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Carolyn Polizzotto

Dr Carolyn Polizzotto

Honorary Research Fellow

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The University of Western Australia (M208)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 2156
+61 8 6488 1069
Room 2.01, Arts Building, Perth campus
BA Melb., PhD Lond.
After completing her Ph.D. at the University of London under the supervision of the late Dr. G. F. Nuttall in 1975, Carolyn Polizzotto continued her teaching career (begun earlier as a postgraduate student in the Department of History, University of Melbourne) at UWA until 1989. She then relinquished teaching in favour of her appointment as an Honorary Research Fellow, holding the first such position to be awarded to a non-retiree, and becoming a Senior Honorary Research Fellow in 1996.

Dr. Polizzotto’s primary research interest is Early Modern British History, specifically Puritanism in England and New England in the Civil War and Interregnum periods. Her key contribution so far is considered to have been two frequently cited articles on liberty of conscience, published in 1975 and 1987. She has also published in the fields of Australian immigrant history and Australian industrial history.

Carolyn Polizzotto has a considerable literary reputation, having three times been the recipient of national literary fellowships from the Australia Council. In 2001, she received a Creative Development Fund Award from the Government of Western Australia. For many years, she was an active campaigner on behalf of the educational rights of intellectually disabled children and their continuing pedagogical needs as young adults beyond statutory school age. Her memoir, Pomegranate Season, won the Western Australian Premier’s Award in 1998.

Currently, Dr. Polizzotto is engaged upon a re-examination of the Army Debates at Whitehall in December 1648 and January 1649. In addition, she is conducting research towards a study of the political and religious context of the first book in the English language to be published in America: The Whole Book of Psalms, commonly known as the Bay Psalm Book of 1640.
Early Modern British History:

'Speaking Truth to Power: The Problem of Authority in the Whitehall Debates of 1648-9', The English Historical Review, vol. CXXXI , no. 548 (February 2016), pp. 31 - 63.

'What Really Happened at the Whitehall Debates? A New Source', The Historical Journal, vol. 57, no. 1 ( March 2014), pp. 33-51

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‘The Campaign against The Humble Proposals of 1652’, The Journal of Ecclesiastical History, vol. 38, no. 4 (October 1987).

Australian Immigration History:

To Make a Better Life: Yugoslavs in the Swan Valley, Perth 1988.

Approaching Elise, Fremantle 1988.

‘“In former times”: Elise Blumann remembers’, Westerly, vol. 28 (1983).

‘The Caprice of Memory: Elise Blumann on her Past’, Oral History Association of Australia Journal, no. 6 (1984).

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‘Elise Blumann talks to Carolyn Polizzotto’, in W. Gammage and P. Spearritt (ed.), Australians 1938, Sydney 1987.

‘Jessie Viner’s Childhood on the Peel’, in P. Hetherington (ed.), Childhood and Society in Western Australia, Perth 1988.

Australian Industrial History:

A History of Joyce Australia, 1886-1986, Fremantle 1986.

The Factory Floor: A Visual and Oral Record, 1900-1960, Fremantle 1988.

A Fair Sized Town: Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and its History, Perth 1988.

‘Joyce and her Trojan: A Fremantle Factory enters the 1930s’, Westerly, vol. 31 (1986).

‘A really whoopee time’, Fremantle Arts Review, vol. 2 (1987).

‘Allan Daniels and the Ghost House’, Westerly, vol. 43 (1998).

Literary Non-fiction:

Pomegranate Season, Fremantle 1998.

A Trick of the Light, Fremantle 2001.

Trumpet’s Kittens (with Sarah Spinks; illus. Marian Duke), Fremantle 2003.

‘Reading the City’, Fremantle Arts Review, vol. 2 (1987).

‘Informed by the Spaces’, Fremantle Arts Review, vol. 3 (1988).

‘Inscribing the Self’, Fremantle Arts Review, vol. 5 (1990).

‘My Aunt’s Story’, Westerly, vol. 39 (1993).

‘Aphra’, Westerly vol. 40 (1994).

Contributor, Online Anthology of Western Australian Writing, (Scholars’ Centre at the University of Western Australia in co-operation with AustLit: the Australian Literature Gateway). 2002.

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