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Dr Christopher Mallan

Senior Lecturer
Classics and Ancient History

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Classics and Ancient History
The University of Western Australia (M204)
35 Stirling Highway
Personal homepage
I am an ancient historian who works in the areas of Roman Imperial History, Historiography and the reception of the Greco-Roman historiographical tradition in Byzantium.

I joined the staff of the University of Western Australia as Senior Lecturer in Ancient History in 2018. Prior to this, I was the college Lecturer in Ancient History at St Benet's Hall (2015-2017) and Lecturer in Roman History at The Queen's College (2017) at the University of Oxford. Between 2015-2016 I also held the post of Titular Lecturer in Classics at Wadham College.

I was educated at the University of Queensland, where I received my BA with first class honours (2008) and MPhil (2008-2010), and the University of Oxford, where I completed my DPhil (2012-2015).
Key research
Roman Imperial History, Greco-Roman Historiography, Cassius Dio, Roman Political Thought, Byzantine Epitomes and Excerpta
C.T. Mallan, ‘The Historian John Zonaras: Some observations on his sources and methods’ in O. Devillers, B. Sebastiani (edd), Sources et modèles des historiens anciens (Bordeaux 2018), 239-372.

C.T. Mallan, ‘A Turkish Alexander? Michael Attaleiates, Porus and Alexander the Great’, Histos 11 (2017): 101-107.

C.T. Mallan, ‘The Spectre of Alexander: Cassius Dio and the Alexander-motif’, Greece and Rome 64.2 (2017): 132-144.

C.T. Mallan, ‘The Parthica of Pseudo-Appian,’ Historia, 66.3 (2017): 362-381.

C.T. Mallan, ‘The Indices in the Manuscripts of Cassius Dio’, Classical Quarterly 66.2 (2016): 705-722.

C. Mallan, ‘Parrhesia in Dio’s Roman History’, in J.M. Madsen, C.H. Lange(edd.), Cassius Dio: Greek Intellectual and Roman Politician (Leiden 2016): 258-275.

C.T. Mallan ‘Velleius Paterculus 2.130.3 and the Son(s) of Drusus Caesar, Rheinisches Museum für Philologie 159.2 (2016): 219-221.

C.T. Mallan, ‘Tiberius the Goat: An addition to Champlin on Mallonia’, Histos 10 (2016): 15-16.

C. Mallan and C. Davenport, ‘Dexippus and the Gothic Invasions: Interpreting the New Vienna Fragment (Codex Vindobonensis Hist. gr. 73, ff. 192v-193r)’, Journal of Roman Studies 105 (2015): 203-226.

C.T. Mallan, ‘The Rape of Lucretia in Cassius Dio’s Roman History’, Classical Quarterly 64.2 (2014): 758-771.

C. Davenport and C. Mallan, ‘Hadrian’s Adoption Speech in Cassius Dio’s Roman History and the Problems of Imperial Succession’, American Journal of Philology 135.4 (2014): 637-668.

C.T. Mallan, ‘The Style, Method, and Programme of Xiphilinus’ Epitome of Cassius Dio’s Roman History’, Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 53.3 (2013): 610-44.

C. Davenport and C. Mallan, ‘Dexippus’ Letter of Decius: Context and Interpretation’, Museum Helveticum 70.1 (2013): 53-73.

C.T. Mallan, ‘Cassius Dio on Julia Domna: A Study of the Political and Ethical Function of Biographical Representation in Dio’s Roman History’, Mnemosyne 66.4 (2013): 734-60.
Honours and awards
Wadham College Senior Scholar (2012/13)
Keeley Scholar (2013-2015)
Previous positions
College Lecturer in Ancient History, St Benet's Hall, University of Oxford (2015-2017)
College Lecturer in Roman History, The Queen's College, University of Oxford (2017)
I teach across all Roman History units at UWA.
Current projects
I am currently preparing a commentary on Books 57 and 58 of Cassius Dio's Roman History for OUP.
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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