measurements
•Molecular techniques (PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR, DGGE, Cloning, T-RFLP, RNA-SIP)
•Gas and chemical analyses (PLFA and Gas Chromatography)
•Microbiological techniques (Culturing, aseptic techniques, selective isolation).
•Microscopy (light and epifluorescent microscopy, FISH, TEM and SEM)
•Gel processing, data handling and construction of data matrices
•Familiar with routine statistical analysis and diversity measures
•Thorough understanding of multivariate and population dynamic modelling approaches including CCA, DCA, PCA, Procrustes, Monte Carlo analysis, GLM and SEM modelling.
Funding received
Spatial and seasonal variability in n cycling processes, 2009-2010 SCRIP- Swan River Trust. WA , Associate Investigator.

A complementary biogas research programme in the UK and Thailand. 2008-2008, British Council Researcher Exchange Programme Award, Principal Investigator

Development of anaerobic digestion biotechnologies to convert MSW into biogas, soil improvers and other useful end-products, 2007-2008, CIP (Collaborative Innovative Partnership) -between Graphite Resources Ltd and Newcastle University, UK, Associate Investigator
Previous positions
2008 – PresentResearch Associate, School of Earth & Environment, University of Western Australia.
2007 – 2008Research Associate, School of Biology, Newcastle University, England
2006 – 2007Research Assistant, School of Biology Newcastle University, England.
Research profile
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