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Scott Draper

Dr Scott Draper

Senior Lecturer
Academic Staff (Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering)

Contact details
Academic Staff (Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering)
The University of Western Australia (M051)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 7400
BE BCom W.Aust., DPhil Oxf.
My research focuses on offshore fluid mechanics, applied to both the oil and gas and marine renewable energy industries. This covers a range of problems spanning through the water column, including: the stability and scour of subsea infrastructure at the seabed; the optimum arrangement of marine renewable energy devices; and, most recently, wave kinematics and hydrodynamics of floating bodies. I like to use a range of field data, laboratory testing and numerical modelling in my research.

I am fortunate to work on research projects supported by the Australian Research Council in combination with industry partners Woodside, Shell, Bureau Veritas, Lloyds Register Group and Carnegie Wave Energy. I have also undertaken industry research projects with Subcon, Fugro AG, Technip, Arup and Bombora Wave Energy. My research work has been presented in > 100 publications (Journals + Conferences + Reports).
Key research
Offshore fluid mechanics
Subsea pipeline/structure scour and stability
Hydrodynamics of floating bodies
Marine Energy Resource Assessment (Wave and Tidal)
(* PhD Students)

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B1. Cheng, L., Draper, S., An, H. (2014) Scour and Erosion. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Scour and Erosion, Leiden, The Netherlands, CRC Press/Balkema. ISBN: 978-1-138-02732-9.

B2. Draper, S., Harris, J.M., Cheng, L. and White, D.J. (2016) Seabed Processes: Sediment Transport, Scour and Sedimentation, emoe539, Encyclopaedia of Marine and Offshore Engineering.
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
COFS stream leader (Offshore Engineering Science)
UWA Oceans Institute Leadership Team
Funding received
Australian Research Council Discovery Project: "Scour and scour induced settlement of subsea structures" DP150104644
Australian Research Council Linkage Project: "Hydrodynamic forces on small diameter pipelines laid on natural seabed" LP150100249
Australian Research Council Linkage Project: "Novel wave energy foundation solutions to survive extreme loads" LP150100598
Australian Research Council Industrial Transformation Research Hub "Offshore Floating Facilities" IH140100012
Society for Underwater Technology
UWA Oceans Institute
Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society
Honours and awards
2010 Science Scholarship, St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford
2006 Rhodes Scholarship (Australia-at-large)
2005 Civil Engineering Award for best Honours Project, UWA
Other UWA undergraduate awards: D.N. Foster Award in Coastal and Offshore Engineering (2005), Steel Institute of Australia Structural Design Award (2004), BSP Industry Award (2004), Hartley Poynton Prize for finance (2003)
I am unit coordinator for GENG5501 (Coastal and Offshore Engineering)

I also give lectures in the following units:
Design of Offshore Systems CIVL 5505 (Metocean engineering + Renewable Energy)
Environmental Geotechnics GENG5502 (Contaminant transport)
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