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David Badcock

W/Prof David Badcock

Winthrop Professor
Academic Staff (Psychological Science)

Contact details
Academic Staff (Psychological Science)
The University of Western Australia (M304)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 3243 / +61 8 6488 3281
+61 8 6488 1006
BA Tas., DPhil Oxf.
Key research
Vision has a central role in our relationship with the world as the way we see determines how we are able to interact with the environment. The focus of our research is on human visual performance and has concentrated on the processes involved in extracting motion, pattern and position information. It has examined both the contribution of the visual pathways to individual tasks and the extent to which common neural and perceptual processes are involved in motion, pattern and position coding. The processes are investigated using both normal and clinical groups of observers. Currently the laboratory group is running long term projects examining how humans perceive both the speed and direction of the type of motion produced by moving through the environment, the processes that allow us to determine the location of objects within the environment, the processes that help us to detect and group large scale structure in the visual world and also how these processes are altered in Migraine, Glaucoma, Autism and Schizotypy.
Most recent publications

1.GREEN, R., DICKINSON J.E. & BADCOCK, D.R. The effect of spatio-temporal displacement on the integration of shape information. Journal of Vision. 2018, in press.

2.GREEN, R., DICKINSON J.E. & BADCOCK, D.R. Integration of shape information occurs around closed contours but not across them. Journal of Vision. 2018, in press.

3.MCDOUGALL, T.J., DICKINSON, J.E. & BADCOCK, D.R. Suprathreshold contrast summation over area using drifting gratings. Journal of Vision. 2018, in press.

4.MCDOUGALL, T.J., NGUYEN, B.N., MCKENDRICK, A.M. & BADCOCK, D.R. Mismatched summation mechanisms in older adults for the perception of small moving stimuli. Vision Research. 2018, , 142, 52-57.

5.DICKINSON, J.E., HALEY, K., BOWDEN, V. & BADCOCK, D.R. Visual search reveals a critical component to shape Journal of Vision,, 2018, 18(2), 2-2. doi:10.1167/18.2.2.

6.MCKENDRICK, A.M., CHAN, Y.M., VINGRYS, A.J., TURPIN, A., & BADCOCK, D.R. (2018) Daily vision testing can expose the prodromal phase of migraine. Cephalalgia, in press.

7.DICKINSON, J.E., MORGAN, S.K., TANG, M.F., & BADCOCK, D.R. Separate banks of information channels encode size and aspect ratio. Journal of Vision, 2017, 17(3), 27-27. doi:10.1167/17.3.27

8.GREEN, R., DICKINSON, J.E. & BADCOCK, D.R. Global processing of random-phase radial frequency patterns but not modulated lines. Journal of Vision, 2017, 17(9):18, 1-11. doi:10.1167/17.9.18.

9.TANG, M.W., HAMMOND G. & BADCOCK D.R. Can participants differentiate the type of transcranial direct current stimulation they are receiving? PLoS One, 2016, 11(2), e0148825. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0148825.

10.PANTON, K.R., BADCOCK, D.R., & BADCOCK, J.C. A Metaanalysis of Perceptual Organization in Schizophrenia, Schizotypy, and Other High-Risk Groups Based on Variants of the Embedded Figures Task. Frontiers in Psychology, 2016, 7, 237. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2016.00237.

11.BADCOCK, J.C., PANTON, K., COHEN, A. & BADCOCK, D.R. Both harmful and (some) helpful behaviours from others are associated with increased expression of schizotypal traits. Psychiatry Research, 2016, 239, 308-314. doi:

12.TAN, K. W. S., DICKINSON, J. E., & BADCOCK, D. R. Discrete annular regions of texture contribute independently to the analysis of shape from texture., Journal of Vision, 2016, 16(11), 10-10. doi:10.1167/16.11.10.

13.TAN, K. W. S., DICKINSON, J. E., & BADCOCK, D. R. In unison: First- and second-order information combine for integration of shape information. Journal of Vision, 2016, 16(11), 9-9. doi:10.1167/16.11.9.

14.CRIBB, S.J., BADCOCK, J.C., MAYBERY, M.T. & BADCOCK, D.R. The Development of Local and Global Contributions to Detection of Shape. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance. 2016, 42(11), 1761-1769. doi:10.1037/xhp0000257.

15.BADCOCK, J.C., BARKUS, E, COHEN, A.S., BUCKS, R. & BADCOCK, D.R. Loneliness and Schizotypy Are Distinct Constructs, Separate from General Psychopathology. Frontiers in Psychology, 2016, 7, 1018. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2016.01018

16.MCDOUGALL, T.J., DICKINSON, J.E. & BADCOCK, D.R. Larger receptive fields revealed using Battenberg stimuli to assess contrast summation with moving patterns. Journal of Vision, 2016, 16(11), 6-6. doi:10.1167/16.11.6.

17.RIDEAUX, R., BADCOCK, D.R, JOHNSTON A., & EDWARDS M. Temporal synchrony is an effective cue for grouping and segmentation in the absence of form cues. Journal of Vision, 2016, 16(11), 23-23. doi:10.1167/16.11.23.

18.RICHARDS, L. R., MICHIE, P. T., BADCOCK, D. R., BARTLETT, P. F., BEKKERS, J. M,. BOURNE, J. A., CASTLES, A., EGAN, G. F., FORNITO, A., HANNAN, A. J., HICKIE, I. B., MATTINGLEY, J. B., SCHOFIELD, P. R., SHUM, D. H. K.., STUART, G. J., VICKERS, J. C., VISSEL, B. (2016) Australian Brain Alliance. Neuron, 92(3), 597-600.

19.TAN, K., BOWDEN, V., DICKINSON, J.E. & BADCOCK D.R. Modulated textures with shape structures implied by a closed flow are processed globally. Journal of Vision, 2015, 15(3):17, 1–18

20.DICKINSON J.E., CRIBB, S.J., RIDDELL, H. & BADCOCK D.R.Tolerance for local and global differences in the integration of shape information. Journal of Vision, 2015, 15(3):21, 1–24.

21.BOWDEN, V.K., DICKINSON, E.D., BADCOCK, D.R., & FOX, A.F. Global shape processing: A behavioural and electrophysiological analysis of both contour and texture processing. Journal of Vision, 2015, 15(13:18), 1-23. doi:10.1167/15.13.18

22.TANG, M.F., DICKINSON, J.E., VISSER, T.A.W. & BADCOCK, D.R. The broad orientation dependence of the motion streak aftereffect reveals interactions between form and motion neurons. Journal of Vision, 2015,15(13):4, 1-18. doi:10.1167/15.13.4

23.TANG, M.F., DICKINSON, J.E., VISSER, T.A.W., EDWARDS, M. & BADCOCK, D.R. The role of form information in motion pooling and segmentation. Journal of Vision, 2015,15(15), 19-19. doi:10.1167/15.15.19.

24.TANG, M. F., BADCOCK, D.R. & VISSER, T.A.W. Training and the Attentional Blink: Limits Overcome or Expectations Raised? Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 2014, 21(2), 406-411., [DOI: 10.3758/s13423-013-0491-3].

25.ALMEIDA, R., DICKINSON, J.E., MAYBERY, M.T., BADCOCK, J.C. & BADCOCK. D. Enhanced global integration of closed contours in individuals with high levels of autistic-like traits. Vision Research, 2014, 103, pp. 109-115. in press (online 28 August 2014).

26.VISSER, T.A.W., TANG, M. F., BADCOCK, D.R. & ENNS, J. Temporal cues and the attentional blink: A further examination of the role of expectancy on sequential object perception. Attention, Perception & Psychophysics., 2014, 76, 2212-2220.

27.BELL, J., FORSYTH, M. BADCOCK, D. R. & KINGDOM, F.A.A Global shape processing involves feature-selective and feature-agnostic coding mechanisms. Journal of Vision, 2014, 14(11:12), 1-14.

28.ALMEIDA, R., DICKINSON, J.E., MAYBERY, M.T., BADCOCK, J.C. & BADCOCK. D.R Visual search targeting either local or global perceptual processes differs as a function of autistic-like traits in the typically developing population. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 2013, 43(6), 1272-1286. (DOI: 10.1007/s10803-012-1669-7)

29.BADCOCK, N.A., BADCOCK, D.R., FLETCHER, J., & HOGBEN, J. The role of preparation time in the attentional blink.Vision Research, 2013, 76, 68-76. [doi: 10.1016/j.visres.2012.10.010]

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31.BADCOCK, D.R., ALMEIDA, R.A. & DICKINSON, J.E. Detecting Global form: separate processes required for Glass and Radial Frequency patterns. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 2013, 7, 1-12.

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33.DICKINSON, J.E, BELL, J., & BADCOCK, D.R. Near their thresholds for detection shapes are discriminated by the angular separation of their corners. PlosOne, 2013, 8(5), e66015.

34.DICKINSON J.E. & BADCOCK D.R. On the hierarchical inheritance of aftereffects in the visual system. Frontiers in Psychology, 2013, 4. pp 1-15.

35. TANG, M. F., DICKINSON, J.E., VISSER, T.A.W, & EDWARDS M. BADCOCK, D.R. The Shape of Motion Perception: Global Pooling of TransformationalApparent Motion. Journal of Vision, 2013, 13(13), 1–20. doi:10.1167/13.13.20.

36.TAN, K., DICKINSON J.E. & BADCOCK D.R. Detecting shape change: Characterising the interaction between texture-defined and contour-defined borders. Journal of Vision, 2013, 13(14):12, 1-16.

37.WEBSTER, K., DICKINSON, J.E., BATTISTA, J, MCKENDRICK, A.M & BADCOCK, D.R. Evidence for Increased Internal Noise in Migraineurs for Contrast and Shape Processing. Cephalalgia, 2012,32(2), 125-139.

38.MCGRAW, P.V., ROACH, N., BADCOCK, D.R., & WHITAKER, D. Size-induced distortions in perceptual maps of visual space. Journal of Vision 2012, 12(4), 1-14.

39.DICKINSON, J.E, MIGHALL, H. K., ALMEIDA, R. A., BELL, J., & BADCOCK, D. R. Rapidly acquired shape and face aftereffects are retinotopic and local in origin. Vision Research, 2012, 65(0), 1-11.

40.DICKINSON, J.E., HARMAN, C., TAN, O., ALMEIDA, R.A. & BADCOCK, D.R. Local contextual interactions can result in global shape misperception. Journal of Vision, 2012, 12(11), 1-20.

41.DICKINSON, J.E, MCGINTY, J., WEBSTER. K.E., & BADCOCK, D.R. Further evidence that local cues to shape in RF patterns are integrated globally. Journal of Vision, 2012, 12(12).

Funding received
Recent Grants:
ARC, Coding of Shape in Human Vision. (2016-2018)
NHMRC, Cortical excitation in migraine: using vision to understand and track brain excitability. (2015-2018)
ARC, Human coding of shape. (2013-2015)
Australian Geographical Society (Founder member)
Australian Psychological Society. (1988-)
Australasian Society for Experimental Psychology (1996-)
New York Academy of Sciences (1995-)
Association for Psychological Science (2001-)
Australian Neuroscience Society (2000-)
Vision Science Society (2007-)
Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (1983-)
Friends of Science in Medicine (2012-)
Honours and awards
Rhodes Scholarship (1980-83)
Australian Psychology Society Early Career Award. (1988)
Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society (1994)
Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences of Australia (2002)
Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science (2013)
Honorary Professor of Vision Science, University of Nottingham, Aug 2012-2014, renewed 2015-2018
UWA Vice Chancellor’s Senior Research Award (Medical and Health Sciences, 2014)
Previous positions
Australian Research Council, Australian Professorial Fellow (2011-2016)
Winthrop Professor, University of Western Australia, 2009-
Visiting Professor, University of Nottingham, Dec 2005 – Jan 2006.
Head of School, University of Western Australia, Feb 2002-3.
Head of Department, University of Western Australia, Feb 2000-1.
Visiting Fellow, St Catherine’s College, Oxford, 1999.
Professor, University of Western Australia, July 1996-.
Associate Professor and Reader, The University of Melbourne, 1992
Senior Lecturer, The University of Melbourne ,1989
Continuing Status confirmed, 1988
Lecturer, The University of Melbourne, 1985
Visiting Lecturer, Department of Physiological Sciences, The Medical School, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. September & October, 1989.
Research Fellow, Department of Physiology-Anatomy, University of California; Berkeley, California. March to September,1989.
Visiting Lecturer, Department of Physiological Sciences, The Medical School, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. January & February, 1988.
Addison-Wheeler Research Fellow for the Life Sciences. Durham University, England, 1984
Post-doctoral researcher in Physiology. with Prof G. Westheimer. Department of Physiology-Anatomy, University of California, Berkeley. September 1983- September 1984.
Courses in Perception and Sensory Neuropsychology
Current external positions
President, The Psychology Foundation of Australia.
Chair, National Committee for Brain and Mind, Australian Academy of Science (2018-2020).
Scientific Advisory Panel, Sarich Neuroscience Institute.
Registered Public Officer, The Australasian Society for Experimental Psychology.

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