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Brian J. O'Brien

Adj/Prof Brian J. O'Brien

Adjunct Professor
Adjunct and Honorary Staff (Physics)

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Adjunct and Honorary Staff (Physics)
The University of Western Australia (M013)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 9387 3827
Born in Sydney Australia in 1934, Brian J. O’Brien married Avril Searle in 1959. 1 son and 2 daughters all born in USA; 9 grandchildren. While student, invented cascaded thermoelectric refrigerator and a thermomagnetic refrigerator; speleological research of helictites and foul air, set unaided record for measured excess carbon dioxide. Elected Foundation President of Australian Speleological Foundation 1956-57. Completed his PhD in experimental cosmic ray physics from University of Sydney in 1957. Deputy Chief Physicist of the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions in Melbourne 1958-59; Assistant then Associate Professor of Physics at the State University of Iowa, Iowa City 1959-63. With experiments on US satellites Explorers 7, 12 and 14, he led small student teams building Injun 1, 2 and 3 satellites, with Injun 1 first satellite to use digital telemetry. Many discoveries included the only before-and-after measurements of the artificial radiation belt of high-energy electrons, contamination from 1.4 Megatonne high-altitude thermonuclear device Starfish July 9, 1962. This very intense radiation led to failures of 8 other satellites, but the associated unexpectedly large Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) caused abruptly by Starfish also stimulated a chain of research which led to the Internet. As Professor of Space Science, Rice University Houston, Texas, 1963-68 he led small student teams building small satellite Aurora 1 and 9 Tomahawk and Nike Cajun rocket payloads launched into auroras above Fort Churchill and Hudson Bay. Two current world leaders in space science, Donald A. Gurnett (Principal Investigator of plasma wave instruments on Voyagers 1 and 2 now approaching interstellar space) and James L. Burch (Principal Investigator of Magnetospheric Multistage (MMMS) missions) began their careers as hands-on students to design, build and use O’Brien’s small satellites and auroral rocket payloads in the 1960s.As Principal Investigator for the Charged Particle Lunar Environment Experiment (CPLEE) on Apollo 13 and 14 and the Dust Detector Experiment (DDE) on Apollo 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 he has 5 experiments deployed on the lunar surface, transmitting measurements of the lunar environment between 1969 and 1976. Visiting Professor of Physics at University of Sydney in 1964 (3 months) and 1969-70. First Director of Environmental Protection and Chairman of the Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority 1971-77. Established the strategic and environmental consultancy Brian J. O’Brien & assoc. P/L in 1978 to date. In 1997-98 originated the 1998-2012 Indian Ocean Climate Initiative (IOCI) . Appointed Adjunct Professor of Physics at UWA in June 2009 after returning to analyses of the Apollo Dust Detector Experiments using personal tapes and archives, including only surviving Apollo 7-track computer tapes. Tapes read again with high-tech with SpectrumData in 2012 provide key Apollo 11 information about dust contamination caused by rocket exhausts as humans first left the Moon.
Key research
Currently analyses and international operational applications of 14 discoveries to date about properties and movements of very fine dust on the Moon; Miscellaneous strategic environmental issues; Reinvigorating State-wide coordinated Western Australian user-driven science-based research into climate change and climate variability in project temporarily entitled IOCI2020.

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Indicative publications 1971-77 (as scientist/strategist aside from Chairman of EPA)

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Indicative publications pre EPA and 1971

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Future research
Current and future research into changing environmental cultures and understanding of Western Australians since 1970 and Apollo photographic revelations of Spaceship Earth.
Industrial relevance
Space research: Wide-ranging expertise and experience, in space research, particle radiation, magnetospheric and lunar research, pioneering satellite designs, building and uses.
Special areas of current research Lunar environments, radiation and Dust on Moon and large airless Asteroids.
Environment: Environmental assessments;Strategic and professional expertise in negotiating and obtaining Government approvals.
Climate changes and climate variabilities in Western Australia.
Fellow of ATSE 1993;
American Geophysical Union;
Rotary Club of Cambridge;
UWA Club;
Twenty Club;
Aurora Club;
Honours and awards
NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement;
Centennial Medal;
Rotary Paul Harris Medal and Sapphire;
Current external positions
Managing Director, Brian J. O'Brien & Assoc. P/L
Useful links
Australia-wide links with NASA via
and about our roles with Apollo on
Some background information is in ABC radio interviews by Robyn Williams on 30 May 2009
and 11 July 2009 .

Broad historical context is given in an ABC Catalyst “Moon Show” on 16 July 2009 commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing . Two segments, Moon Dust and Professor Brian O’Brien give more information about some of his experimental lunar data.

Conversations with Richard Fidler 8 June 2011
National library of Australia Oral Histories.
New and noteworthy
1.Brian J. O’Brien & Monique Hollick, “Sunrise-driven movements of dust on the Moon: Apollo 12 Ground-truth measurements”, Planetary ad Space Science, 119, 194-199, 2015.
a.UWA Media release Tuesday, 27 October 2015

by Prof. Brian J. O’Brien, Harry’s first PhD student in the School of Physics, the University of Sydney 1954-57
“From Antarctic Auroras to Nanodust on the Moon;
60 Years of Glorious Entertainments in Space Research”
2015 Australian Space Research Conference, Canberra, 30 September 2015
3.Research paper PS12-A014, AOGS2016
Monique Hollick and Brian J. O’Brien, “Revisiting Lunar Weather Measurements from Apollo 12, 14 & 15” Oral Presentation by Professor O’Brien to Asian Oceania Geosciences Association (AOGS) in Singapore, August 2015.
4.Research paper PS12-A015, AOGS2016
Brian J. O’Brien and Monique Hollick, “Apollo 12 Measurements of Sunrise-Driven Movements of Dust on the Moon” Oral Presentation by Professor O’Brien to to Asian Oceania Geosciences Association (AOGS) in Singapore, August 2015.
5.Research paper EGU2016-1685
Brian J. O’Brien, “Overview of 14 discoveries 1969-2015 from Apollo measured movements of lunar dust”, Oral presentation by Professor Bernard Foing ESA, in European Geoscience Union, Session PS2.2 Lunar Science and Exploration, Vienna, April19, 2016.

In mid-2009 after my first publication of Apollo dust discoveries, NASA invited me to present the findings at the Second Lunar Science Conference at NLSI., and to lead an Australian affiliation with NASA. It remained unclear for several years what advantages might accrue to Australian researchers, and I enlisted a leading geologist from ANU to take up the invitation because of his wider and accessible catchment of Australian researchers over many disciplines. In turn after a few more years he invited Phil Bland of Curtin University to lead such a process. In 2015 such an affiliation was formally established assisted with collateral administrative funding from Curtin. Communal Websites with a UWA logo are now established on both an individual basis at and about our roles with Apollo on
The applications of these sites are virtually open-ended, involving students and researchers.
Current projects
Overview analyses of mitigation of dust issues for cost-effective and safe human and robotic expeditions to the Moon and large airless Asteroids. Broad applications fostering youthful enthusiasms and fact-based knowledge of space science and science enthusiasms.
Attempting to reinvigorate Western Australian user-driven science-based research into climate change and climate variability in proposed 4-year IOCI2020 project.
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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