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Andrew Guzzomi

Dr Andrew Guzzomi

Research Fellow
Mechanical Engineering

Contact details
Mechanical Engineering
The University of Western Australia (M050)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 3883
Room 1.34, Civil and Mechanical Engineering Building, Perth campus
BE PhD W.Aust.
Andrew's research interests are in agricultural engineering and applying kinematics, dynamics, vibration and mechanical design skills to that field. He is also a keen engineering educator and regarded as an excellent teacher.
Key research
agricultural engineering
kinematics, dynamics and vibration
condition monitoring and fault diagnosis
mechanical engineering design (and history of design)
engineering education
57 publications: 1 Book, 24 journal papers and 32 conference papers

1. Guzzomi, A.L., 2009, Torsional Vibration of Powertrains: an investigation of some common assumptions, VDM publishing, ISBN 978-3-639-16133-5 (PhD thesis)

Engineering Journal Papers (EJP):
22. Guzzomi, A., Ryan, M., Walsh, M., 2017 Reducing the Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor Power Requirements through chaff fraction optimization, in press in: Applied Engineering in Agriculture
21. Beckett, C., Bewsher, S., Guzzomi, A., Lehane, B., Riethmuller, G., Fourie, A. 2017, Evaluation of the dynamic cone penetrometer to detect compaction in ripped soils, in press in: Soil & Tillage Research
20. Youssef, A., Matthews, D., Guzzomi, A., Pan, J. 2017, 'Measurement of pressure fluctuations inside a model thrust bearing using PVDF sensors', SENSORS, 17, 4, Detail
19. Beckett, C., Glenn, D., Bradley, K., Guzzomi, A., Merritt, D., Fourie, A. 2017, 'Compaction conditions greatly affect growth during early plant establishment', ECOLOGICAL ENGINEERING, 106, pp. 471-481.
18. Guzzomi, A. L., Erickson, T. E., Ling, K. Y., Dixon, K. W., & Merritt, D. J. (2016). Flash flaming effectively removes appendages and improves the seed coating potential of grass florets. Restoration Ecology (invited manuscript – Special Issue).
17. Cai, J., Pan, J., Guzzomi, A., Pressure fluctuations around volute tongue of centrifugal pump, Nongye Jixie Xuebao/Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery
16. Cai, J.C., Pan, J., Guzzomi, A.L."The flow field in a centrifugal pump with a large tongue gap and back blades." Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology 28.11 (2014): 4455-4464.
15. Mele, J. Guzzomi, A.L. Pan, J. 2014 'Correlation of centrifugal pump vibration to unsteady flow under variable motor speed' (printed online 29 August 2014) Mechanics & Industry Journal (invited manuscript)
14. Wu, J., Guzzomi, A.L., Hodkeiwicz, M. 2014 'A general articulation angle stability model for non-slewing articulated mobile cranes on slopes', Australian Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 2014 12(1)
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1. Guzzomi, A. L., Hesterman, D. C., Stone, B. J., 2007, ‘The effect of piston friction on engine block dynamics, Proc. of IMechE Part K, Journal of Multibody Dynamics, 221(2) pp. 277-289

Engineering Education Journal Papers (EEJP):
2. Guzzomi, A.L., Male, S., Miller, K. 2017 'Students’ responses to authentic assessment designed to develop commitment to performing at their best' European Journal of Engineering Education, 42 (3), 219-240
1. Guzzomi, A.L., Maraldi, M., Molari, P.G., 2012, ‘A historical review of the modulus concept and its relevance to mechanical engineering design today’, Mechanism and Machine Theory, 50(2012), pp. 1-14

Engineering Conference Papers (ECP):
23. Guzzomi, A.L., Peressini, C., Hesterman, D.C., U-joint flywheel to passively balance inertia variation in engines, ACAM9 2017
22. Peressini, C., Guzzomi, A.L., Powles, S., Walsh, M.J. Design of a novel mechanical targeted tillage tool for weed removal in large-scale crop fields, CIGR-AgEng conference Jun. 26–29, 2016, Aarhus, Denmark
21. Youssef, A., Guzzomi, A.L., Pan, J., Dylejko, P., Preliminary Modelling of a Marine Propulsion System, Acoustics 2015
20. Cai, J., Pan, J., Guzzomi, A.L., A numerical study of the unsteady flow field and tonal hydrodynamic sound of a centrifugal pump, ASME 2015 IMECE2015
19. Guzzomi, A.L., Hesterman, D., Ishak, F., Test Rig to Evaluate the Effects of Ballast on Tractor Efficiency/Emissions, SEAg2013
18. Guzzomi, A.L., Pan, J., Vibration Based Monitoring of Irrigation Efficiency, SEAg2013
17. St Jack, D., Hesterman, D.C., Guzzomi, A.L. Practical Aspects of Precision Metering Santalum Spicatum (Australian Sandalwood) Seeds, SEAg2013
16. Mele, J., Guzzomi, A.L., Pan, J., Correlation of centrifugal pump vibration to unsteady flow under variable motor speed, International Congress on Industrial Risk (CIRI) 2013 Champagne, France, July 2013
15. Ng, F.B., Guzzomi, A.L., Chua, H.T., Wang, X., Patuzzi, F. Baratieri, M., Mimmo, T., Olive pomace requirements for small combustion applications in Western Australia: experimental and modelling analysis, 21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark
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10. Rondelli, V., Guzzomi, A.L., Valutazione delle masses delle tracttrici agricole nell’omologazione per la circolazione stradale [Evaluation of road homologated tractor mass], IX AIIA, Ischia, Italy, Sep. 2009
9. Guzzomi, A.L., Rondelli, V., Capacci, E., Guarnieri, A., Molari, G., Modern Tractor Rollover Test: Instrumentation Set-up and Preliminary Experimental Results, XXXIII CIOSTA 2009, Reggio Calabria, Italy, June 2009
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1. Guzzomi, A.L., Stone, B., 2004, Coupled torsional and transverse vibration of engines, 3rd International Conference on Multi-Body Dynamics” Loughborough, July 2004, UK

Engineering Education Conference Papers (EECP):
9. Pan, J., Stone, B., Guzzomi, A. Sun, H., Zheng, J., Yuhui, T., Du, X., Xia, Y., Study and practice of joint teaching between ZJU and UWA, Internoise, Melbourne, November 2014
8. Male, S., Guzzomi, A.L., Facilitutor – more than a trivial merging of a facilitator and a tutor, AaeE 2012, Melbourne, Australia, Dec. 2012
7. Male, S., Guzzomi, A.L., Baillie, C. Interdisciplinary threshold concepts in engineering HERDSA 2012, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia July 2012
6. Guzzomi, A.L., Miller, K, A mobility assignment with industry relevance, EUCOMES 2012, Santander, Spain Sep. 2012
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1. Guzzomi, A. L., 2007, Reflections of a UWA engineering Postgraduate Teaching Intern In Student Engagement. Proceedings of the 16th Annual Teaching Learning Forum, 30-31 January 2007, Perth (UWA)
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Andrew leads the engineering research and development of:
- mechanical targeted tillage device for broad-acre cropping to help overcome reliance on herbicides.
- native seed flaming and mechanisation technology that is changing how degraded lands are restored using native seeds.
- a number of projects with leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery
Funding received
Over $2.5M in past 5 years:
2017 - Global Innovation Linkage Grant (~$975k): “Eco-engineering solutions to improve mine-site rehabilitation outcomes” collaboration between BGPA/Kings Park, UWA, three industry partners and three US collaborators (CI Todd Erickson: CI Andrew Guzzomi; CI David Merritt; CI Miriam Munoz-Rojas )
2017 - Department of Industry Innovation and Science - AusIndustry: Innovation Connections ($50k): “Dynamic Load Project” collaboration with industry partner Roesner Pty Ltd (CI Andrew Guzzomi; CI Carlo Peressini)
2016 - Engineering, Communities and Environment CMRG Research Funding Proposal ($4.3k): “Predicting Harvester Residue Spread through Discrete Element Modelling (DEM)”
CI Andrew Guzzomi, CI Chris Beckett, CI Ken Flower, I Hui Tong Chua, I Keith Smettem
2015 - GRDC Grant ($1.5M): “Physical management options for herbicide resistant weeds – targeted tillage” CI Michael Walsh; CI Andrew Guzzomi
2014 - ECM Research Development Grant ($20k): “Robotics, Agricultural Engineering and ERO: Stability and control of vehicles on uneven topography” in collaboration with UniBo and IRSTEA (National Research Institute of Science & Technology for Environment & Agriculture), France CI Andrew Guzzomi
2012 - UWA Improving Student Learning Grant ($4k)“Enhancing student learning of threshold concepts through ‘Condeos’ (concept videos)” CI Andrew Guzzomi; I Karol Miller
2013 - ECM Research Development Grant ($20k): “Students’ experience of threshold concepts”
2009 - UNACOMA (Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer’s Federation) Grant (20k EUR $40k): “Analysis of Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) characteristics in relation to evolution of tractor mass, design and use of modern agricultural and forestry tractors”, UniBo, Italy CI Valda Rondelli (UniBo); CI Andrew Guzzomi (UniBo)
2007 - Borsa di Studio Governo Italiano Affari Esteri by the Italian Government (Embassy of Italy Canberra) (6.3k EUR $10k) to conduct postdoctoral research on mechanical design at UniBo, Italy CI Andrew Guzzomi
Industrial relevance
In his current role at UWA, Andrew consults with industries in agriculture and design.
As part of his research activities at the University of Bologna, Andrew collaborated with diverse industries in Italy (ranging from the agricultural sector to automotive engineering). He was also part of the Technical Working Group established to revise the OECD ROPS tractor codes.
English (mother tongue)
Italian (fluent)
Faculty Academy for the Scholarship of Education (FASE)
St George's College Board
Honours and awards

2018 - Winner 40under40 award
2016 - Winner of the Mitsubishi WA Innovator of the Year Award 2016 (as lead engineer who developed the seed flaming technology), emerging category
- Invited by Aurecon to present at Limelight Young Professionals Breakfast (talk focus on agricultural engineering RD&E) ~50 attendees
- Invited member of the UWA Future Farm 2050
- Sponsored by UWA’s Research Development & Innovation Office to attend Curtin Ignition program
2015 First engineering academic invited by Kings Park Botanic Garden to present at the Restoration Think Tank related to work on rehabilitation of mine sites and degraded lands
2014 Invited to be a mentor at The Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School’s Careers’ Breakfast (over 90 year 11 & 12 students)
2013 Invited to give the Valedictory Address at The Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School to over 300 attendees (students and parents)
2012 Awarded Supplementary Travel Grant for New Academic Staff, UWA, to visit UniBo and present at EUCOMES 2012
2011 Invited Honorary Research Fellow, UWA, hosted by SCME
2010 Winner of Concorso (competition for research position of) “Senior Postdoctoral Researcher” in mechanical/machine design at DIEM UniBo obtaining full marks 60/60
2008 - Awarded Borsa di Studio dal UNACOMA ‘Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation’ (see 2007), UniBo, Italy
- Awarded Borsa dal Governo Italiano Affari Esteri (see 2007 Grants)
2007 - Awarded Borsa di Studio UNACOMA to conduct tractor rollover research at UniBo, Italy
- Awarded UWA Whitfeld Fellowship to write publications stemming from PhD
- Fellow of the Italian Government, Scholarship awarded through the Italian Embassy in Canberra
- Awarded Multibody Dynamics 2007 Student Travel Scholarship (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
2006 - Awarded the UWA Alexander Cohen Postgraduate Research Travel Award to study at UniBo, Italy
2004 - Awarded a Postgraduate Research School Travel Award to attend the 3rd International Conference on Multi-Body Dynamics at the University of Loughborough, UK
- Awarded the UWA William Lambden Owen Scholarship by the Faculty of Engineering Computing and Mathematics, UWA.
- Awarded the UWA Robert & Maude Gledden Scholarship by the UWA Scholarships Committee.
2003 Won the Hunka Prize. Awarded for a top Honours Dissertation in the field of dynamics or kinematics at UWA.
2001Won the Phillip Roberts Memorial Prize. This prize is awarded by St George’s College for the best academic results in the UWA Annual Examinations by a student in their first year.
2000Awarded a University Entrance Bursary St George’s College


2017 - Invited to St George’s College formal dinner as an inspiring lecturer
2015 - FECM Teaching Excellence Award, UWA
2014 - Invited to host and organise the Practice of Engineering dinner at St George’s College with speakers from industry
- Awarded Fellow level of FASE (Faculty Academy for the Scholarship of Education, UWA)
2012 - FECM Teaching Excellence Award, UWA
- UWA Improving Student Learning Grant ($4k)“Enhancing student learning of threshold concepts through ‘Condeos’ (concept videos)” CI Andrew Guzzomi; I Karol Miller
- Invited to present a FASE seminar
2009 - Invited member of the Scientific Advisory Board of ICERI2009 (2nd International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, 16-18 November, Madrid, Spain)
- Invited Session Chair for INTED 2009 (3rd International Technology, Education and Development Conference, 9-11 March, Valencia, Spain)
2006 Completed a UWA Postgraduate Teaching Internship (first internship awarded to someone within the SMCE)

Previous positions
(Previous two)
- Honorary Research Fellow of the School of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering UWA
- Senior Postdoctoral Research DIEM (Department of Mechanical Engineering) at the University of Bologna (Italy)
Ling, Guzzomi, Erickson, Merritt, Dixon, Seed Ablation, Australian Provisional Patent Application: 2015902194, Filing Date: 10-Jun-2015
Andrew teaches design in the MPE programme at UWA.
He has taught dynamics and vibration units at UWA and taught mechanical engineering design at the University of Bologna (Italy).
Useful links
Publications listed at
New and noteworthy
2018 - (Mar) UWA Media Release "UWA business leaders recognised in the 2018 40under40 Awards"
2017 - (Sep) “Engineering helps to restore landscapes”, Farm Weekly, Perth
- (Aug) “Agri buzz in Katanning”, The Great Southern Weekender, Albany
- (Aug) UWA Facebook video “Talking to WA Innovator of the Year 2016 Andrew Guzzomi about his seed flamer project and innovation at UWA”, UWA Open Day 2017
- (Feb/Mar) National Mining Chronicle “Game changing restoration”
- “Engineering a sustainable future” UWA featured story, available at:
2016 - (Dec) Front Cover: The UWA Institute of Agriculture “Agricultural Engineer wins at WA Innovator of the Year Awards”
- (Nov) UWA Facebook vid: ‘Seed flamer wins at WA Innovator of the Year!’
- (Nov) ABC Radio (North West) Interview, in regard to seed flamer and winning WAIOTY
- (Oct) Engineers Australia, “New seed ‘flaming’ technique to help with minesite rehab
- (Aug) Subiaco Post, “Local groups are top innovators”
- (Jul) UWA Media Release, ‘UWA flaming seed team, finalists in WA Innovator of the Year competition’
- (May) North West Magazine, “New seed flaming technique to help rehabilitate pasture”
- (May) ABC Radio (Goldfields) Interview, in regard to seed flamer
- (May) Australian Mining Review ‘Flaming seeds rehabilitate mines’
- (May) Mudgee Guardian & Gulgong Advertiser, “‘Flaming’ to assist with mine rehab”
- (May) UWA Media Release ‘New seed ‘flaming’ technique to help with minesite rehab’ in regard to ‘Seed Ablation’ patent
2013 - (May) UWA Media Release “UWA engineers tackle precision seeding challenge for sandalwood”
- (Jun) Countryman article “Sandalwood stocks could rise thanks to engineering”
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Research profile and publications

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