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Prof Mikhail Kostylev

Senior Principal Research Fellow
Academic Staff (Physics)

Contact details
Academic Staff (Physics)
The University of Western Australia (M013)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 2723
+61 8 6488 1014
Personal homepage
Room 4.55, Physics Building, Perth campus
MSc PhD St. Petersburg
Key research
Magnetism, magnetisation dynamics, spintronics, meta-materials and nanostructures, electromagnetism, linear and nonlinear waves, microwave signal processing and devices, magnetic logic
Refereed Book Chapters: 3
Refereed Journal Papers: 96
Number of publications in express journals:
Nature {Impact Factor: 27.955}: 1
Physical Review Letters {6.668}: 9
Applied Physics Letters {3.849}: 18
Europhysics Letters {2.304}: 3
Number of invited articles in refereed journals: 2
Number of invited presentations at international conferences: 5
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Leader of Magnetisation Dynamics and Spintronics research group

Expertise: magnetism, electromagnetism, magnetic dynamics and nonlinear waves
Funding received
Research funding since appointment at UWA in 2005:
1. Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) scheme: J. M. Dell, M. Martyniuk, R.C. Woodward, M. Kostylev, C. Jagadish, J.Z.Wang, Y.Liu, R.D.Jeffery, K.K.Konstantinov, “National facility for biased target deposition of alloyed nanolayers” 2011, $360,000,
2. Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project: M. Kostylev (first-named chief investigator), R.Bali, S.N.Samarin, R.L.Stamps, S.O.Demokritov (overseas partner-investigator, “OPI”), G.Carlotti, A.O. Adeyeye, O.Serha, “Complex magnetic structures for microwave, logic and memory applications”, 2011-2014, $680,000,
3. Australian-Indian Strategic Research Fund (AISRF): R.L. Stamps, M. Kostylev, S. Pradesh, N. Venkataramani, R.P.R.C. Aiar, “The study of microwave losses in ferrite thin films for meta materials applications”, 2010-2012, $232,000
4. Australian Research Council Discovery: M. Kostylev and G. A. Melkov, “Composite magnetic conducting nanomaterials for microwave applications”, 2010-2012, $325,000
5. Australian Research Council Discovery: R.L. Stamps, K. Chew, M. Kostylev, A.O. Adeyeye, and O. Serha “Magnetic and electric field tuneable magnetic heterostructures”, 2008-2010, AU$415,000
6. University of Western Australia: M. Kostylev “Magnonic crystals for applications in fast magnetic logic, microwave signal processing and left-handed materials”, 2008, $18,500
7. Australian Research Council Linkage International: R.L.Stamps, and M.Kostylev, “Investigation of spin excitations in ferromagnetic submicro-and nanostructures”, 2005-2006 $91,000,

Total from all sources in 2005-2011: $2,121,500
English, German, French and Russian
Honours and awards
Fellowships and Invited Professorships:
1. October 1993 - January 1995: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Post-doctoral Scholarship, University of Osnabrück
2. July 1997 - September 1997: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Follow-up research fellowship, Darmstadt University of Technology
3. October 2001 - March 2002: High-Level ("Haut Niveau") Scholarship of the French Government, Visiting fellow, University of Burgundy, Dijon
4. February 2003: Invited Professorship, University Paris-13
5. June 2003: Invited Professorship, University Institute of Technology of University Paris-13, St. Denis
6. November 2003-January 2004: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Follow-up research fellowship, Kaiserslautern University of Technology
7. March 2004: “Invited Professorship of National Level” (Professeur Iinvité du Niveau Nationale), University Paris-13
8. July 2005-June 2006: Australian Research Council International Fellowship, University of Western Australia, School of Physics, $95,000
9. May 2009: Invited Professorship, University Paris-13
10. August-September 2010: Fellowship of Graduirten Kolleg, Kaiserslautern University of Technology
11. December 2010: Invited Professorship from National University of Singapore
12. March 2012: Invited Professorship from University Paris-13
Previous positions
1984-1987: Graduate Fellow (tenured), Laboratory of Ferrite Films, Research and Development Institute "Domain", Leningrad, USSR
1993 – 2005: Associate Professor (tenured), St.Petersburg Electrotechnical University, St.Petersburg, Russia
2005-2006: ARC International Fellow, The University of Western Australia
Supervisor to honours and PhD students;
Lecture course “Advanced statistical physics” delivered to Honours and Ph.D. students at UWA
Lecture module “Solitons” delivered to Honours and Ph.D. students at UWA
Useful links
Research group website:
New and noteworthy
Please feel free to contact me for information about potential Honours and PhD research projects. A number of vacation scholarships are also offered each year. International students from Indonesia and China wishing to pursue a Master Degree by Research or a PhD study with our group may consider applying for an ADS (Indonesia) or an UWA-China scholarship respectively.
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