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Cynthia vanden Driesen

Dr Cynthia vanden Driesen

Honorary Research Fellow
English and Cultural Studies

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English and Cultural Studies
The University of Western Australia (M204)
35 Stirling Highway
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Cynthia vanden Driesen was born in Sri Lanka and completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Ceylon.
She completed her Master's and Doctoral Studies at the University of Western Australia and a Diploma in Education at Murdoch University WA. She has taught at Universities abroad( Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Korea) and in Australia taught at Edith Cowan University for a period of twenty years.
She was a founder-member of ASAA (Assn. for the Study of Australasia in Asia)established in 1994 and currently continues to serve as its Australian President.
Key research
Australian Literature, Postcolonial Literature ( primarily Indian and African Literature, Womens Studies and Literary Theory.

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