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Ben White

Assoc/Prof Benedict White

Associate Professor
Agriculture and Environment, School of

Contact details
School of Agriculture and Environment
The University of Western Australia (M089)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 3409
Room G022B, Agriculture North West Wing, Perth campus
BSc(Agric) Lond., PhD Newcastle(UK)
Graduated in agriculture from London University in 1981 followed by a PhD from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1989. I held lecturing positions at Newcastle University for 20 years first as a lecture and in 1999 as a senior lecturer. Moving to UWA in 2001 to a senior lectureship and in 2007 became Head of School.
Key research
Research interests are in environmental and agricultural economics with a particular interest in environmental contracts and incentives for farmers to provide environmental public goods.
White, B., Sadler, R.J. 2012, 'Optimal conservation investment for a biodiversity-rich agricultural landscape', Australian Journal and Resource Economics, 56 1, pp. 1-21
Sadler, R.J., Florec, V., White, B., Dominiak, B.C. 2011, 'Calibrating a Jump-Diffusion Model of an endemic invasive: Metamodels, statistics and Qfly', MODSM 2011, Australia, N/A, pp E16
Graham, T., Pannell, D.J., White, B. 2010, 'On-site and off-site economic benefits of dryland salinity mitigation resulting from establishment of perennial vegetation on farms: a breakeven analysis', Australasian Journal of Environmental Management, 17, 2, pp. 112-124
White, B., Doole, G., Byrd., Pannell, D. 2009, 'An economic analysis of environmental bonds in the Western Australian mineral sands industry', Fourth International Conference on Mine Closure, Australia, 1, pp. 167-174
Ozanne, A., White, B. 2008, 'Hidden action, risk aversion and variable fines in agri-environmental schemes', The Australian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 52, 2, pp. 203-212
Funding received
Dr BenWhite 2006, 'Agricultural Land Retirement as an Environmental Policy', LAND & WATER AUSTRALIA, Funds Applied For: $81,413.00, Funds Approved: $81,413.00. RFCD:

Dr Ben White 2006, 'A Bioeconimic Analysis of the Duration of Conservation Contracts', LAND & WATER AUSTRALIA, Funds Applied For: $81,413.00, Funds Approved: $81,413.00. RFCD:

Dr Ben White, Adjp Robert G Chambers 2005, 'DP0557837 - Designing Better Landowner Contracts to Protect Australia's Environment', AUSTRALIAN RESEARCH COUNCIL: DISCOVERY PROJECTS, Funds Applied For: $69,757.00, Funds Approved: $69,757.00. RFCD:

Dr Ben White 2004, 'Measuring Farm Revenue Risk.', UWA RESEARCH GRANTS SCHEME, Funds Applied For: $11,500.00, Funds Approved: $7,000.00. RFCD:
1st Semester 2011 - ECON1120 Enviromental Economics 1
1st Semester 2011 - Analysis for Natural Resource Management
Current external positions
Recent involvement in the Auction for Landscape Recovery project which inolved using auctions as a mechanism to increase landholder involement in conservation. I am also involved in the Institute for Agriculture.
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Current projects
Opportunities for Postgrads and Honours Students: I am interested in supervising students in agricultural economics and environmental economics. With a particular interest in environmental incentive programs and environmental conservation contracts.
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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