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Claudia Lagos Urbina

Dr Claudia Lagos Urbina

ARC Research Fellow
Radio Astronomy Research, International Centre for (ICRAR)

Contact details
International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR)
The University of Western Australia (M468)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 3677
Personal homepage
My research is in Galaxy formation and evolution. I have expertise in theoretical modelling of physical processes in galaxies, such as gas accretion onto galaxies, star formation, stellar feedback, gas accretion onto black holes, etc.
I also work with large galaxy multi-wavelength survey, and on the co-evolution of galaxies and their central supermassive black holes.
Key research
Galaxy formation and evolution.
32 papers published or accepted for publication in main international peer reviewed journals. First author in 12 of those. The impact factor h-index is h= 17 by July 2015. More than 860 citations by July 2015.

(32) "The HI mass function as a probe of photoionisation feedback on low mass galaxy formation", Kim H.-S.,Wyithe S. B., Power C., Park J., Lagos C., Baugh C. M., 2015, submitted to MNRAS, arXiv:150602736K.

(31) "An Overview of the 2014 ALMA Long Baseline Campaign" Partnership, ALMA (which I belonged to between 2012-2015), 2015, ApJ in press, arXiv:150404877P

(30) "Molecular hydrogen abundances of galaxies in the EAGLE simulations", Lagos C., Crain R., Schaye J., Furlong M., Frenk C., Bower R., Schaller M., Theuns T., Trayford J., Bahe Y., Dalla Vecchia C., 2015, MNRAS in press, arXiv:1503.04807.

(29) "Molecular and atomic gas in dust lane early-type galaxies - I: Low star-formation efficiencies in minor merger remnants", Davis T., Rowlands K., Allison J., Shabala S., Ting Y., Lagos C., Kavirak S., Bourne N., Dunne L., Eales S., Ivison R., Maddox S., Smith D., Smith M., Temi P., 2015, accepted in MNRAS, arXiv:1503.05162.

(28) "Predictions for the abundance and colours of galaxies in high redshift clusters in hierarchical models", Merson A., Baugh C., Abdalla F., Gonzalez-Perez V., Lagos C.
, Mei S., 2015, MNRAS submitted, arXiv:150204984M.

(27) "Galaxy Formation & Dark Matter Modelling in the Era of the Square Kilometre Array", C. Power,
Lagos C., B. Qin, C.M. Baugh, D. Cunnama, J. Fu, H.S. Kim, C.G. Lacey, L. Li, D. Obreschkow, J. Wang, Y. Wang, M. Zhu, 2015, PoS for “Advancin
g Astrophysics with the Square Kilometre Array”, arXiv:1501.01564.

(26) "Exploring Neutral Hydrogen and Galaxy Evolution with the SKA", Blyth S, van der Hulst J., Verheijen M., HI SWG Members, Catinella B., Fraternali F., Haynes M., Hess K., Koribalski B., Lagos C., Meyer M., Obreschkow D., Popping A., Power C., Verdes-Montenegro L., Zwaan, M., 2015, PoS for ``Advancing Astrophysics with the Square Kilometre Array'', arXiv:1501.01295

(25) "A new methodology to test galaxy formation models using the dependence of clustering on stellar mass", Campbell D., Baugh C., Mitchell P., Helly J., Gonzalez-Perez V., Lacey C., Lagos C., Simah V., Farrow D., 2015, MNRAS in press.

(24) "The initial mass function and star formation law in the outer disc of NGC 2915.", Bruzzese S., Meurer G., Lagos C., Elson E., Werk J., Blakeslee J., Ford H., 2015, MNRAS, 447, 622B.

(23) "Compact starbursts in z~3-6 submillimeter galaxies revealed by ALMA.", Ikarashi S., Ivison R., Caputi K., Aretxaga I., Dunlop J., Hatsukade B., Hughes D., Iono D., Izumi T., Kawabe R., Kohn K., Lagos C., Motohara K., Nakanishi K., Ohta K., Tamura Y., Umehata H., Wilson G., Yabe K., Yun M., 2014, ApJ letters submitted.

(22) "The origin of the atomic and molecular gas contents of early-type galaxies. II. Misaligned gas accretion.", Lagos C., Padilla N., Davis T., Lacey C., Baugh C., Gonzalez-Perez V., Zwaan M., Contreras S., 2014, MNRAS in press.

(21) "Evolution of the dust emission of massive galaxies up to z=4 and constraints on their dominant mode of star formation." Bethermin M., Daddi E., Magdis G., Lagos C., Sargent M., Albrecht M., Aussel H., Bertoldi F., Buat V., Galametz M., Heinis S., Karim A., Koekemoer A., Lacey C., Le Floc'h E., Navarrete F., Pannella M., Schreiber C., Symeonidis M., Viero M., 2014, A&A submitted

(20) "The origin of the atomic and molecular gas contents of early-type galaxies. I. A new test of galaxy formation physics.", Lagos C., Davis T., Lacey C., Zwaan M., Baugh C., Gonzalez-Perez V., Padilla N., 2014, MNRAS, 443, 1002L

(19) "Cold gas properties of the Herschel Reference Survey. III. Molecular gas stripping in cluster galaxies.", Boselli A., Cortese L., Boquien M., Boissier S., Catinella B., Gavazzi G., Lagos C., Saintonge A., 2014, A&A, 564A, 67B

(18) "Cold gas properties of the Herschel Reference Survey. II. Molecular and total gas scaling relations.", Boselli A., Cortese L., Boquien M., Boissier S., Catinella B., Lagos C., Saintonge A., 2014, A&A, 564A, 66B

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(2) "Black hole spin and radio loudness in a Λ cold dark matter universe.", Lagos C., Padilla N., Cora S., 2009, MNRAS, 395, 625.

(1) "Effects of AGN feedback on ΛCDM galaxies.", Lagos C., Cora S., Padilla N., 2008, MNRAS, 388, 587.
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
- ARC research fellow.
- Journal Referee for The Astrophysical Journal and Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Funding received
- Research Collaboration Award 2015. 17,000AUD for project on "Angular momentum development in galaxies and dark matter halos".
- MERAC postdoctoral studies award. 150,000EUR to hire two PhD students over a period of 3 years each.
- ARC fellowship. Discovery Early Career Research Award. 354,000AUD
- Research Collaboration Award 2014. 10,400AUD for project on "Early-type galaxies in the Universe".
Spanish and English
- European Astronomical Society.
- Australian Society for Astronomy.
- The RESOLVE Survey (The REsolved Spectroscopy Of a Local VolumE survey).
- The WALLABY Survey (The ASKAP wide all galaxy survey).
- The SERVS Survey (The Spitzer Extragalactic Representative Volume Survey).
Honours and awards
2015- Research Collaboration Award 2016, University Western Australia for collaborative trips, $17,000AUD.

2015- Awarded a MERAC funding award of 100,000EUR, with an additional contribution of
50,000EUR from the University of Western Australia and the International Centre for Radio
Astronomy Research. The funding was awarded to hire two PhD students to work on the
framework of “Feeding of and feedback from galaxies".

2014- Distinguished as one of 100 Young Leaders in Chile by Chilean Magazine ‘El Sabado’ which
belongs to Newspaper ‘El Mercurio’.

2014- Discovery Early Career Researcher Award commencing in 2015, to take to the University
of Western Australia, $354,000AUD for three years.

2014- Distinguished as one of 100 Women Leaders in Chile by Chilean Newspaper ‘El Mercurio’.

2014- Research Collaboration Award 2015, University Western Australia for collaborative trips, $10,610AUD.

2014- MERAC Prize for best PhD thesis in Theoretical Astrophysics in Europe. Given by the
European Astronomical Society on even years.

2013- CAASTRO grant for international visitors (5,000AUD). Grant provided full coverage of 4
weeks trip to ICRAR and University of Melbourne.

2013- The Springer Thesis prize (awarded to the best 3 PhD theses of the year in Physics World-
wide). Full Thesis can be found in Springer Publisher and Amazon.

2012- The Keith Nicholas Prize in Physics (awarded to the best final year postgraduate student in Physics at Durham University).

2009-2012- STFC-Gemini fellowship (one fellowship offered per year in Chile).

2005-2006 Honour award for academic excellence for two consecutive years (awarded to the best student of the year at Universidad Catolica de Chile).
Previous positions
October 2012-April 2015.European Southern Observatory Fellowship, Garching, Munich.

October 2009-September 2012: Science and Technology Facilities Council graduate student, Institute For Computational Cosmology, Durham University, UK.
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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